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Just a Simple Crush, Jack Maynard Fluff

-Y/N is Conor’s best friend and has a crush on Jack-

-I was just bored and decided on writing this, hope you all enjoy, please send in requests-


“Y/N, you’re really not gonna like this one!” Conor says trying to hold back laughter. 

You were over at Conor’s and Jack’s apartment to film a video with Conor. You were told it was a dare video full of submissions from his fan base. You were a little nervous because you know its hard to predict the internet and their ideas.

“What is it this time??” You groan at all of the possible answers you didn’t want to hear. 

Conor had always been your best friend, and you never looked at him as anything more, he would laugh with you and stand up for you when you were sad, but the two of you had an unshared agreement on having no interest. Jack, however, was a different story. Whenever Jack was around, the two of you always shared quick glances that always left a questionable tension between you. When you were alone, you would both share jokes with each other but there was almost a longing stare that followed after either of you laughed. You knew you had the hots for him, you just didn’t know what to do about it. 

Conor’s laugh brings you back to reality, “It’s too bad Jack’s out, he would’ve loved this one!” You glare at his laughter until he shares your fate, “you have to drink a fridge smoothie!”.

Terror reaches your soul as you let out a fake gagging noise; a fridge smoothie is a smoothie that is made of 3 different condiments that are from your fridge, and unfortunately the choices aren’t yours. 

Conor sees your pain and begins to laugh more as he jumps up to grab some items from the fridge. “Ive got you a smoothie that is made up of, mayo, mustard, and tabasco sauce!” Conor grins at you. 

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They all look like they’re having fun
Joe’s drink seems to be really tasty🍻😊
Oli’s buzzing in the back😊
Anth’s into the photo
Conor… who ever knows what the hell he’s doing😂😂😂
Jack… same😂😂
Josh isn’t really into this picture😔😒
Caspar looks like he’s just farted😊😂
And Mikey’s just smelt it😂😂😂😂

What I like

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Royalty : Conor Maynard Smut

requested by @iwanttoleavethisworld​ :)

“Change the song Joe!” Caspar asked as some slow song started playing throughout Joe’s apartment.

You were spending your Friday night with your friends, all chilling at Joe’s. It was you, Joe, Caspar, Jack, Conor, Josh and a few girls that Jack and Joe had invited. The night consisted of music, alcohol and lots of drinking games.

The time now was around 1am and everyone was pretty drunk, including you. Looking around the room, you noticed everyone was lacking energy now. Jack was sat with a girl, whispering in her ear which made her laugh. Conor was sat on a chair near the TV, Joe had bought some more chairs down so that everyone could sit down.

As you watched Conor take a sip of his wine, you sighed. He was so attractive, you both fucked on a regular basis but it was never anything more. The worst thing was that he always ignored you in front of the boys, they all guessed that you two didn’t really get along. Conor made you so angry, he really did, but also so horny at the same time.

Conor’s face lit up as Joe changed the song. It was his own song, Royalty - you instantly recognised it.

“Cor, get this shit off!” Jack said, making everyone laugh.

“Let him have his moment, Jack. Filming the music video for this was the closest Conor’s ever been to a lap dance.” Joe snorted.

“Is that actually true, Conor?” Caspar asked seriously.

Conor instantly froze, and so did you.

“Um… No.” He ran a hand through his hair.

“When the hell have you had a lap dance?” Jack asked in disbelief.

You started to feel a bit embarrassed so you just looked down at your drink, stirring it with the straw. Everyone was slurring their words, due to the amount of alcohol that had been consumed tonight.

“I had one once before sex. Conor shrugged, trying to get Jack off his back.

“Bullshit. Who would give you a lap dance?” Jack shook his head.

“Yeah, prove it Conor.” Josh added.

There was a moment of silence before you heard your name leave Conor’s lips, making your heart beat super fast. Looking up, your eyes met his.

“It’s true.” You said quickly to the boys.

“How would you kn- Wait… You two?” Jack quickly figured it out.

“Holy shit!” Caspar said excitedly.

“Y/N giving Conor a lap dance, damn, that is something i’d love to see.” Joe announced with drooped eyes. The alcohol was talking.

You felt a little awkward, and so you looked back at Conor. He was staring at you with pleading eyes. You instantly knew what he wanted. Looking over to Joe, you nodded, hoping that he would clock on.

