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And so it was that The Joshua Tree 2017 Tour started with Larry No Fucks Given Mullen Jr strutting down the catwalk like a motherfucker. And so it also was that Larry No Fucks Given Mullen Jr ignored the crowd as he went, giving no fucks as he proceeded to slam out the intro to Sunday Bloody Sunday like the cool motherfucker that he is. I Love You, Larry No Fucks.

furries with just absolutely huge knockers is a neverending genre that will never die, but you can never ask yourself, “when was it birthed?” because it’s always been here. and in the beginning, the universe was dark. and after it was dark, there were furries with just fucking huge bazongas. big ol motherfucking jugs lmao

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Hey! What are some stim toys that help with auditory/sensory overload? I'm trying to find something that helps with misphonia. Something in the palm of the hand perhaps? Thank you wolfie!!

okay soooooo p much any kind of stimming will help with sensory overload!! it depends on what senses u like to stimulate and what ones are overstimulated!!! 

For example

  • When my hearing and sight is overstimulated, i tend to stick with vestibular, tactile, and prociopriotive stims bc anything else Hurts*
  • But sometimes if there’s a GrossTM sound, ill put in music, bc it hurts less than the sound, ya feel?

As for toys, honestly its kinda a personal thing bUT never fear!!! wolfie is here and loves stim toys

my favorites include

everything is a stim toy if u try hard enough!!!

  • u got a pencil? stim toy!!
  • have one of those kneadable erasers? stim toy!!
  • a zipper? u guessed it!!
  • a bracelet? necklace? pen cap? sweatshirt string? fun keychain? koosh ball? pen? (just don’t clicky clicky and get in trouble) credit/debit card (running ur fingers across the raised number is good shit)? pencil grips? dice? cards? ur phone? u have Lots of options and i believe in u!!! there isn’t a single thing i can’t stim with (except sensory Nopes but im not sure that counts)
  • idk if it counts as a stim toy but doodling repetitive shapes is 10/10 good stim

U didn’t say anything about body stims? and those are super awesome and helpful for me!!! esp if i don’t have any toys with me or my toys Hurt* too

Other stimmy things? that are stims? not body or toy exactly

  • get a rly big hug from a friend. the Good Hug
  • go to the bathroom or find a corner and shove urself in it. just,,, Be the Corner
  • shove that hood all the way up. or at least pull it around ur neck bc idk it helps???
  • gum
  • food
  • drink
  • hug urself. just a big ole motherfucking “im trying to hold myself together” hug
  • lie on the floor with ur arms under u

Anyway im rly sorry it took me so long to get back to u but!!! i hope it helps!!! and if it doesn’t u can 300% send me another ask!!!

* When i say Hurts, i mean it’s a sensory nope and sucks ass and feels kinda like finger nails on a chalkboard

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What part of your body would easily turn on seventeen?! Very important

This is adorable and yes, very very important. I read your request wrong, so I did double the work. Omg. So this is, Seventeen’s turn on spots AND they’re favorite body part on you.

S.coups/Seungcheol: His most sensitive spot is probably his neck. Whether you’re trailing soft kisses up his throat or just breathing against him while cuddling, Seungcheol’s probably going to pop one from any contact with that part of his body. (I’m the same way tbh). For you, I think he’s a curvy girl kinda guy. He’d love to be able to run his big hands along your side and hold and pinch at your curves on top of him while you two kiss.

Jeonghan/Junghan: I was going to say hair but that would actually be slightly strange so I’m going to say ears instead. Tugging on his earlobe with your teeth or trailing your tongue along the shell would be sure to get him going. For you, eyes. The way you’d make your eyes when you wanted him to know you were in the mood would just drive him absolutely crazy.

Joshua/Jisoo: I’m also going to say ears for Joshua! Not just because his ears are so freaking cute either.. Like Jeonghan, any type of contact with his ears, even your fingers barely brushing over them, he’d feel the need to drag you to the bedroom. For you, ass. Joshua is an ass man all the god damn way I cannot stress this enough okay like fuck. He’d love it when you’d wear tight jeans that makes your ass just pop so deliciously, he wouldn’t even be able to help his wondering hands. He’d look at you so innocently when you call him out for groping you.

Wonwoo: Wonwoo both fucking ways would be lips. That would be his turn on spot, when you bite his lip and suck it into your mouth when you’re making out, he would just fucking love it. He’d probably growl and push you onto the bed. Plus when you’re playing around with your mouth by yourself, running your fingers across your bottom lip or chewing on it unconsciously, he’d so suddenly want you to come with him and leave the rest of the boys for a little while.

Jun/Junhui: Nipplessssss. Yes oh my god I love it when guys have sensitive nipples and this cute little shit, I can tell you does. Just imagine his sharp little intakes of breath every time you teased the rough pad of your thumb over his pink nipple. He might not be so into you sucking on his chest, might be a little too girly for him, but he’d gladly do it to you. The part of your body that would turn him on would be your hands, bonus points for a cute manicure. He’d love watching your pretty fingers tightly wrapped around his hard member as you work him to orgasm.

Woozi/Jihoon: Woozi’s turn on spot would be his throat. Somewhat like Leader, but not his entire neck, just his throat. You could lick over his Adam’s apple and it’d be enough to make him come right there. His favorite part on you would be your thighs. I don’t know I can see him just being in heaven whenever he’s buried between your legs. You’d watch his pink hair bobble as he has a field day kissing, biting, nibbling and sucking dark marks into the insides of your thighs.

Hoshi/Soonyoung: His sensitive part would be his back. Like, if you walk up from behind and kiss the space between his shoulders, or knead your hands into his muscles during a massage, that would get him going plenty quick. His favorite part on you would be your collarbones, or just that area in general. He’d love running his lips over your skin while he pinned you down and nipping just to hear you whimper.

DK/Seokmin: Seokmin’s turn on spot is behind his ears. Tons, so many guys have this turn on spot, I personally love teasing the fuck out of men with it. All you have to do is barely even scratch just your nails over the spot, and Seokmin would be putty in your hands. You could leave kisses or suck bruises into his skin, whatever, anything against that small patch of sensitivity would get him going. His favorite part on you, that would turn him on would be your hips. Again, lots of guys love girls hips. You can sway them and I’d feel he’d purposely squeeze extra hard there during sex so you guys can look back the next morning and see the bright purple bruises he left.

Mingyu: Last but not least, Mingyu, this big ol scary giant lookin motherfucker, his turn on would be his lower back. Around the back dimples area you know? It’s really sensitive believe it or not and the slightest touch over the dips below his spine would have his cock fattening up in his jeans. His favorite part on you would be your tongue. Honestly I mean like, this has to be everybody’s favorite part but Mingyu would be absolutely obsessed. Obsessed with making out with you, massaging your tongue with his, licking into your mouth and tasting what you ate thirty minutes ago with the deepest moan he could manage. He could suck on your slimy tongue for hours if he wanted to.

Enjoy lovely anon xx.

Admin B

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+Dammek why do you treat xefros that way?

come at me with this canon shit, ur gonna get it.

MAYBE dammeks just doing this for a reason we dont know of right now. maybe hes just an asshole. maybe hes a big ol stinky motherfucker.

BUT WHATEVER THE REASON, its done and its done. besides xefros is too trusting and dammek may seem too clingy on safety of someone.

now never ask me this again bc HOO BOY it gets me a lil heated and i just wanna enjoy two sons who are still moirails if it depends on joeys bitchass gettin in the way. if its not then i STILL love them as trolls bc characters are radical in any shape or form.

besides you can take having an asshole character. this whole site can. ive seen it, read it and weep.