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hi friends!! :) :) welcome to my blog. i’m really happy to have you here. (oddly, in the midst of writing this i lost one follower; i guess you guys are just the cool ones vuv)

so, lemme give you a little run down on the things i post and the tags to look out for:

o homestuck! i never tag it
o porn! i tag it as “nsfw” and i have my own nsfw-specific blog if you wanna check that out
o sherlock! spoilers tagged as “spoilerlock”
o personal shit! tagged “me woops”
o my writing! usually kingdom hearts or homestuck fanfiction, tagged “my writing”
o and if you see anything that i post that you’d like me to try to tag, let me know and i’ll see what i can do. also if i post anything and you want me to post more of that particular thing, i can try my best to go on the hunt and find more of that thing for you.

alright then. :) :) enjoy! and thank you so much for the follow!!! vuv