oli and kellin

My Mom’s first impressions of different band members:

Brendon Urie: “Hot.”

Vic Fuentes: “He has beautiful hair.”

Kellin Quinn: “He looks like a baby.”

Tyler Joseph: “Is he a model? He should be a model.”

Josh Dun: “He’s the punk one in that group you like, right?”

Tony Perry: “He looks better now without the earrings. His tattoos are pretty.”

Andy Biersack: “He looks sexier with longer, curly hair.”

Patrick Stump: “He’s teeny!”

Pete Wentz: “He looks like a dad.”

Mike Fuentes: “Him and that other guy are brothers? He looks like a rapper.”

Jaime Preciado: “How does he do his hair?”

Oli Sykes: “Tattoos!”

Ronnie Radke: “Ouch! The side of his head? Damn.”

Sometimes I wonder how normal people manage to not get obsessed about…literally everything! Im in love with at least 23729 bands, books, tv shows, historical characters, movies…idk stones?
I mean how do they…live? How can the even breath without wanting to talk about those things 24/7? God that must be so boring.

I like to think music can save the world because you know it’s fucking saved me
—  Jacoby shaddix

Am I the only one who feels like the ‘imagine’ posts are just a little too far? Like…

‘Imagine Andy Biersack looking at you…’

‘Imagine Brendon Urie holding your hand…’

‘Imagine Kellin Quinn turning up at your house…’

‘Imagine Oli Sykes fathering your children…’

‘Imagine Gerard Way helping you bury the body…’

In all seriousness though, they make me feel weird. I’m fine filling my blog with photos, day dreaming about actually meeting the band members that I obsess over and knowing that thousands of creepy fanfics exist but for some reason these are the only things that make me feel weird. 

Bands and what they're screaming about

A Day To Remember: I hate my town and my friends
Of Mice & Men: I hate my family and/or deep shit
Bring Me The Horizon: I’m either really angry or really fucking sad. Or both.
Pierce The Veil: I love/miss my girlfriend and I’m gonna be really poetic about it while screaming
Asking Alexandria: We are angry and want BLOOD
My Chemical Romance: Hahahha I’m so fucked up hahahahHAHAHAHA