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Drunk Conversations

Loud giggling preceded clumsy footsteps, and moments later the boys that made up the buttercream squad, along with Y/N who was being tugged along by Joe, their fingers intertwined together, stumbled through Joe’s front door.

“I swear, she likes you!” Caspar spins around, eyes wide and bright, a grin spread across his face as he walks backwards, swaying only slightly.

“You’re crazy.” Joe chuckles, shaking his head, pulling his girlfriend close after she ensures the door is closed. “She’s like…eighty.”

“Ripe old age of eighty!” Jack pats Caspar on the shoulder as he passes him. “Just means she has some experience!”

“Why are you pushing Joe to like an eighty year old?” Oli asks, a confused frown tugging on his lips as he looks between Caspar and Joe.

“Because Caspar is mental.” Y/N explains gently, wrapping her arms around Joe. “Besides, he doesn’t need her. He’s got me.”

“Damn right, babe.” Joe grins, placing a sloppy kiss on her cheek.

“Ugh. I forgot how affectionate he got when he was drunk…” Josh mock gags as they trail behind Jack, who’s already sprawled out across the couch.

“I will never forget when you licked my ear, Joe!” Jack laughs, pushing at Conor as he flops down beside him.

“You are quite an odd drunk.” Y/N scrunches up her nose, looking over at Joe, who simply shrugs in response.

“I’m bloody exhausted.” Oli suddenly announces, falling onto the couch and throwing an arm over his face.

“Had too much to drink, then.” Josh shoves at Oli’s legs, making room for him to sit down, while Y/N and Joe curl up together on the other end. Caspar and Mikey exchange a look before both deciding to simply sit on the floor where they’re standing.

“And who’s fault is that.” Oli mumbles, while the boys all turn to look at Jack. The younger Maynard blinks innocently up at them.

“I didn’t force you to drink!” He tries to protest, blocking the pillow suddenly thrown at him.

The group fall into a lull, going through their phone or talking quietly amongst themselves for a while. But the quietness becomes too much for Caspar, who lets out a huff, snatching Mikey’s phone out of his hands and sliding it, along with his own phone, away from them.

“What the fu-“

“No more phones!” Everyone blinks at Caspar in surprise, lowering their phones in fear of the blonde stealing theirs like he had Mikey’s. “Let’s talk!”

“What about, buddy?” Joe smiles over at him, his fingers playing with a lock of Y/N’s hair.


“Never have I ever!” Jack decides, jumping to his feet and after steadying himself, makes his way over to Joe’s cupboards.

“What are you doing?” Joe tilts his head back, trying to see what his mate is doing, listening to the rummaging of items and clinking of bottles.

“You can’t play never have I ever without alcohol.” Jack explains, sitting back down on the couch with a couple bottles in hand. He distributes them amongst their group before removing the lid of the vodka bottle in his hand, a grin on his face.

“We’re going to regret this deeply in the morning, aren’t we?” Y/N questions, glancing at the bottle in Joe’s hand.

“Probably.” Oli mumbles, finally sitting up. “But why the hell not. Someone go first.”

“I’ll go!” Conor sits up, stealing the bottle form his brother’s hand to take a swig. “Never have I ever…ate octopus.”

“What the type of shit question is that?” Mikey asks, taking the bottle from Caspar to take a sip. Oli, Josh, and Y/N also take a sip from their bottles.

“Got you to drink, didn’t it?” Conor winks over at him.

“Never have I ever…” Joe speaks up, glancing to the ceiling for a moment to consider how he’ll finish it. When he lowers his gaze, there’s a smirk on his face. “Been into bondage.”

“I can vouch for that!” Y/N laughs, the bottle her and Joe are sharing remaining untouched as Jack, Mikey, and Conor each take a swig. Caspar looks embarrassed before he takes the bottle from Mikey, taking a quick drink.

“Really?!” Oli gapes over at Caspar. The only ones not surprised by his answer are Josh and Joe, who chuckle at their mate’s embarrassment.

“Piss off.” He mumbles, fiddling with the lid in his hand.

“Nothing to be embarrassed about mate,” Jack lifts the bottle in his hand towards Caspar. “It can be a damn fun time with the right person!”

“Can we please change topics…” Caspar blushes.

“Alright.” Y/N leans forward, eyes dating to look at each boy. “My turn.”

“Oh shit.” Joe lets out a soft laugh, “We’re in trouble now.”

“Shush. I know you’re answer.” She waves her hand blindly at him over her shoulder. “I’m curious about the rest of you.”

“Go for it.” Josh nods at her, his body relaxed into the couch.

“Never have I ever…” She pauses, smirking. “Questioned my sexuality.”

The game continues for a while, and the questions get more stupid and more sexual, along with more personal. The boys deciding to make it a game to remind each other of the ridiculous things they have each done.

Eventually the game changes from never have I ever into a discussion about random topics.

Josh suddenly waves his arms in the air, calling for silence.

“I have an important question!” He announces, his face serious as everyone quiets down. “Do you think essentially we, as in every single human on this planet, are all the same?”

“Shit. Josh must be drunk, he’s getting philosophical.” Conor laughs, head tilted back. It isn’t long before the room joins in, and Josh pouts, crossing his arms.

“This is important!” He calls over the laughter.

“Sure it is.” Caspar shakes his head, a huge grin on his face, his cheeks flushed from the alcohol buzzing through his veins. “But not really a question to ask a bunch of drunks!”

“I don’t think it’s a question to ask any of us lot, sober or drunk!” Joe corrects, his body slack against the couch, Y/N’s legs over his lap, her head resting on his chest.

“Amen to that. You lot don’t know how to handle serious questions.” She comments, a soft smile on her face.

“We have very important and very serious discussions all the time.” Jack slurs, the drunkest of them, as he leans forward on his knees, pointing over at her.

“Sure you do.” She winks over at him. “And I’m the queen of England.”

“Does that mean Joe is the king?!” Oli calls out excitedly, which starts up a brand new conversation on who is who in the royal family.

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ultimatecryptid  asked:

Connor Hawke is the only Green Arrow???????? Idk who this other guy is but he's Not Real and doesn't exist??????????

I think his name is…Oli..ve King, Olive the Fool? Olive the troll under the bridge? No, wait! I think it’s Olive The Roach. I think he crawled acrossed a panel in Connor Hawke’s 90s run, issue #12. But later was stepped on :0 what a shame.