oldschool ink

A message I wish I'd sent

“ We haven’t talked for days. Well,months. And to think that once upon a time we would get restless if we didn’t talk every hour. I know, I’ve been busy. But then when I had to change cities, you told me to move on. You told me that I couldn’t keep living in the past, that the people, the house, the school, the scenery would change, but what would remain constant is me. You told me to love myself and work on myself for the first time. But what I forgot was that I left an integral part of me with you, in the old city. No wonder, every once in a while (very frequently now) I have this aching feeling suddenly enveloping me. A feeling I can’t connect to a particular organ but the heart. And I just lie on my bed, with a desire to do nothing and a throbbing pain inside me, thinking for hours about what went wrong. So today I would like to take the first step, to mend the broken friendship even if it means finding fragments of me, I never knew existed, to build bridges and most importantly feel warm and fuzzy inside again. So will you be my best friend, non-romantically other half, constant companion on every roller coaster in my life, and my soul brother again? ”……. I wish I sent that. Because then I wouldn’t be lying on my bed with an aching pain inside me, right now.


Haven’t forgotten Inktober/Drawlloween! But I need take some break from inktober… I have too much school work to do… :( So now I just have to focus on studies.

But here are my week and a half inktober pics :) Oldest on bottom and so on.

#day 5: hauntedhouse, #day 6: costume, #day 7: spider, #day 8: creature from black lagoon, #day 9: bat, #day 10: pumpkin, #day 11: 8-bit zombie, #day 12 owl, #day 13: reaper and #day 14: werewolf.

Hiei doodle done! I kind of hate but love Hiei at the same time I mean, it’s hard to not like him even just a little bit haah. He’s such an ass but it’s cool. He always came through for the squad! Also, the pictures a bit blurry since I took it on my iPod’s camera and I hardly ever have time to scan things into my laptop ^^’…