Sparks Fly

Reader x Klaus Mikaelson



Imagine: In 1919, while looking for ripper Stefan, who went missing nearly a year ago, you have a very pleasant meeting with one the oldest vampires in existence: Klaus Mikaelson. 

Warnings: slight smut, bad words and, oh, well, it’s a vampire imagine, there’s gotta be a little blood. haha

N/A - Not quite as you requested, but I hope you like the same way, anon. :) Also, you guys could read this while listening to Sparks Fly by Taylor Swift. I heard it repeatedly when I was writing this one. 

Word Count: 2326 

Dear Damon,

I am aware of the promise I made to sent you a letter every month, so you know that I’m alive, but things have been a bit messy lately. Moving from one place to another has not given me much time to write; actually, my only true focus is finding our brother and getting him back to his oldself. Perhaps I’ll be able to do that here in New Orleans, which, by the way, is a wonderful city. You should be here to see the night lights and cheerful dances.

Oh, shucks! That reminded me I have got to meet up with my friend Lexi in twenty minutes at this famous pub. Apparently, the Original family is here (yes, the one who created all other vampires) and goes there every evening, she thought it would be a cool way to blow off some steam while we don’t find Stefan.

She might have a solid point.

Well, I will not extend myself, for I have to leave, however, don’t worry about me, everything is fine and I got the feeling this it. So, soon enough, we’ll be joining you in Paris.

I miss like crazy those cold winter days…

Anyway, kisses and hugs to you from your loving sister

                                                                                                    Love you,


You dropped the exquisite pen on the table and sighed, thinking that what you were telling him was more than enough. Sure Damon would be pleased to hear you were still breathing, because, in his mind, chasing emotionless Stefan was dead end job. Not that he was wrong, but you were never the kind of girl who would leave someone behind, especially if that someone was your own flash and blood.

“Y/N Salvatore!” A voice cut through the silence of your house. “I can’t believe you’re not ready yet.”

“Hey, Lexi.” You smiled and stood up, moving smoothly towards the majestic mahogany wood wardrobe. “I completely forgot we were supposed to go out tonight! That’s why I’m not…”

“Don’t make excuses!”

“I’m not making any.” This time an angry huff slipped, as you diverted your eyes to the well hung dresses, not being sure which one you were going to pick.

The blonde woman, who was with arms crossed against the wall next to your door’s bedroom, rolled her eyes and cave in, as usual, approaching to help you get dressed. She always had a good eye for those stuff, making anyone advised by her look hauntinly fabulous.

A short time later, after your friend decided what was suitable for the place, you stared yourself in the mirror, feeling ready to steal any man’s heart because the baby pink gown you had on highlighted your every curve, also giving an insinuating gleam to your once innocent traits. Absolutely perfect to a girls night out.

“We should go.” Lexi blurted out, after checking on the huge clock placed in one corner. “It’s getting late.”

“I’m sure that doesn’t matter” Your reply was gentle, as you worked on your Y/H/C wild curls. “But if it means that much to you, we can go now. And, maybe, we’ll find Stefan there, or at least a lead on his whereabouts.”

“Oh no.” The girl rolled her eyes, shaking her head. “We’re shutting off the ‘get my baby brother back’ thing for a night.”


“Shush. Don’t argue with me.” Now her index finger was pointed sharply on your face. “And listen: I know you love him and that he is very important. However, not everything is about Stefan. Or Damon. You are your own person, so live a bit and enjoy the pleasures of life.”

Somehow, you were not able to shout out a rude response. Instead, after a couple of minutes, you exhaled tiredly and nodded, agreeing that she was right. Lexi squeezed the nude skin of your shoulder and you glanced at her, finding her so sweet and so comforting brown eyes.

“Can we please have some fun now?”

“Sure, blondie.”

“Now that’s the Y/N I know.”

You two shared a quick laugh and left the cosy pension room, going to your natural habitat: the darkness.

