ole foods

  • Ino: Honey, have you already thought about how we're gonna call this little one? (rubbing her huge belly)
  • Sai: Yes. I'd like to call him Tofu.
  • Ino: What? You can't name your child after a food!
  • Naruto & Sasuke: Why not?
The softest headcanons this World has Ever Seen

I’ve been in a horrible mood all day for reasons i honestly don’t know. So here’s some nice, soft, platonic headcanons between some characters.

  • Hanazawa “I have done horrible things in the past and feel guilt about it” Teruki has basically taken Serizawa “I have too done horrible things and am working towards being more independent” Katsuya under his wing
    • Teruki is really sympathetic with people that struggle with the same things he does.
  • Serizawa doesn’t really know how to do basic Adult Things, and unfortunately Reigen can’t be there all the time and Mob is, in fact, a Child
    • going to the grocery store, or buying new appliances that aren’t Utter Shit is pretty hard
      • Teruki, who is better at being an Adult than most adults, tends to conveniently appear out of nowhere when Serizawa is trying to figure out what kind of lose leaf tea Reigen likes
        • “Make sure to get a frying pan with a rubber or plastic handle to avoid burning yourself,” Teruki says right behind Serizawa, not even batting an eye at Seri’s frightened screech and the frying pans falling to the floor
  • Tsubomi likes to help out in some classes for younger grades, specifically English classes because she’s surprisingly fluent
    • Ritsu is shit at English pronunciation. Tsubomi helps him quite a bit
    • she also offered to tutor him after school
      • Mob nearly explodes when he see Ritsu walking home with Tsubomi one day (Ritsu is oblivious of Mob’s crush on her lmao)
  • When Shou swaps interests for a bit, going for something….. kind of strange, (his hyper fixation on Egyptian hieroglyphs basically came out of nowhere) he will spam everyone in his contact list with pictures and a lot of excited facts about it
    • Mob is the only one that gets excited with him, sending emojis as simple responses or asking questions or just egging him on somehow
  • Shou also sends Mob painting mixing/stimming/speed paint videos all the time, since he knows those calm him down quite a bit
    • Mob always thanks him in person. Shou usually tries to brush it off, gets extremely flustered, or goes invisible
  •  Mezato, nosy as hell, once followed Tome and Mob when she overheard they were going on a friend date to look for telepathic espers
    • somewhere along the line, she confronted them about it, only to get dragged into going to grab some ice cream from the ice cream parlor the always go to
      • “Hey Mob, Mezato, did you know that there’s no grape ice cream because Ben from Ben & Jerry’s–” “Made grape ice cream to impress Jerry’s sister, only to find out it’s toxic to dogs when her dog ate it? Yep, sure did.” “… Oh my god oh my god are you telepathic??”
  • Reigen and Tome follow each other on all forms of social media
    • Whenever one of them posts something,(adverts for the office, or picture’s of the latest UFO sightings) the other will add a snarky remark in a matter of seconds.
      • Always breaks out into an online argument
      • no one knows how this developed??? it’s just a thing now
    • “Ahh, I can ask him to leave you alone, if you want Tome–” “No no Mob, you don’t understand. These arguments are the highlight of my week.” “….. aah, okay…”
  • you know you’ve become an Official Adopted Child when Reigen takes you out for lunch. He’s saving up to take both Tome and Serizawa out somewhere nice

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Prompt: Hi, its me again. 😊. I saw that requests were open. If they still are I came back to make that request for a story where the reader disguises herself when Negan comes to Alexandria so he wont notice her. However one of the saviors starts bothering a young girl causing reader to tackle them and blow her cover. Thank you. ❤ @Lokis-Imaginary-friend (Tag isn’t working!!)

Ships: Negan x Reader
Words: 1,573
Warnings: Curses, sexual assault threats, violence
Category: Angst/fluff (???)


You stood in front of your sink in your cramped bathroom. You stared at the mirror before you, it was still steamed from the hot shower that you’d just had. You lifted one baggy sleeve of the sweatshirt you were wearing and caused a gap in the foggy glass.

