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Corrupted by the example of his brothers, even King Aegon’s youngest son Prince Daeron vexed his father in like manner.  Though betrothed to Lady Olenna Redwyne of the Arbor when both of them were nine, Prince Daeron repudiated the match in 246 AC, when he was eighteen…though in his case, there appears to have been no other woman, for Daeron remained unwed throughout the remainder of his short life.  A born soldier who rejoiced in tournament and battle, he preferred the companionship of Ser Jeremy Norridge, a dashing young knight who had been with the prince since the two of them were squires together at Highgarden.  Prince Daeron brought to his father, Aegon, an altogether deeper sort of grief when he was killed in battle in 251 AC, leading an army against the Rat, the Hawk, and the Pig.  Ser Jeremy died at his side, but the rebellion was quashed, and the rebels slain or hanged.


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House Tyrell of Highgarden

“Growing Strong”

“Other great houses take lions and wolves for their sigils, and draw their power from the gold in their mountains, or the cold of their winters. But mountains run dry, winter yields to spring, and the rose blooms once more.


Game of Thrones - Countdown Season 7 [4/11]

Book of the Stranger [6x04]

“You should rule the Iron Islands. And I will help you.” - Theon Greyjoy