Standing up, you felt the alcohol take over your body as you pulled your skirt off, leaving you in just a shirt, bra and underwear.

“Start the song from the beginning.” You told Joe as you walked over to Conor.

Everyone began to cheer as the song replayed and you placed your hands on Conor’s shoulders.

You took Conor’s drink out of his hands and placed it on the side before swaying your hips to the music in front of him. Conor opened his legs and you stepped closer to him, moving your hips as sexily as you could.

Due to the fact that you were a dancer, you knew what you were doing. And due to the fact you have been with Conor many times, you knew how to drive him crazy.

“This is so hot.” You heard Joe. Everyone else was shouting things but due to the music you could only hear Joe as he was the closest.

Conor’s eyes never left your moving body, he sat back and let you do your thing. You moved your hands all over your body, up to your hair and down your body slowly.

Turning around, you moved your ass sexily in front of Conor. He always told you how much he loved your ass, and as you moved you felt his hand make contact with the bare skin with a slap. This turned you on so much as everyone let out woo’s.

As you turned around, you pulled your top over your head revealing your new matching set of underwear. You felt sexy. As you looked down at Conor, you could tell he was majorly turned on right now as he looked up at you with lust in his eyes.

Shifting onto him, he instantly held you by your ass, pulling you closer to him. As soon as you came into contact with his clothed crotch, Conor grunted.

Everyone was cheering in the background, encouraging you.

You grinned at Conor’s reaction to you. You circled your hips, rocking back and forth to the beat of the song as your gripped his shoulders. You pushed your core deeper onto his crotch, feeling the hardening member underneath - you had to bite your lip to try and hold in a moan. You grinded on him hard, opening your legs a bit wider every time you pushed your hips.

Conor looked down at your breasts, licking his lips. You knew he wanted you. Bad. As you continued to moved your hips onto his body, you realised everyone had gone fairly silent.

As you looked over your shoulder, you noticed Jack had a girl on his lap, kissing her hungrily. Josh was in a similar situation as he was now too busy with a girl. Joe and Caspar were still watching, smirks on their faces and bulges in their trousers.

“I really want to fuck you. Here.” Conor growled at you as the song came to and end.

Your hands went to your back, unclipping your bra and throwing it to the ground. You were very aware that you were getting naked in front of Conor’s friends but the thought of being fucked in front of people was turning you on more than ever.

“Please do.” You moaned at Conor’s words, your fingers unbuttoning the white shirt Conor was wearing.

You pushed the shirt off his shoulders. He looked so fucking hot right now. You were soaked and your core was aching for him.

“Y/N.” Conor squeaked as you continued to grind against him. “Please, I need to be inside of you.”

You knew what he needed. As quickly as you could, you moved your underwear to the side as Conor unzipped his trousers, reaching in to pull out his hard length. You both weren’t even thinking about the other people in the room that were watching, just too turned on by each other.

Conor let his cock free and your mouth watered as you looked down at it. Shifting a bit, you sank down onto him - hissing at the way it filled you up as much. He groaned, and shoved his hips up, making you swallow his whole cock in a quick thrust. You gripped onto Conor’s shoulders, throwing your head back as you let out a loud moan.

You noticed that the song now playing was now black beatles, and oddly it worked. Conor’s eyes slowly scanned over your body and as his eyes met with your thighs, his face dropped.

You realised what it was - your scars. You didn’t want Conor to see those at all. You did the first thing that came into your mind and crashed your lips against his.

He kissed you back slowly, with passion. He gripped your hips as he pulled away.

“Y/N, you’re beautiful. All of you.” He whispered as your foreheads rested together.

You almost did it. You almost admitted your feelings for him in that moment. The words ‘I love you’ almost left your lips - but they didn’t.

Conor then placed his hands behind his head, resting against the chair and you obeyed. You moved your hips, sliding them in and out, the tip of his cock in just before pushing yourself down to swallow his girth.

“God…” He breathed out, his hands coming forward, wanting to grip on something - anything. You guided his hands to place them on your breasts and he instantly gripped onto them, massaging and attaching his mouth to one of your nipples.

The sensation caused you to moan out.

“Oh, Conor…”

“Go faster, baby.” He panted as he pulled away.

