So here’s me speaking Finnish and German for the anon who asked…
Again, apologies for my face (what’s with the derp face in the video still? :<) And sorry for not really bothering with correct pronounciation of German. Or grammar. Or vocabulary. (Yeah, I made some really basic mistakes, I noticed…)

I’ll probably remove this sometime tomorrow so catch it while you can… (But please don’t reblog, I don’t think my derpy face needs any more attention… If you have questions, just send me an ask and I’ll reply (: Also, if you want a translation/transcript of what I said etc, just let me know.)

PS. My eyebrows. They will never match.

My former self is but a memory and sometimes former is as soon as yesterday or as long as a decade ago. It makes it difficult for people to stay in your life, but it’s what’s right for you. #oldself #newself #deathnote (at MCM Studios Pittsburgh Recording Studio)

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