That rather inelegant strip of knitting that was in my mouth yesterday has today become a rather more elegant belt! I adapted it from a very clever and also free pattern.

Once I get a button on this baby it will be my first finished object knit completely from my own hand spun yarn, and I think it’s charming. Now I just need to lose a little weight so I can wear the thing.

Aranami shawl in greens (full size) on Flickr.

I knew the moment I saw Olga post this shawl that I wanted to knit it. I love the color waves, the modularity, and, of course, the name: Aranami. Olga and I have been friends for a long time, and this is the first design of hers I’ve had the availability to knit (though I love them all). Her design aesthetic is so clean and modern, and very Japanese, all things which I hold dear to my heart.

I loved knitting all the little triangles of this shawl and seeing them turn into waves upon blocking. I loved that I could pick up the shawl at any time and just work on a piece of it, not having to worry about where I was in the pattern. Each time a section was finished I had a deep sense of satisfaction.

I will definitely be knitting another of these in a different yarn! I can’t wait to find a new yarn to squeeze and colors to audition. This pattern is back in the queue!

Made with Flickr

I made this Moko-Moko cowl last summer and it’s finally been cold enough to wear it. The pattern is by the wonderful Olga Buraya-Kefelian who blogs as “olgajazzy”. I love her designs! I feel so ludique (playful) in this cowl and the little cabbages also love it. And although “moko-moko” apparently means “fluffy” in Japanese, we have christened this cowl “Muppet macaroni and cheese”, due to the noodle like shape of the curls and the generally goofy feel of the whole thing. Tee-hee! I’m wearing it above (that’s me in the glasses!) and little cabbage the elder wanted to model it too. I am happy to have a sunny cowl in a grey Paris autumn and to have a cowl like no one else’s.