‘Lady Macbeth’ Is An Icy British Psychodrama About Power And Abuse

Director William Oldroyd’s new film is set in late 19th-century England, where a young woman, forced to marry an abrasive older man, engages in an affair with a ruffian servant. Critic David Edelstein says: 

“The movie is stark and beautiful to watch—and be appalled by. The director, William Oldroyd, made his name in the theater, and in his debut film he largely confines Katherine to the severely plain household. He and cinematographer Ari Wegner establish the grinding un-sensuality of the place without resorting to arty, overlong shots to make us literally experience her boredom. That boredom—and the rage it engenders—is magnificently expressed by the actress Florence Pugh.”


Lady Macbeth (2016)

Directed by William Oldroyd

Cinematography by Ari Wegner


Happy birthday to Abraham Lincoln, whose humble Midwestern origins continue to be iconic in their own right. 

It’s worth noting that there were a couple stops between the Illinois homestead and the White House, mostly in and around Springfield, Illinois, although of course those places don’t have the legendary aura of the Kentucky log cabin. 

O.H. Oldroyd. Abraham Lincoln, through log cabins to the White House. 1905. Postcard File. New-York Historical Society.