Your hips slammed on his groin fast, but sharp. His cock was poking your g-spot and you clawed his chest as he threw his head back in a moan. Conor thrusted up, so that his whole tip can hit directly at your g-spot, and your hands gripped onto his shoulders.

He was coated in a layer of sweat, as well as the other boys were but you didn’t even notice them. You felt his release coming close. He twitched in you, and you rode him faster, wanting your release as well. After a few more thrusts, you exploded onto him, triggering his own release.

He held your hips, thrusting up, burying himself deep into you. As Conor released, he groaned and moaned out your name for all of the boys to hear.

When you both were finished, you wrapped your arms around his neck and he pulled you into him as you both caught you breaths.

When you finally got off of him, you turned around to see something you would have never thought would happen. Jack was in the same position you and Conor were in just moments ago, a girl was on top of him riding his bare cock. Josh was still staring at you with hooded eyes as a girl had a hand in his boxers, pumping at his length.

Joe was nowhere to be seen but Caspar was in the same place, his cock out for everyone to see as he pleasured himself with his hand and the sight of you.

“Fucking hell, Y/N, look what you did to our friends.” Conor laughed as he pinched your ass.


The next morning

When you walked into Joe’s kitchen the next morning, you were beyond nervous.

“Here she is!” Jack announced as you walked in, wearing Conor’s button-up shirt that you had wore to bed last night.

Everyone’s eyes went to you but they were all smiling. Conor was sat on a stool, his eyes going up and down your body as he admired the sight of you in his shirt.

“Come here, babe.” Conor shift on the stool and held his arms out to you.

As you walked over to him, he pulled you in for a hug.

“Y/N we’ve all agreed not to bring up last night ever again.” Joe told you, sipping from his mug.

“Good.” You replied, staying close to Conor.

“Although, we all also agreed that we’d all love to fuck you too.” Caspar added, making your cheeks flush.

“I don’t think so.” Conor shook his head, wrapping his arms around your waist.

Drinks & Pranks // Byron Langley

Word Count- 1385

Summary- De-stressing with your best friends ends a bit differently than you expected.

Warnings; N/A

A/n; Ugh, only one more day before I’m back to school.. someone end me please. Also, I got four Byron imagines in one day.. ok. Idk if I like this, but I hope someone does.

Requested; Yes, two in one, hope you both like it! (unless one person requested both, then hello, thank you, though I doubt it.. oh well.) x

req; can you do a Byron one where you’ve both liked eachother for a while and it takes a game of never have I ever or spin the bottle for them both to admit it

req;  hey could i request an imagine with byron (if you’re not fed up with him lol)? one where the reader is a good friend of the boys (not a youtuber and not in a relationship with byron) but the fans know about her and ship her a lot with byron, then one morning joe does a prank on byron and then sees someone else laying next to him, turns out it’s the reader and the fans freak out or something? sorry this is very specific you can change anything if you want!


You groaned as you walked into the living room of Joe’s flat, where all the boys were waiting, alcohol in hand and in a circle. “Again, really?” You asked, rubbing your head in frustration. “Yup.” Joe said, simply. “I hate you all.” You said, plopping down next to Conor and Jack. “C’mon, Y/N. You’ve been overworking yourself like crazy, you need to relax and this is how we’ve chosen to relax.” Conor said, nudging you playfully, but he had a concerned look on his face.

He wasn’t lying, you’d been having a hard time at work lately. You were falling behind, half of your co-workers had decided to take vacation all at once, and majority of the work was being passed to you, as you were the hardest working and most dedicated in your building. “Fine.” You sighed, you couldn’t resist these boys. Besides, Conor was right, you needed to loosen up.

“What game are we playing today, boys?” Joe asked, you gave him a look. “I mean.. queen and peasants!” He corrected, making you and the boys chuckle. “Never have I ever?” Oli suggested, and everyone nodded in agreement. “I’ll start.” Caspar said, sending a smirk Joe’s way. “Never have I ever kiss someone of the same gender.” He said, and Joe and Jack visibly tensed, before each grabbing a shot and downing it. (Yes, I went there. I love Joeck.) Josh and Mikey also downed a shot, but everyone knew they’d done it for a video. Joe cleared his throat. “Right, moving on, Never have I ever..”

