If I had the heart I’d cut the puppet cords of a thousand hardened souls of this metropolitan monster. Set free the fingers and thumbs that follow the latent hum of machines like leather-brown arachnid

                              - to cut short their sickle moon shifts, 

waiting for sleep to drift , drift-       and we’ll stop to watch the rat race between black bough on the fire exit stairs

and won’t miss the sunlight and how it has been sift

careful like gold through a colander 

on the factory floor  

                        but not before 

                       I sew on this one last 



I have 3 of these hand-made ironhead chopper wood prints left.. $20/ea shipped. Message me for PayPal info. Interesting trades welcome! Each one is a photograph I took then cut and sanded the wood and transferred the photo into the wood then sealed the front and painted the back. Bike was built by a high level chopper wizard @panheadpete_az