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A Lifetime of Adventure (Ft. Johanna Kurkela)
Tuomas Holopainen
A Lifetime of Adventure (Ft. Johanna Kurkela)

“To be rich is to still remember

To treasure your first dime
To have a chance to say farewell

Story of your life
Time of solitude and strife
Freedom of the northern road
Hoping many miles to go
Promises to keep
Countless gold fields to reap
To be rich is to seek
To relive the memory

Far off lands, quests of old
Self respect, true grit
Never cared what a fortune might buy
To seek is to be rich

Story of your life
Time of solitude and strife
Freedom of an open road
Hope and many miles to go
Promises to keep
Countless gold fields to reap
To be rich is to seek
To relive the memory

All the strangers on your path
Crossroads, the letters from home
The cooling embers of a Yuletide hearth
All the sounds of wilderness
The truth in which you roamed
Now your lost Rosebud has brought you back home.

Story of your life
Time of solitude and strife
Freedom of an open road
Hope and many miles to go
Promises to keep
Countless gold fields to reap
To be rich is to seek
To relive the memory”


It’s just something i wanna see. at rwby vol.4 op we saw Adam draw his sword to Blake

so it might be pretty cool for me if Yang can show up in time and grab his sword and said “judge from the way you treat a woman you have no one teaching you how to be a gentleman huh bully” then Adam slash her sunglasses in half when she jump backwards

she yelling “That bull!! It’s my favorite one and limited edition you shit!!” Blake still shocks on her shoulder while Papa donna run to them with mama donna and Sun run after him

Ghira wonder he ask “how did you do that i know him.he can easy cut though your aura by
his sword”
Yang just drop Blake down licking the blood she stares at Adam as her eyes turn red and said

“Trust me i know it very well”

after the fight Adam has been force to retreat by Whitefang member or one of salem’s

Belladonna family take Yang to their home treat her wound
all member stare at her robot arm
Ghira “it why you said that you know it very well huh”
Yang give him a small smile and said “He don’t need to cut it twice,do he??”

with that Blake feel guilty hit her really hard she can’t even look at Yang in the eyes as she sit opposite the blonde next to her father so she excuse herself out of the room mama donna wonder what wrong with her baby girl so she go after her left Yang Ghira and Sun sit awake by themselves

Ghira “when?”
Yang “since the fall of beacon..”
Sun —sip tea—(watch at yang and papa donna)


There!! What playing in my head i know Yang still not fully recovery by it might be good if we can see her oldself more often i love her playful smile and sorry if i write it wrong or confuse i still learning English language

“I have done terrible things in the past, the types of things that still causes others to fear me even though I have changed. But if I ever revert to my oldself ever again…I want either of you to kill me”  

“I can’t kill you. I don’t think I ever could even if I tried”

This is a sort of promo for a new MC fanfic I am currently writing (it’s N/A atm). It involves a load of magic, necromancy, shadow fighting and spell creating. (It contains some minor shippings) 

Forever mine

This scenario was written to a very good friend, but I hope you all enjoy it!  ♥

It’s been a week since the first time you had a fight, after that one, both of you were arguing every single day, it was hurting so much that you felt your whole body getting each time weaker. You missed his smile, his adorable laugh, you missed so much those plump lips that would always find yours gently. 

What happened to those times? What happened with your Jongin? 

Some of your friends said it was just stress, some said you should open your eyes and investigate. He could be cheating on you… but that possibility was something you didn’t even want to think about. 


“Darling, I’m going to cook dinner, do you want something in special?” You asked him through the phone call. 

“Ah, I’m not hungry at all. So I think I’m just going to stay at home and organize some papers for work.” dead silence occuried the next minute he finished his sentence. 

“Oh, but I thought we were going to spend the night together.” Your voice was like a whisper already, you sounded weak again.

“Yes, we were. But I changed my mind, I’m really tired okay? I hope you’ll understand. We can hang out tomorrow, huh? I’ll pick you up for lunch.” Jongin sounded somewhat upset, which was confusing your mind. If he was upset for something, he should tell you, he should ask for help. But all he was doing was hiding things, avoiding you. 

“Alright Jongin, but-”

“Then we have a deal. Now I’m going to drop the phone call. Sleep well.” And  he dropped the phonecall. 