The game progressed for awhile, questions and alcohol passing by quickly. “Alright, Y/N. Your turn.” At this point, you weren’t exactly drunk, but you were quite tipsy. That couldn’t be said for the other boys, who were all very drunk. “Never have I ever… Never have I ever called someone the wrong name while hooking up.” You smirked as every boy except one drank. “You’re all idiots.” You laughed, and Byron, who was the only one who didn’t drink, had an amused look on his face as well.

“Byron, have you even had a drink yet?” You asked, confused. He seemed completely sober. “Nope.” He said, and all the guys gawked at him; as everyone had multiple drinks and were completely smashed. “Alright, Byron. Your go, then.” You said, raising your eyebrows. “Never have I ever had sex.” Everyone looked at him wide-eyed. Joe dropped his beer bottle, Caspar screamed. “What?!” Everyone exclaimed, Conor looked personally offended. Why? Who knows, it’s drunk Conor.

“You’re kidding me, right?” You asked, and suddenly Byron burst out laughter. “Of course I’m joking, you pricks.” He said, and everyone sighed, relieved. “Oh my god, I thought I was going to have to unfriend you.” Conor slurred, and everyone looked at him oddly. “Unfriend him, Conor?” You teased, and he nodded quickly. “Yes!” He said, not noticing how what he said he didn’t make sense. “Okay, I think it’s time for bed.” You said, a bit concerned of how much alcohol Conor had consumed. He usually wasn’t a lightweight, either, so if Conor was smashed, the rest of the boys probably were too.

“Can we have a sleepover?!” Joe asked, excitedly. Yup, they were smashed, alright. “Only because I’m very worried for all of your conditions right now.” “Yayyy! I dibs the bed with Joe!” Jack said, grabbing Joe’s arm and running off, slamming the door behind them. “Okay then.” You laughed, shaking your head. You got the others situated in the living room; pillows, couches, blankets, etc. You definitely were the ‘mom’ of the group.

Once everyone was asleep, which luckily, wasn’t hard, you got up and began to grab your things. “You can stay as well, if you want.” Byron piped up, walking into the room. You turned to face him, to politely decline, but your jaw fell open and your eyes widened when you saw he was shirtless. You were pretty drunk as well, and it probably was the best to stay, and you both knew it. “I’m not sure that’s a great idea. There’s no more room in the living room, and Mikey’s already on the floor.” You said, throwing your bag over your shoulder.

“You can stay in my room, you know. I’ll stick to my side of the bed, I promise. It’s really late, and you’re obviously drunk.” He said, pointing to his room. “I wouldn’t want to intrude.” You said, rubbing the back of your neck sheepishly. “Y/N, I’d rather share a bed with you and know you’re safe rather than you go home and put yourself at risk. Besides, who said I didn’t want you in my bed?” He said, quietly. You almost choked on the air, and looked at him surprised. “Wait, no, I didn’t mean it like that.” He stuttered, and you laughed.

You opened your mouth to reply, but a yawn escaped instead. “C’mon, we can discuss this in the morning, if you remember.” Byron said, pulling you to his bedroom. You stole one of his shirts (with his permission, of course) and it hung loosely past your thighs. You climbed into the side opposite Byron, and faced the back towards him. “Goodnight, Byron.” You said, smiling to yourself. “Goodnight, Y/N.”

You were fast asleep, dreaming contently, when a blaring air horn sounded through the room. You shot up, eyes wide. “Joe!” Byron said, rubbing a hand on his face. You looked over, to see Joe, jaw dropped, holding his phone, meaning one thing. “You aren’t.. livestreaming, are you?” You asked, mortified. Joe’s face said it all. “I’m so sorry..” He muttered, looking horrified at the camera. “Um, I’ll go.” He said, shutting the door behind him.

“That is not how I wanted to wake up this morning.” You groaned, and then your eyes widened. “Wait, why am I in your bed anyways, Byron!? Did anything..” You asked, surprised. Byron chuckled. “No, Y/N. You were just drunk, and had nowhere to sleep. Nothing happened, don’t worry.” You sighed, a bit relieved, yet a bit disappointed. You really liked Byron, and wouldn’t have minded waking up to that every morning.

“Well we should probably get up and clarify that little uh.. Incident.” You said, sheepishly. “Oh, yeah. Of course.” Byron cleared his throat, rolling out of bed. You threw on the pants you were wearing yesterday, staying in the shirt Byron gave you. You walked out, realizing Joe was still filming his livestream. “Hey, Joe.” You smiled, waving to the livestream comments, which instantly flooded with comments about you and Byron being adorable.

