oldtimer gp

I don’t usually take the carpet-bomb approach to capturing the perfect moment, but when it comes to the randomness of flaming exhausts, it can sometimes be the best option to just hold down that shutter button and hope something cool comes out. Fortunately, these Bavarian bruisers were happy to give me repeat performances during the Deutsche Rennsport-Meisterschaft at the Nürburgring last weekend, and it seemed a shame to throw the ‘pre and post-ignition’ frames away….Full AvD Oldtimer GP post coming soon!


While it seems that the 917 gets all the Porsche endurance racer love, I’ve always preferred the pretty 910 (and it’s development the 907). Where the 917 is an awesome, brutal wedge, these earlier cars are more appealing to me; curvacious yet dainty, and super-lightweight. This is from last year’s AvD Oldtimer GP.