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Have you noticed that Moriarty talks about pressure points in TRF? It's when he goes to 221B after his trial to goad Sherlock. He explains that he was able to blackmail the jury into finding him not guilty - "Every person has their pressure point. Something they want to protect from harm. Easy-peasy." I didn't notice anything at the time but it seems striking after watching HLV with the whole CAM thing. Thoughts? Initially, I'd speculate CAM works for/with Moriarty.

Thanks for the ask!!

and hmmmmm. I guess my headcanon up to this point was that CAM and Moriarty perhaps knew each other/knew of each other’s methods pre-TRF but that CAM hadn’t been working for Moriarty directly. He just seemed too self-righteous or something to me. I’d chalked up the pressure points line to Mofftiss re-using language that viewers would have been familiar with and could use to connect the two as both being baddies and also connect similar means of getting at people – the pressure points thing is definitely an effective motivator to get people to respond to blackmail, something Sherlock hates (and also has queer coding implications, but that’s another post…) Anyway, your ask has really made me think about this more because on this show is anything a coincidence!?! If Moriarty knew about CAM and his mind palace of secrets on people, wouldn’t he have liked to get involved somehow in order to possibly control that flow of information? Would CAM have offered information to Moriarty to help his criminal network?

Anyone else want to chime in with thoughts?

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4, 7, 13, 17, 23, 36, 42, & 49 Randomly selected! Hope you're having a good day <3

My favourite food? Prawn mayo sandwiches.

Cat or dog person? Definitely a cat person.

My favourite TV show? Desperate Housewives, The Good Wife… 

A secret? I don’t know… :/ 

Pants or skirt? (Pants are trousers right?) Pants :3 

Most annoying thing I’ve ever had to deal with? Being told to do something I’m already doing or planning to do, it drives me insane. 

If I won the lottery? I’d shop at Topshop. 

The last thing I watched on Netflix? The Good Wife :P 

Hope you are too lovely! 

fic recs for nikki cus shes sleeping

Saving Sherlock Holmes- basically a glorious high school au (obviously johnlock)


Back in the Day- another high school au and still johnlock


Slow Dancing in a Burning Room- 00Q in which Q has a cat


Through the Years- Moran/Moriarty idk i dont actually remember any of this but I like the pairing SO


Synchronicity- 00q



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Cuddle Buddy Application: Name: Nikki. Age: 18 Gender: Non-specific. Big/little spoon: Big Spoon. Favorite movie: Super 8. Favorite tv show: Firefly. Favorite music genre: Alternative. Can we talk about mundane things: Yup. Is it okay if I fall asleep: Yup. Are kisses allowed: Yup. Are pants required: Nope. When are you available for cuddles: Variable. My place or yours: Either or. Can we cuddle in bed or couch only: BOTH! Will you play with my hair: Yup. Can we have a snack before: Yup.