“We aren’t dating, guys.” You said, a hint of disappointment hidden in your voice. “It was just a misunderstanding. It’s a bit embarrassing to admit, but I had a few too many drinks last night, and all the boys took up all the couches and the floor, so Byron was kind enough to let me stay in his room.” You told the livestream, and checked your watch. “Crap! I’m going to be late! I gotta go, thanks for everything boys!” You cursed, grabbing your bag, which you thankfully packed last night, and ran out the door.

Byron came in shortly after you left, having gone straight to the shower. He looked around, confused. “Where’s Y/N?” He asked, rubbing his eyes slightly. “Just missed her, mate. She had to run, she was going to be late to something. Probably more work.” Joe told him, and turned back to his livestream. Byron walked over, reading the comments flying by about him and Y/N and he chuckled.

“No guys, we aren’t dating. I haven’t even asked her out, yet. Don’t get ahead of yourselves.” He winked at the livestream, grabbing an apple and walking back into his room. He left a shocked Joe and exploding viewers, excitement. “Right, well, I think this has been an eventful livestream. Thank you all so much for watching, and I’ll see you soon with another Sugg Sunday special.” He said, turning off his phone. Joe’s prank didn’t quite go to plan, but it sure as hell turned out good for the both of you, and he was satisfied with that. (He also figured, at least now he had some leverage over the two of you for future uses.)

Caught - Joe Sugg

Requested: Yes 

Request: Open 

A/N: I love this one. Thanks anon who requested this. Also ships are now open. Sorry I haven’t been very active! Getting to those request. I have like 5 of them started so far.

Warning: Not much just a little make out session

Originally posted by livingthesugglife

You were slumped up on the couch, patiently waiting for your boyfriend, Joe Sugg, to finish up his video for his gaming channel. The television was on, but you weren’t paying attention to it. Joe was taking so long with his game, and all you wanted was to snuggle with your boyfriend and kiss his barely stubbled chin. You heard Joe and your’s bedroom door open, which meant that Joe had finished. 

“Joe!” you called for him, you watch for him.  You could hear his footsteps echo through the flat. He appeared in the door frame, leaning against it. 

“Come here!” you begged, pouting your lips. You blinked your big, beautiful E/C eyes. Joe slowly walked over to you and sank down into the couch, next to you. 

“Impatient much?” Joe joked, while you rolled your eyes. He wrapped his arm around your shoulder and you snuggled into his side, putting your head on his shoulder. He leaned his head on top of yours. You both sat there, watching the television for a while, until Joe moved his head. You looked at him confused. He laughed and locked lips with you. The kiss was slow and sweet at first, but it got heated. Fast. You moved you body so that you were straddling Joe, never breaking the kiss. You eventually had to break the kiss to get air, but soon after your lips connected with his. Joe moved his lips down from your lips to your jaw, then down to your neck. There was no need to take a shirt off since you weren’t wearing one. All you had on was your Calvin Klein bra, which you wore constantly when you were home, and it didn’t matter if was just you and Joe or if either of you had friends over. He started sucking on your sweet spot. You tried holding in your moan, but you couldn’t help but let it out. Joe took his lips away from you neck and admired how he could make you feel. He then admired the love bite he had just given you. You connected your lips back with his. He pushed you down so your back was on the couch and he was over you. You were so occupied with Joe that you didn’t notice that the door to your flat had been opened and five boys had entered. You didn’t notice them till Jack started talking.

“Well, look what we have here!” said Jack, clapping his hands once, while walking over to the couch. You and Joe quickly separated and both instantly blushed. 

“Guys! What are you guys doing here?” asked Joe. The rest of the boys had walked around to see the sight of the blushing couple.

“Well we texted you a while ago, but you didn’t answer so we decided to come over anyway.” explained Caspar. “Obviously we caught you at the wrong time.”

“You both had an enjoyable time though, I’m guessing.” said Conor. “Just look at Y/N’s neck!” You immediately blushed a deeper color of red, and quickly moved your hand to cover the love bite Joe had given you, but all the boys saw it. You stood up off the couch.

“I’m going to change.” you said as you walked out of the room. As soon as you were out of sight all the boys joined Joe on the couch and started talking. 