A male version of yourself looked back at you. Your hair was tucked into a hat to give you the look of someone with short hair. You pulled the hat down a little so that it would implead most of the view of your face. You deemed yourself presentable and in all honestly a pretty hot man.

You were also wearing a grey, food stained, baggy sweatshirt that made your body look almost box like and also taking away the curve of your breasts. You looked like any other tired man in the end of the world.

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Laurette hcs?


  • Laf is the one who keeps Lauren’s hair in a ponytail, he constantly carries hairbands on his wrist whenever John loses one or it snaps from all the movement
  • John isn’t a fan of Laf’s smelly hair products but grows to recognize that whenever he smells coconut or lavender he thinks of Laf. 
  • Joint cooking chores, they cook together and Laf is always happy to aid John in some good ol’ Southern food. 
  • Laf is his taste tester but prefers to taste only after he’s kissed the chef several times
  • John likes his ripped boyfriend; and gets especially flustered when he’s working out
  • John teaching Laf how to fish and square dance
  • “Americans are sure strange…” “Coming from the man who likes cheese that smells like feet???” 
  • Laf has a thing for really aged, musty cheeses. Thomas and him have a cheese club, John reluctantly lets him host it at their apartment
  • SAve him. 

oh my god oh m Y GO D

going into hungry jacks drive-thru, went to wind down the window.. there’s a FUCKING HUNTSMAN SPIDER ON THE OUTSIDE. so i shit myself and start winding it up but it FUCKING CRAWLS IN. AND I ACCIDENTALLY CLOSED IT IN ON THE INSIDE WITH ME. so in my panicking state i put the window back down to somehow shoo it out but by that stage i’d lost sight of it.

cue the “hi welcome to hungry jacks how can-” 


Uh, this is probably not going to last me 2 weeks, but, hey- I got food!

Also, my rolling luggage thing is heavy af rn. I’m going to have a fun time getting back to campus. :P

im high so heres my theory on why snoop dogg is so skinny and not fat from the munchies

Snoop Dogg is NOT thick. He is slim. Slimmer than Slim Shadey. Which seems weird because Snoop is a stoner therefore he gets the munchies. And if he always has the munchies he should be way fatter, right? Well not necessarily, my theory is that when he gets the munchies he isn’t craving some Taco Bell like everyone else, he just wants tofu. That’s right you heard me, Snoop Dogg gets vegan munchies. While sober his diet is strictly steak and Olde English 800, but when he marries the iguanas he craves nothing vegan food. No meat, no dairy, no eggs, and he’s not a big fan of gluten or GMO’s either. And because it’s Snoop sobriety isn’t something that happens often, meaning most of the time Snoop Dogg is living off of good ole vegan food, AKA, twigs and leaves. In conclusion, he’s practically vegan which is why he stays so thin and good looking.

BTS reacts to you crying while watching the season finale of your favourite show

A/N: I just finished the office, and needless to say I’m a little bit emotional right now.. -Amelia


You’re already sobbing at this point. There’s 5 minutes left of the show and he just can’t help it. He’s sniffling and a sheds a few tears. You finally notice him crying over your loud ass sobbing and you make eye contact with him and ohmygOD it makes it worse.

“Jagi!! Nooo it’s ok! See I’m alright.”

*Makes cute faces at you to reassure you that he’s ok*

You end up in a fit of giggles and you didn’t see the end of the show so now you have to watch the ending some other time and cry it out again.

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‘oh bOY. I can hear the sniffling, this isn’t good…’

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“Yoongi, can you prep me some tissues?”

“Yeah, I got chu.”

*leaves and comes back with 20 boxes of tissue*

“We’re ready for the storm” *smug smile*

*you punch him ‘jokingly’ through your tears*

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You guys are both a mess. He doesn’t even know what you’re watching, he just walked into the room. You’re crying, the woman on the screen’s crying, your dog looks pretty bummed out so now Hobi’s crying too. He’s literally clutching onto your hand on the couch watching the show so intently, really confused but he’s feeling all the feels and later on you have to explain to him what it was all about over some ice cream. (ps. you’re crying into the ice cream cuddled up on the couch).

