every big storm carries it’s own challenges. geographic and aesthetic. this one, a tornado warned storm that rolled over Olds on its way to Torrington presented massive hail and blinding rain if you got too close, and the very real chance of being in the wrong spot at the wrong time if it chose to drop a tornado on you. 

for a good while I stayed directly in the path, right in the little spot they call the notch but it caught me a couple times by moving faster than I thought it was and I eventually used my escape route out. The utter power of a storm like this is enough to make your hands tremble then you throw in moving at high speeds, trying to keep an eye on radar, bad roads, tracking where you are, what escape routes there are, and doing video and taking still pictures and sometimes you just have to drop back and out to a safer distance. 

it was an utter beast and I’ve been on some beasts. that it magically collided with sunset.. well, I’ll never be able to express how gracious that was of it. 

Na hora me pareceu uma boa saída, deixar você respirar um pouco, ir ser sozinho um tempo. Não que o amor houvesse acabado. Só estava escondido sob a pilha de defeitos que tínhamos e as promessas quebradas. A vontade de dar certo estava enterrada, e eu estava cansado demais para continuar cavando.
—  You need to go back, Isaac.