“Damn Sugg, that was a quite a love bite you gave her!” commented Mikey.

“Yeah Joe! Didn’t know you had it in you. I’m proud.” said Jack, putting his hand over heart. Joe just shook off the comments, still embarrassed. He got up off the couch and walked to the kitchen and grabbed a glass and filled it with water. 

“What now Joe? Did all that ‘activity’ make you thirsty?” teased Josh. Joe walked back over to the group. 

“You guys are just jealous you don’t have a girlfriend as hot and amazing as Y/N.” Joe said taking low, long, sip of his water. “And jealous of the skills I have.”


Buttercream gang

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High : Jack Maynard Smut

(basically jack & y/n get high and horny)

You got out of your Uber, walking over to the unfamiliar block of apartments. Your best friend Jack has just moved into his new apartment and so he invited you over to celebrate.

You have both been very close friends for a while now. You met him when he first moved to London, the night he had gone out clubbing to celebrate his move. You both got talking and discovered he only lived down the road from you. Since then, you guys had hung out most days apart from when you’re both busy or Jack goes away.

“Who is it?” You heard Jack’s voice through the little speaker after you had pressed the buzzer for his apartment.

“Who do you think it is?” You laughed.

“I don’t know, one of my tinder girls?” Jack joked. “Come up.”

You laughed at him before walking up the stairs. The apartment block was really nice and you could tell that Jack’s apartment was also going to be lovely. Thinking about Jack’s joke, it really wouldn’t surprise you if Jack did ask one of his tinder girls to come over just hours after he had moved in.

“Hey babe!” Jack greeted you at the door before you could even knock. He was wearing a plain white, long sleeved t shirt and black jeans. He had the happiest grin on his face which made you smile.

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My goal in life is to play soccer with the boys

Couple Goals

Word Count: 734

Inspired by one of Caspar’s live streams where he forgets Maddie’s birthday

It was around ten when you woke up on the Saturday morning. Conor was passed out next to you, his mouth open slightly as soft noises were let out every time his chest rose. He and a few of the other boys had gone out last night, and you heard a few of them stumble in during the night, along with Conor who had somehow managed to make it up the stairs and into bed with you.

You could see the sun shining in through a small gap in the curtains, and decided you would go out for a run to enjoy the weather. After a few more minutes of observing your boyfriend’s sleeping state, you got up and changed into running gear and laced up your shoes. After pressing a light kiss to Conor’s cheek, you scribbled out a note and left it on the side table letting him know what you were up to, and exited the room, somehow managing to get out the front door without making too much noise.

The sun’s strong rays warmed your body from the slight breeze. It was quite along the river, and the wind felt good on your sweaty face.

A while later you decided to turn around and head back to the flat. Realizing it was almost noon, you decided to stop at the cafe down the street from your flat and pick up some breakfast. You ordered an iced coffee and a yogurt for yourself and a load of pastries and other goodies for the guys.

You carried the bag of treats back to the flat, and opened the door to find Conor, Jack, Joe, Caspar and Josh in your living room, watching TV softly and joking around.

“Hey there’s m’gal!” Conor said from the couch, in one of his many accents.

“Oi Y/N!” Jack cheered once he saw the bag in your hands, “You’re a legend!”

“Oh, cheers Y/N,” Joe said, also discovering what you were holding.

They all thanked you as you brought the food over to them. Conor pulled you down to the couch and pressed a quick kiss to your lips, “Thanks love,” he whispered in your ear.

“No problem babe,” you smiled at him, “So, how was last night?” You asked the rest of the guys.

“Oh, way too much fizzy pop,” Jack said straight away, making you laugh.

“It was really fun,” Josh said, the other guys nodding.

“Who’s birthday was it again?” You asked.

“One of Oli’s friends,” Conor answered, and you nodded.

“Speaking of birthday’s,” Josh spoke up, “Can you guys believe Caspar doesn’t know his own girlfriend’s birthday?”

“I do know it!” Caspar quickly shouted, “I got it confused with yours at first, but I do know it.” The other guys were laughing at him, as were you.

“I bet Conor knows Y/N’s birthday,” Joe said.

You and Conor had been together for a little more than seven months, but were already pretty serious, you practically lived at his flat. As it had been less than a year, your birthday hadn’t been in that timeframe, but of course Conor knew the actual day of your birthday.

