i have searched as extensively as i can about the recent murder of a lesbian couple and i see mentions of drug deals etc but i do not know what exactly happened or what the motivation was

that being said…… it’s important to acknowledge they were a lesbian couple and it’s not exactly a stretch to consider that it could have been hate-related. the murder & attempted murder of mollie olgin and mary chapa wasn’t identified as a hate crime until years later

on top of that lesbian murder & suicide does not exist in a vacuum. it’s impossible to pretend it does when we live in a violently homophobic and misogynistic society.

last but not least: please consider that lesbians are tired of burying our dead in silence. what happened to britney cosby, crystal jackson, lisa trubnikova, mollie olgin, grace mann – the list goes on and on – never even so much as made national news. if they even so much breathe word about dead lesbians the media typically goes to great lengths to make sure they don’t mention they were a lesbian.

we’re so tired.