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the first time i read the bloody chamber was like a religious experience !!! and then i realised i was basically mis-sold every other fairy tale i ever read tbh

i know right! once upon a time fairy tales were for people of all ages, and it’s only in the last century that such tales have been deemed fit for only children. it’s such a shame that so many of them are stripped of much of their original complexity, sensuality, and the power to frighten & delight.

oleanderss replied to your post: THE NEW ITUNES IS FUCKIN WEIRD

omfg homie didn’t u see the warning posts i made yesterday its the woRST im still in sho ck

i like some of it?? like the up next feature is really useful, the new mini player is nice and it’s pretty design-wise

but i still don’t know how to put songs/albums on repeat or shuffle things outside of playlists WHICH IS A FUCKING SCANDAL TO ME TBH?? those are two really important features I DON’T UNDERSTAND it’s really miserable for people like me who want music playing non-stop and don’t feel like manually programming what they wanna listen to screams