“Do I know it, of course I do,” Conor said, his eyes widening as he pretended to not know for a few seconds, making you laugh. “Oh I know, it’s the 5th of May,” he said, smiling at you, which you confirmed by pressing a kiss to his cheek.

“That’s no fair, of course you know it, it’s coming up in a few weeks!” Caspar pointed out.

“Do you know what time she was born?” Jack asked.

You had told Conor once or twice before, but you didn’t expect him to remember.

He stared at you for a few seconds with his lips pressed together and his eyes squinted, af if the answer was written on your face in tiny print. He threw his head back, “Oh god, I know this, you’ve told me before.” Caspar started at Conor in anticipation. “5:44 in the morning?” He finally answered after a minute or so.

“How did you remember?” You asked him, surprised he got it right. Caspar cursed under his breath and the other guys laughed.

“I never forget anything you tell me babe,” Conor answered, winking at you, causing you to laugh.

“Wow, couple goals, unlike Caspar and Maddie,” Joe said jokingly.

Play fighting// Jack Maynard imagine

Summary: a play fight between Y/N and Jack might lead to something more

A/n: This is just a fluffy imagine. It’s very short, I know but I quite liked it like this. Xoxo

Requested: Can you write an imagine about play fighting with Jack? Thank you so much anon for requesting! I hope you like it!   


“WHO THE BLOODY HELL ATE MY CHOCLATE?”, you yelled through the apartment you shared with the Maynards and Josh. You met Conor and Jack at school in Brighton and you’ve been best friends ever since. Even when they moved to London. What nobody knew, was that you had a little crush on the youngest brother so you felt heartbroken to see them leave. But a few years later, you too moved to London. That’s when the brothers asked you to move in with them and their roommate Josh. Of course you said yes. Who would say no to living with the boy you’ve crushed on since you were 15?

You love living with them, but you also wanted a bit of privacy. That’s why you came up with a few rules: the most important one was to not touch YOUR food. And may that now be the rule someone decided to break.

Since nobody answered, you went to everyone’s room. “Conor did you ate my food?”, you asked the boy who was still in his dressing gown. “Nope. I wouldn’t even dare to touch your food. You can be a scary girl sometimes Y/N”. Smirking you asked:” Do you know who it was then?”. “I’m pretty sure Josh is even more scared of you, so my money is on Jack”. “I knew it! Thanks Con”, you said while closing his door.

You crossed the hall and opened Jacks door, not even bothering knocking. The first thing you saw, were a bunch of wrappers laying on his bed. “You bloody bastard. That was my chocolate!”. Jack looked up from his laptop when he heard you. “Well then don’t just put it on the counter. How am I supposed to know it’s yours if you don’t put it away?”, he asked innocently. “You’re going to pay for this”, you said with a glare. He just smiled. “Oh yeah? And how did you plan on doing that?”. “Oh I don’t know. Maybe by doing … THIS”.

You jumped on him and started tickling him. But of course he had grabbed you before you could even touch his stomach. You always forgot how strong he actually was. “Dumb move Y/N, dumb move”, Jack said while pushing you on his bed and straddling you. “Don’t Jack. I know that look. Don’t you dare!”, you said just before he attacked. He tickled you so bad, your stomach actually hurt from laughing.

“Please! Jack! Please stop!”, you tried to say. “Are you going to apologize for accusing me?”, he asked with a smile. “But you did it!”. He kept tickling so you just yelled: “I’m sorry for accusing you!”. He stopped. “That’s better. What are you going to do to apologize?”. “Nothing… ?”. his hands already went back to your sides. “No wait. Whatever you want! I’ll do whatever you want!”.

“You sure about that?”, Jack asked with a smirk. Suddenly you were very much aware of Jack and yours position. He was sitting on top of you, his face inches from yours. You could even see every color in his eyes. Those beautiful, baby blue eyes. You were so taken away that you couldn’t bring out any words, so you just nodded.

“I only want two things from you”. “And what are those?”, you asked. “A kiss and for you to be my girlfriend”.  

Caught out. {Jack Maynard imagine}

Request: Hey! Could you please write one where Jack and y/n are secretly dating, and the boys get suss and watch a bunch of fan videos and catch them?

A/N: I feel like very similar ones have been done, but hey here’s my take.