You felt tired and weaker every single time things like this happanned, it was getting on your nerves, how could he ignore you like that? You were lovers, but you wouldn’t hang on for much longer if he didn’t stop for a second and think about how you’d feel regarding his actions. On that night you fell asleep while looking through your phone gallery, there were plenty of cute couple pictures that you and Jongin shared on your happy moments. 

It was nice to remember at how special you felt when he wiped that ice cream off the corner of your mouth. It was nice to remember about the way his soft fingers would caress your cheeks when you were getting tired walking around the park on your late night dates. 

“Ah, I miss my Jonginnie!” was the last thing you said before blacking out of tiredness. 


You woke up at the sound of your cellphone, someone was calling and you were too lazy to reach for you phone. Rolling around your bed was your speciality every time you woke up. Usually Jongin would get hit and complain a lot before approaching your sleepy self and revenging with soft kisses all over your body and starting a hot make out scene right after that. You couldn’t help yourself but miss your boyfriend oldself. 

“Argh, just stop calling.” You mumbled in your empty room, rolling once again. But the person seemed to be decided to make you answer, so you gave up and got your phone. 

“Hello?” Your sleepy voice were so cute that Jongin couldn’t help himself but smile. 

“Morning.” Jonging simply replied. You couldn’t see his silly smile so you could just imagine his straight face, and once again your heart pained.

“Ah, Jongin, is everything okay?” You asked worrying about his answer. “What time is it?” you add on.

“It’s 7:00AM. I need you to meet me at the park in 30 minutes.” He didn’t say goodbye nor anything to explain why would he call you so early in a sunday morning after he refused to have dinner with you the night before.

Of course you weren’t a fool and you had your self love to keep up. So you decided to do what he said, you would meet him at the park in 30 minutes, but you wouldn’t be quiet or pretend nothing’s been going on. You would go there to open up the game with him, you’d finally tell him that you couldn’t handle his coldness anymore, you’d spit it out saying  that this cold guy wasn’t your Jongin, and you wouldn’t admit to be treated as if you didn’t worth anything. 


After washing up you put on your comfy jeans and a large t-shirt that actually belonged to him, you loved that shirt. You put your curly hair in a ponytail to save you time so you could get to the park soon and you would still have the courage to say everything you kept to yourself for  the whole long week. 

You parked your car and went to the place both of you used to come to share a moment of peace and pure love. Your favorite place! 
Your heart started to beat faster since you felt those butterflies flying again in your stomach just by remembering the good moments you shared before, since you got there with an objective, you’d finish what you’ve started at your house. 

Walking faster you reached the place in 5 minutes, when you got there you were stunned by his tall figure and his warm eyes. How could you keep with your plans of speaking the truth on his face if his eyes were full of sparks as always? You just wanted to cling at his neck and kiss all over his cheeks and beg for the old Jongin to come back, but you wouldn’t do that. 

“You’re 10 minutes late” He said giving you a teasing smile. 

You should have taken that as a simple joke, but since you were done with his change of humor for the past week and since you’ve had enough of his excuses to not hang out and to always fight you took that phrase to another level and started to throw at his face how you actually felt about it all. 

“Well, I’m sorry if I couldn’t come here in time, such as you couldn’t have dinner with me last night, such as you couldn’t treat me nicer when I asked you to watch a movie with me and keep me company since I was scared of the storm, which you know that I always panic when it happens" 

You started to raise your face while spitting everything out, Jongin didn’t try to stop you as he stared at you with his serious face on, placing his hand in his pockets, he curved his back a little to give a better look into your eyes that were starting to get watery since you were talking about how he had completely ignore your whole existence. 

Having him without a reaction in front of you listening to your complaining self while preteding it was nothing took the worst on you making you take a step ahead and slap his face. 

"That’s for acting like a completely IDIOT, if you don’t love me anymore just say it at once, stop hurting me. Stop hurting the memories I have with you. Just stop” you backed away while he was brushing his cheek with his large palm. 

“Are you done now?” He asked with the same face as before, as if nothing happened. 

“Are you SERIOUS? Oh my god. I can’t take it anymore. We are over”  But that was exactly what he wanted to hear you say. 

