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Sticky, someone on Alltheextrahobrientalk tries to say that Ryan isn't with Olga and tells the twitter comments aren't well translated. But under the comments on twitter, it's written : "sauf Bobo, sa copine n'est pas là". The young fan says : Except Bobo (Ian), his girlfriend isn't here. That's all.

Did you send this to them?

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yeah I am really torn with Olga's progress because from one side it is crazy to push so hard to soon and this has proven to be a fail (even from US Ohashi, Priessman, Bailie etc) but at the same time it is not like going slow helped Russia much, Maria Kharenkova and Seda were supposed to be paced slow so they would peak in 2016. And how that worked out for them! I think most of Olga upgrades aren't crazy either, like DYT seems reasonable not an Amanar.

Yeah, I feel like that can go either way though… ex: Wieber and Biles. I will say I’m glad Olga hasn’t competed internationally yet and just started going to NT camps this year. She doesn’t live very far from Round Lake, so it must have been a coaching decision. (I’m sure she was invited since she’s been winning national meets in her age group for years.)

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don't worry! Olga Marie actually got sent to the Melty Blood Universe, where she's apparently trying to stop Leff from Summoning one of the main characters into the Fate Universe as a Berserker which would be the most OP shit according to Nasuverse rules

I don’t know SHIT about Meltan, but that’s gotta be either Roast Beef or Wallachia right?

From what I’ve heard of them, either of them as Berserkers would be ooh yeah bad news.

Also I don’t 100% believe you.