“Hey lads, have you seen what’s trending number one on twitter?”, Caspar question to the group of boys all slumped around Joes lounge room getting ready for a night at Winter Wonderland. Josh looked up, “oh, I bet it’s me,” Josh joked. Caspar laughed as Joe walked into the room with Conor, “you wish, it’s your ex roomie,” Caspar replied. “Ohh is it my new album?” Conor joined in a weird, voice. “It’s the other Maynard for that matter, and Y/N” Oli announced. “What for”, Mikey joined. “Hmm, people seem to think that they’re dating, my vlog is blowing up look at the comments”, Joe said scrolling through his phone. “Yeah everyone’s tweeting 9:06, I edited it I don’t know what they’re on about”, Joe followed looking puzzled. Byron had appeared from his room intrigued by the conversation still wearing pyjama pants, “should we play it?”, he asked the group opening the nearest laptop with the boys gathering around him. The video played, and the group watched carefully, and in the background of yet another night at winter wonderland, there was sure enough Y/N and Jack slow dancing together jokingly, with Jack pulling her in with a dramatic spin and a certain look in their eyes, before Joe had unknowingly stopped filming. “Oh my god I can’t believe a missed that.” Joe said sitting down.

“Well surely, we would know, I mean we’re around them all the time, beside 20 seconds doesn’t prove anything,” Conor stated. “It’s not so farfetched though is it? You guys have surely noticed that they are weirdly close and have inside jokes. Not to mention where are they now?” Byron said lightly. The others thought for a moment in silence, “but they would tell us wouldn’t they, beside I doubt they’d be able to keep their hands off each other all the time”, Joe joked in reply. “It’s not the only video though, there are heaps of fan videos”, Caspar added. “Well go on play one then”, Conor demanded.

35 minutes had passed and they all sat there completely hoping that two of their best friends were dating, also feeling slightly guilty of watching 35 minutes of their interactions. They felt stupid because they hadn’t seen it, the way they look at each other, the way they stood up for each other, the stupid inside jokes, the times they would sit there unable to stop laughing at the smallest things. They hadn’t seen how happy they had made each other. The video was just moments of them watching each other intently, some compromising positions that had been caused by a yoga challenge, numerous hugs, subtle touches, and not so subtle touches. Clips from the boy’s own videos which they had seen far too many times when editing, and not noticed the way Jack slid closer to Y/N without fail, or the way Y/N would always have a hand resting on Jack.

They were about to play another one when laughter filled the room as the lift popped open and Y/N’s cheery hello rang through the apartment, with Y/N appearing closely followed by Jack.  “What are you watching” Jack questioned the guilty looking group of boys. “Uhh my sex tape”, Conor replied with an odd accent. “Gee the views must be drying up Con”, Y/N laughed sliding in beside Jack on the couch as he wrapped his arm around her instinctively. This is something the boys would normally not think anything of, Y/N and Jack were just good friends, but now it earnt a bunch of raised eyebrows. “What’s with the faces?” Y/N asked confused. “Joe farted” Mikey added quickly once more causing Jack and Y/N to exchange a glance.

The boys had swiftly moved away from the couches and were in the slightly immoral process of getting Y/N and Jack smashed, so they could get a confession. “Okay, I think we should go to Winter Wonderland now, I’ll google maps it”, Jack announced reaching for the laptop causing everyone to scream out no. “What’s going on here, you have all been acting super weird all night”, Y/N said as she joined Jacks side and opened the laptop. The video resuming play almost immediately.

A tense silence filled the air as Jack and Y/N realised they had been caught. “So, is it true?” Josh broke the silence. Jack and Y/N shared another glance before Jack snaked his hand around her waist and pulled her into his side, “Yeah, it is,” he replied softly. “We’re sorry we didn’t tell you, but we were scared we would ruin the group and we were scared of the hate from the viewers,” Y/N said shyly. “We are super happy for you, you’re good for each other, and please don’t ever hide anything like this from us again. Besides the viewers seem to love you together from the looks of the videos,” Joe replied. “Good, because I love her.” Jack said gently grabbing her face and crashing their lips together, happy that they didn’t have to hide anymore. The kiss went for a few seconds to long as the boys groaned and whined that they should’ve stayed hidden if they’d be doing this all the time, before retreating to the couches.

“I can finally tell the world you’re mine, babe”, Jack said peppering kisses all over Y/N’s face a wave of happiness rushing over the two.