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bakery au in which leo gets hit up™ with the local day-old pineapple bun dealer

psychicdinneranon  asked:

For your MiB Au, I had a thought as to what kind of alien Shizamaki would be. Perhaps he came from the planet of the Mole People whose cities have been underground for so long that they are all blinded by any light. Also I dare you to try saying "Planet of the Mole People" with a straight face. I look forward to hearing if you can do it!

first of all, great new friend: I didnt make it. I started laughing the moment I googled mole images to scrap up a design for shimazaki. what the f uc k is a Planet of the Mole People what is th i s

then I came up with minegishi just to put both of them in the same place and 

I just

mole and plants

we did it reddit 


Oli is me around friends in relationships being all lovey dovey.

prince-everhard  asked:

i feel like i am always asking you questions about farris lmao but i saw the underswap au (the one where like sans and papyrus swap roles, asgore and toriel swap roles, undyne and alphys swap roles, etc) and i was wondering both how their relationship with frisk would differ - if it would at all - and how their relationships with the skelebros would change.



i have 15+ questions for farris alone in my inbox, at least a third of which are going to need those Expanded Answers

you’re fine

but anyway! i don’t think farris and frisk’s roles would change–that would be an ageswitch AU, with adult frisk–but if this isn’t the greatest excuse for an outfit swap i don’t know what is

(farris you look like an eerie cross between chara and mabel dipper, knock that shit off)


let’s face it, smol skell or not, it’s sans’ personality that fits so well for farris. without it, they’re not happening.

therein lies the only circumstances in which i could feasibly picture farris+papyrus and i probably feel as weird about typing that as you do about seeing it

frisk and sans would get along BETTER THAN EVER, the little hooligans. tiny energetic tornadoes, tbh

and frisk and papyrus would be, UH, just as fraught as frisk and sans usually are. only even scarier because jfc, papyrus is like ten times bigger than frisk, dude. IMAGINE THE THREAT AT THE MTT RESORT. AAAAGH.