Dear oldschoolspyro and spyroismagic,

Elephant in the roomIt seems the three of us might like Spyro the dragon or something. Dunno why, just a feeling I guess.

Well…since we’re all content creators and capable of taking screenshots, what would you both say to “visiting” the same world and taking our own respective screenshots? By “visiting”, I mean all three of us individually going to the same world in a Spyro game, (say Town Square for example) and taking screenshots as we see fit. Then, we choose a time together to post our screenshots and see what kind of ideas the others had in mind for shots. It could be really fun to see which locations the others choose to screencap, and more importantly, it could encourage a sense of unity in the classic Spyro fanbase. :)

If this wound up being more fun than we thought, we could even continue it and think of other ways to play “together” if you will. Just a thought.

Hope you’re both doing well and keeping your dragonflies yellow.