“No, we are not.” He said smiling warmly in a way you couldn’t help yourself but be speechles. After zoning out for a second you came back to your senses and found your own words again.

“Excuse me? Do you think I’m gonna handle this shit for so long? I won’t.” You said wiping away the tears that started to roll down against your will.

“We are not over, we’re never breaking up, you silly girl.” He said smiling a little bit more. 

How can he do that? is he setting up a prank on me? You were completely lost. 

“wanna know why? ” He asked walking towards you, while he did that, he took from his pocket a little black box and for a second you felt like the skies were falling and hitting your head so hard that you couldn’t breathe properly. 

10 of your close friends started to approach both of you, they were each holding blue roses, your favorites. along side with them, there were musician playing your song on the violin, and you couldn’t say anything, you couldn’t think straight, you couldn’t breathe for real. 

“Wanna know why I was acting as a bastard? Because you know me too well.” He said walking closer. 

“You know me too well and I wouldn’t be able to keep a secret from my Meili, I wouldn’t be able to do everything I had to make this moment a special one for you.” He got closer to his friend before walking again towards you. Now he had a little envelop with him. 

“Jongin- I” He hushed you with his long finger, he kneeled down before you and held the little pretty black box in front of you.

“Babe, I promised you I will never hurt your feelings. I promise I won’t ever again make you cry or feel alone.” You looked into his eyes and he was about to cry as well. The violins kept playing your song and along side with the blue roses your closer friends were holding, everything looked like a scene of a movie. 

“Jongin, please…” You wanted to ask him to not cry in front of you, you wanted to kiss him and apologize for being so idiot and for not realizing he was planning something, in the end it was your Jongin, always surprising the love of his life. 

“Just listen… I ignored you, I treated you like that because I needed. I couldn’t be around you until I had everything done, but here I am now” He took a deep breath and you could see that he was really nervous. 

You couldn’t help yourself, you passed your fingers through his soft hair and he really thanked you mentally for always giving him strength even with smallest actions. 

“Will you be mine forever? If you say yes I promise to never leave you alone when there’s a storm outside, I promise I’ll hold your hand when you’re nervous watching scary movies, I promise to not mess around in your kitchen, I promise to not be jealous of your little cat. I promise to be the man you want me to be. You just have to say yes.” He swallowed hard waiting for your answer. 

“What the hell are you talking about?” You said holding his wrists and making him get up, with a hurt in his eyes already, he was confused with your sudden question.

“I- I thought…” He tried to say but you reached for his mouth and you killed all the sadness you carried in your heart for the most long week in your life. 

“You already are the man I’ve always wanted by my side.” You simply answered kissing him passionately again. 

He hugged you so tight taking away all the air you had in your lungs. Gasping for it once again after he released you. 

He got closer to your ear and he whispered. “Then you are mine, and only mine. Forever mine.” And he finally put the gorgeous ring he bought to you, which you loved, on your finger. 

“I love you! I promise to never hurt your heart as I did for the past week, I promise to be always your simple Jongin.” He kissed your neck giving you goosebamps all over your body. 

“I promise to be yours and only yours forever." 

And with that he got you on his arms and turned you around since you always hated that, but he loved, knowing that after what he had just done you couldn’t complain. 

Absorted in thoughts, happy and loved. That was your next step in life, with your Jongin, your so loved perfect boyfriend. 

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anonymous asked:

Let you in? What do you mean?

“in control. what’s keeping you from letting me back in, hm? i’d have thought the moment we could we would be our oldself.”


So here’s me speaking Finnish and German for the anon who asked…
Again, apologies for my face (what’s with the derp face in the video still? :<) And sorry for not really bothering with correct pronounciation of German. Or grammar. Or vocabulary. (Yeah, I made some really basic mistakes, I noticed…)

I’ll probably remove this sometime tomorrow so catch it while you can… (But please don’t reblog, I don’t think my derpy face needs any more attention… If you have questions, just send me an ask and I’ll reply (: Also, if you want a translation/transcript of what I said etc, just let me know.)

PS. My eyebrows. They will never match.