olga sinodova

I had a friend. We were close for a period of time, bonding over our love of comics and our issues with depression. Eventually, I realised that he was a lot more depressed than me and that I had hard time dealing with how talking to him made me feel, so eventually we started talking a lot less.

Now I just found out that he is gone, and I feel lost. His depression ate him up and destroyed him. He once made a little silly doodle based on my username, which I don’t have anymore, but it’s the thing that I remember when I think of him. I re-drew it from memory.

I am sorry I wasn’t a better friend.

This was a really interesting experience! I was trying to keep in line with my new flat clothes with patterns/realistic body style, and I was drawn to this image in the first place because the girl had pattern tattoos on her knees. In the end, the tattoos ended up being so hard to fit into my paradigm that I nearly omitted them altogether.

However, morally, I felt like removing something so significant from a person’s visual identity was completely wrong, so, in the end, that’s all the pattern you get in this image.

One more gorgeous tattoed person. It occurs to me that I should probably source the reference photos I use, so this will be the last one that’s unsourced (if only because I pulled this image from somewhere and I can’t remember where it was).

Went for an android-ish feel with that one, because the shadows on her body were so well defined.