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He’s just trying to take it all in. There’s so many emotions in the finale episodes, such raw invigorating power. Power that he’ll use to cheer you up later. ;) But for now he’s just listening, holding you close rubbing circles into your palm.

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As soon as the shows over and he’s recollecting the life lessons he just learned he is up and ready trying to cheer you up!

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“Baby shhhhhh, don’t cry! I’m sure Lorraine won’t die! They can’t kill her off now, think more on the positive side!”

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*Lorraine gets decapitated and you glare at Jimin as the tears form*


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He’s also feeling sad, fighting off the tears. This has been YOUR couple show since you started dating so he’s sad to see it come to an end even if the show itself isn’t sad it carries so much sentiment. When you start crying he turns on the derp and your crying still because you’re reminded of why you’re dating the dork in the first place. 

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“There, there. It’s alright y/n!” He’s so optimistic that you’ll stop crying but he’s not very good at comforting you so his arm starts to shrink back toward his body and he escapes quietly leaving you on the couch to cry.

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He comes back in with some good ol’ comfort food and you cling onto him so he can’t leave you this time. You appreciate the food but you’d rather have him there beside you so you got a shoulder to cry on. Meanwhile Jungkook is trying to understand everything that is happening around him and what he should do next. 

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Jimin walks in on you and Hobi crying it out.

He’s out as fast as he walked in.

Taking My Life Away Part 7

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Summary: You get a job in another city, forcing you to leave your best friend behind. Or not.

Bucky Barnes X Reader

Word Count: 989 

A/N: Sorry part 7 took a couple days! I was really busy at work! Also, I’m trying to figure out my masterlist still, but again, I haven’t had too much time! I did however figure out how to put the last few parts on this one! (hopefully it works!)  I don’t think there’s really any warnings for this part. Please let me know if you wanna be tagged (or untagged!) Also if you wanna be tagged in anything that I write, please let me know :) Also If you’re not a vegetarian please just insert whatever you want :)

Previous: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6**

“Burgers, really?” Bucky asked, raising an eyebrow, looking at me confused. 

“What’s wrong with grabbing burgers?” 

“You’re a vegetarian.”

“You’re not though. And I know you love good ol’ fashioned diner food.” I pat him on the back and opened the door, motioning for him to go in. He fake bowed before entering. We were greeted by a stout older woman, with white hair and a warm smile. She led us to a booth in a back corner, took our drink order and said she would be right back, with a wink towards Bucky. 

“Doll, they don’t even a veggie burger.. What are you going to eat here?”

“Fries!” I shrugged. 

“That’s not dinner.”

“Barnes, don’t tell me what I can or can’t eat.” he rolled his eyes at me. 

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UT!Grillby, Sans, UF!Grillby, Sans, US!Papyrus line of action towards an s/o who's having a really bad day? (Be it tired or loaded with work in queue or everything going wrong.)


Unlimited Stream of Fries. he won’t serve you alcohol bc it’s a depressant and he doesn’t want you to feel any worse. after hours, he’ll provide some Good Warmth while sitting in a booth with you discussing what was wrong


more or less pushes you to take a nap so you’ll come back to the Day with a little more energy. rubs your back and dozes off with you- wakes up if he feels you start to shift or try to leave. he might pop out for a second to get some Good Ol Greasy Food for when you wake up 

fell grillby

he’s a little harsh in front of his patrons- says some things about everyone having and you have to get through them like everyone else. outside, though, he’ll whip up something sugary and full of calories as an apology, and listen silently while you talk to him about your day

fell sans

just kinda. holds you in his arms. maybe tucks you inside of his jacket and nuzzles at you. he’s Bad At Words and he knows it, so he’ll provide a lot more physical comfort than you’re used to- he’s trying his best

swap papyrus

picks you up by the underarms and drags you over to his couch and makes sure you take a Firm Seat before returning with his Sweets Stash that he hides from sans (who would chew him out if he knew about it) and puts on those cheesy animes undyne makes him watch