This is the digital download of the super rare, pink vinyl HEADHUNTER EP, of which only 50 copies exist. The 6 song EP was only available on Fangs on Fur’s 2012 European Tour and sold out within the first few shows.                                                                      credits                                        released 02 July 2015                                        

Vocals and Bass on Counting in 3’s: F-Girl
Guitars Bass Backup Vocals: F-Boy
Bass: Sam Soto
Bass on Tokyo Meltdown: Steve James
Drums on Headhunter: Steven Grey
Drums: Jay Smith

Side A recorded at Steady Studio in Burbank California engineered and produced by Gavin Ross.
Side B recorded at Falcon’s Lair Studio Silverlake California, engineered and produced by Francois Du'Monde.
Mastered and pressed by Gil Tamazyan at Capsule Labs
Artwork by F-Boy and F-Girl
Photos by Kyle Goen
For Keith and Joe
FOF Collapsable Personalities all rights reserved C&P 2012            

Wake the Bats vol.3 playlists

Me and my guest djs had a great time at Wake the Bats vol. 3 yesterday ;) Here are my playlists from last night.

d0ll’s playlists from Wake the Bats vol. 3

Playlist 1

01. Chants of Maldoror – Spectre (Love is Dead)

02. Red Lorry Yellow Lorry – Monkeys on Juice

03. Collapsing New People – Revolution Girl

04. X-mal Deutschland - Qual

05. Danse Society - Somewhere

06. The Marionettes – Ave Dementia (Edit)

07. Frank the Baptist – All the Faces

08. Bauhaus – Kick in the Eye

09. Bloody Dead and Sexy – Bloody Rose

10. Hellfreaks – Don’t Feed the Models!

11. March Violets – Snake Dance

12. Murder at the Registry – The Stolen Photograph

13. Altered States – Go the Distance

14. Sex Gang Children - Dieche

15. Culture Reverse – Our Eyes Squint Sadly

16. Masquerade – Play Dead

17. Christian Death – Church of No Return

18. Twisted Nerve – Freak of Nature

19. New Days Delay – Tiny Monsters and Furry Little Creatures

20. Ramones Bratislava – Do You Wanna Dance?

Playlist 2

01. Play Dead – This Side of Heaven

02. Specimen – Stand Up Stand Out

03. Alien Sex Fiend – I Walk the Line

04. Genetiks – Keine Neue Heimat

05. Virgin Prunes – Baby Turns Blue

06. Scary Bitches – You’ll End up Looking Like the Scary Bitches

07. Dividing Lines – House of Sugar

08. Frankenstein – She Casts No Shadow

09. London After Midnight - Revenge

10. The Dark – The Masque

11. Into the Abyss – Banner of Fray

12. Christian Death (with Rozz Williams) – Spiritual Cramp

13. Southern Death Cult – Fat Man

14. Children on Stun – Sidelined

15. Theatre of Hate – Original Sin

16. Casual - Tard

17. The Ghost of Lemora – Dread the Day (The Cities Rise)

18. Bauhaus – The Passion of Lovers

19. KatzKab – Chopped Off

20. Gene Loves Jezabel - Desire

Playlist 3

01. Screaming Dead – A Dream of Yesterday

02. Xmal Deutschland – Incubus Succubus II

03. The Cult – Spirit Walker

04. Salvation – Diamond Child


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Deadbeat was a Toronto goth band from the 1980s. This is their one and only album.                                             
credits   released 13 September 2015                                
Barry Andrews - drums
Ion Newport - bass, vocals
Dave Tate - guitar, vocals
John Christian - synthesizer, vocals.

Recorded at Number Nine Sound in Toronto
Andrew St. George - engineer
John Christian - producer