Horrorgorewhore's 31 Days of Horror!
31 Days of Horror! Every night through out October I will be scratching a movie off my list, they range from cheesy animal attack to classic and everything in between. Follow along and scratch the movies off the list for yourself, maybe you find a new favorite or just revisit and oldie you haven’t seen in forever! Will reblog with an updated list as I go through the movies and on weekends and Halloween there are bonus movies for mini marathons! Get ready we start on the 1st!

1st - Wrong Turn

2nd - Silence of the Lambs 3rd - The Thing (1982)  4th - Deep Blue Sea (Bonus movie: Midnight Meat Train) 5th - The Mist 6th - Final Destination 7th - High Tension 8th - Jaws 9th - Silent Hill 10th - The Thaw 11th - Scream* (Bonus movie: Scream 2*) 12th - Alien 13th - Ginger Snaps 14th - The Omen 15th - Dread* 16th - The Craft* 17th - Saw 18th - Interview with the Vampire (Bonus movie: We are the Night*) 19th - Friday the 13th 20th - American Psycho* 21st - The Collector 22nd - Lake Placid 23rd - Nosferatu* 24th -  Hostel 25th - The Amityville Horror (2005) (Bonus movie: The Strangers) 26th - Cube 27th - Anaconda* 28th - 28 Days Later 29th - Excision 30th - Trick r Treat (Bonus movie: Hocus Pocus) 31st - Halloween (1978) (Bonus movie: Halloween(2007))

 * Found on netflix