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Feel Better?

Drabble request by @supernaturalmarvelgirl: Hi, I’d like to make a Sam drabble request. I had a really shitty day and I need some Sammy comfort. Thanks 😘

Word Count: 736

“Will you just shut up and let me talk?” Your irritated voice echoed around your apartment when you yelled into your phone to be heard over your arrogant coworker.

“I would if you had anything helpful to say,” he replied haughtily.

You’d had enough. He asked for your help on his project. Your name wasn’t going to show up anywhere, so when he failed completely, you wouldn’t go down with him. “Whatever Bryan. Do what you want. I’ll just pick up your clients after they drop you.”

You stabbed your phone screen to end the call, really wishing you could slam the phone down like in the good ol’ days. Touch screens didn’t hold a flame to the satisfaction of physically slamming a phone into the cradle to end a call.

“That sounded like a fun conversation.”

“Sam!” The sight of the tall, floppy haired Winchester in your doorway brightened your day dramatically and you threw yourself into his arms. Almost as quickly as you’d thrown yourself at him, you pulled back and looked him over, searching for any injuries. “You’re okay? No broken bones or stitches?”

Laughing, he pulled you back into his arms. “I’m fine, Y/N. The ghouls aren’t, but I am. And it sounds like Bryan’s career isn’t fine.”

That reminder set you off again. It had been a long few weeks without Sam, and work was getting on your nerves. So you started ranting and pacing, fully aware that Sam was watching you amusedly the whole time.

“I don’t even know why he asked for my help if he wasn’t going listen to any of my ideas and I only agreed to help him in the first place because my boss has been on my ass for weeks about reaching out to the new people and helping them get up to speed, but these college babies think that their fresh-off-the-press bachelor’s diploma in marketing means they know how the advertising business works better than someone who has a solid career in it and they have no respect for—“

“Breathe,” Sam reminded you, laying his hands on your shoulders. You paused in your run-on sentence to do as he said.

When your lungs were once again filled, you couldn’t find the words to keep ranting because Sam’s gorgeous hazel eyes distracted you. One of his hands wandered from your shoulder to your cheek and he bent down slowly to press a sweet kiss to your lips. “Feel better?”

“Mmm, not quite.” Your hand hooked around his neck and pulled him back down for a better kiss. His fingers dug into your waist and your whole body relaxed as he pulled you closer. Three weeks without Sam was way too long.

Then he pulled back and you let out a whine of protest to which he just smiled and kissed your nose quickly. “More of that later. I just spent ten hours in a car with Dean and I’m starving.”

“Fine,” you pouted and let him pull you towards the door.

Soft moonlight drifted down through the thin layer of clouds, illuminating the street that you and Sam were strolling down. His strong fingers wove through yours, the callouses on his knuckles rubbing against your soft skin and convincing you that he really was here and that he really did come back for you, just like he always did.

“Tell me about the hunt,” you suggested softly. It seemed irreverent to speak louder than that in the cool night air. There was just something about nighttime walks and the slight breeze carrying the hoot of a distant owl that seemed to cover the world in a blanket of peace.

While you walked toward the restaurant, Sam quietly told you all about how he and Dean tracked down the ghouls. It always amazed you that Sam led such a vibrant, dynamic life, yet he loved coming home to you and hearing about your job that paled in comparison to his.

At one point during your walk, you pulled him to a stop under a lamppost and went up on tiptoes to kiss him. He leaned into the kiss, tracing his free hand down your other arm until both of your hands were tangled with his.

“What was that for?” His low, gruff voice just added to the picturesque moment.

With a slight shrug and an adoring smile, you answered simply, “Because I love you.”

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@plantsplacesthings tagged me to do the ol lock screen, last song, last selfie, and they’re actually all recent and not from 50000000 years ago!!! So it’s Drew and I at his graduation, Good Love by Brasstracks and me on a rainy day in Greenwich Park where I look like I’m about to burst into tears but I promise I’m fine haha. I tag @critalicious @gramyum @gregoriusboomer @eternal-nova @acciowine @iampuer @jigglyturk @yourcodenameis-michael @yourockcancelthat sorry if you’ve been tagged already sue me 💅🏼❤️

anonymous asked:

Karma can be a bitch! Cait and Sam (and the crew and other cast) work very long hours for many months to bring OL to the screen. MM just hopped on a plane to Scotland last year for a holiday (after letting all the OL blogs know but not her BF!) and, many more holidays latter, has ridden on SC's coattails to build a SM presence that she couldn't on her own. What sort of message does that send to women? Why would a feminist such as Cait have enabled MM to get away with this crap? MM is so obvious!

Yep very good question there at the end. Who knows. Many different reasons depending on the version of the story you choose to buy. One thing I know, that woman ain’t gaining nothing from me cause I’m not gonna mention her name here or anywhere so google analytics take notice, I leave that hard job to the antis and the main Anti Troll who don’t mind typing her whole name every single time they talk about her…same words…put together…many times…make them more visible at the search…yeah we don’t really wanna do that. 


The ReFlex is a fully functional Android phone that incorporates a 720p flexible OLED screen from LG. Sensors on the rear of the device combine with vibration and audio feedback to create what researchers are calling “eyes free navigation” — allowing users to essentially feel their way through a document as if it were a physical object.