‘Prag’ director, Ole Christian Madsen, about working with Mads Mikkelsen and Stine Stengade (2006):

It is clear that men and women will see this film very differently.  Stine [Stengade] and Mads [Mikkelsen] had very different views too, and I figured that it would lead to clashes during making the film. And they really were challenging each other in a very constructive way.

We spent a lot of time discussing the conflict and arguing about who was right and wrong in the film. And the advantage of making movie in another country was that we all lived in the same hotel and were able to sit in the evening and prepare the scenes for the next day.

The discussion was decided to develop the scenes. They are not pure improvisation, but much differ compared to the original script. It is not a film which is from A to B, like many other films; it’s driven by some external thing. It jumps around giving you states, situations; and I wanted to see actors reached to a point where they were so rooted in their thoughts that they could play without playing. And they are both - Stine and Mads - very daring and ground-breaking actors who want to come to the very edge. They do not give up before it has strong elements of truth.


Flame & Citron (Danish: Flammen & Citronen) is a 2008 Danish drama/action co-written and directed by Ole Christian Madsen. The film, a fictionalized account based on fact, is about two Danish resistance movement fighters nicknamed Flame and Citron, during the Nazi occupation of Denmark in World War II. The most expensive Danish film produced to that date, it was highly successful at the box office and won numerous awards