I’m the type of guy that your best friends approve of
I’m the type of guy who denies invitations from the cool club
I identify with the losers, or so called
My posture makes it impossible for anyone to feel tall
My need for comfort just leaks of wonder
But still taking those leaps like a bungee jumper
I only need myself, but theres power in numbers
Only time will tell, who the hell really loves us

photo by @higherstateofmind19
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Too real to conceal what was covered by the peel
The layers revealed that she did know how to feel
But it was apart of her appeal to never bow
To never kneel
And the more i think about her the more I need to seal the deal to make it real

Old MC Free Write 8/29/15

I have drawn many insecurities in to the black sands and watched the saltiest of waters wisp them away with every wave till they were there, no longer 
Stronger I would feel as I sit upon the coast, now afraid of my own weightlessness
For even if I were to float ontop the water, I run the risk of running into the words I let wander…and i fear being surrounded
Much like the bars spit at the alter
The fear is clear but its no longer used for armor
Fear is your trainer and your sponsor…if you choose to believe