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“experiencing-olgp” is my username and my blog’s title is “My experience at the Our Lady of Grace Parish”.

You might be wondering what exactly is the significance of the name, “Our Lady of Grace Parish”, and the reason why I keep on using it instead of the current and official name, the “Shrine of Our Lady of Grace”.

It’s honestly a petty reason, really. It’s simply for the sentimental value.

You see, I used to go to mass there with my family when I was younger.It’s actually my very first Church. I remember being a kid and just trying my best to actively participate in Mass because that’s what we taught in school and if I didn’t, my parents would look pointedly at me until I start doing so. And in my first elementary school, St. Mary’s Academy of Caloocan City, I remember that we used to have Mass there if we were the sponsor. I remember what it looked like before, before it was painted and renovated.

I remember the Our Lady of Grace Parish better than the Shrine of Our Lady of Grace.

Because of the new look, the church looks and feels like it’s incredibly foreign to me. Calling it by it’s old name brings back fond memories. Don’t get me wrong, the new look is absolutely beautiful; however, I just can’t help but miss the old, homey, and simple look.

Unfortunately, as fond as I was of that church, I was never a participant in the parish ministry. I never experienced being a collector or commentator in that church. Hopefully, this time, this term 2, even if I can’t completely grasp the name ‘Shrine of Our Lady of Grace’, I would experience the feeling of involvement when I participate.

Task 1 – Observation of the Church Community

Rom 8:28: And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.

I. What is the name of the Church / Parish Community where you will be involved in Term 1? What made you decide to choose this Church?

 The Church/ Parish Community that I have decided to be involved with this Term 1 is known as the “Shrine of Our Lady of Grace”, previously called the “Our Lady of Grace Parish”. I have chosen this Church primarily for two reasons.First, it’s because it’s the parish nearest to our place. My parents don’t want me to encounter any difficulty in commuting, especially since the Church we go to every Sunday for Mass, the National Shrine of Our Lady of Lourdes, is located far from our home. Second, the Shrine of Our Lady of Grace has a special place in my heart. It’s where I’ve been baptized and it’s where my family and I used to go to Church to when I was younger.

II. What ministry have you chosen to be involved? Briefly describe the nature of the service.

Sadly, as of now, I’m not yet part of a ministry. The Parish Office is still waiting for two or more students before they start the orientation of exactly what they will assign to us.

 III.  Describe the Church community in terms of:

A. Location

The Church is very accessible. It’s a 5/10-minute tricycle ride from my house and a short walk from the lrt station. There are several shops and establishments surrounding it. The Shrine of Our Lady of Grace is in Grace Park, Caloocan City.

B. People who are part of the community

The people who are part of the community are very friendly people though most come from the middle-class to poor residents of Caloocan City.

 C. Different ministry that they have       

According to their website, there are several ministries in the Church and these are classified into two: the permanent and special ministries.

Special Ministries:

Ministry on Catechetical
Knights of the Altar
Lector and Commentators Guild
Ministry on Greeters and Collectors
Parish Music Ministry Council
Special Ministers of Holy Communion

Permanent Ministries:

Ministry on Liturgical Affairs
Ministry on Education Formation
Ministry on Social Services and Development
Ministry on Finance
Ministry on Youth Affairs
Ministry on Vocation
Ministry on Family and Life
Ministry on Public Affairs

 You may check their website here: http://shrineofourladyofgrace.ph/shrine/

You can also like their official facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Shrine-of-Our-Lady-of-Grace-Kalookan/162621933760616?fref=ts

And here’s the link for my facebook page for TREDONEC34: https://www.facebook.com/experiencingolgp

God Bless!

shrineofourladyofgrace | The Website


The link above is the link for the parish website that I’ll participate in. There, news articles, announcements, and schedules of events can be found. Also, the shrine’s history, staff, and mission vision can also be read.

If you wish to contact them, their contact information can also be found there. But for convenience, here you go:

Address: Shrine of Our Lady of Grace St. Eugene De Mazenod Avenue Grace Park, Caloocan City

Telephone No.: +(63) 2 364-5905