oldtimey music


This song is the most fun thing to dance to ever! (With the proper dance that goes with it.) Today I was privileged enough to go to the 60th Birthday Party of one of my mom’s circle friends and to my great surprise, the live band that was playing, Birch Bark was playing music liked! I’d gone there expecting the kinda stuff my dad listens to - not generally my thing - but to my great surprise and vast delight, most of what Birch Bark played was cool old folk, country (not modern country, like 17-1800’s country - the super good stuff that people used to have barn dances to!) and Celtic tunes - all of this with a fiddle of all things! (Wren, I just know you would have been in heaven just like I was. It was freaking awesome.) Well, I can’t resist a fiddle. They’re like the awesomest (awesomest is now officially a word ‘kay) instrument ever. The second to last song was this one - the Virginia Reel. I’d never heard the name, but I had heard the song and wow, the dance to this song is really fun! 

The Virginia Reel and all the other songs (including Belle of Belfast and Shoefly Don’t Bother Me) were just so much fun. People way back when really knew how to have a good time and their dance parties certainly make our modern ones pale in comparison. The dances are more fun (way more like games) the songs were easy to sing and wow, you really get a work out! In the unlikely circumstance in which I ever get married, you can bet that this is the kind of stuff I’ll want to be playing - move over Macarena - the Virginia Reel is where it’s at! 

Also this is totally the kind of stuff they play on Rimer. Soooo awesome! :D

(This has been my fangirly response to an awesome evening.)

(Also I notice that I used the word 'fun’ in this like three or four times. ANYWAY just listen to the music! :D)