The Breathtaking 2015 Edition of Stone Brewing’s very own Old Guardian Barley Wine Style Ale, EXTRA HOPPY. Had to get the Growler in the photo of course! San Diego represent!ord http://ift.tt/1xFDYkB

Stone Brewing Co. Old Guardian •Extra Hoppy• 11%abv My young beer guardian Izzy showed up when I popped open the Old Guardian. Wow, the aroma on this thing! Massive aroma of candied fruit, orange, apricot, very sweet smelling, some toffee hiding in there, but again, loads of candied fruit, I’d swear they just took the fruit pieces out of trail mix and added them to the beer, it’s insane! Big pop of resinous bitterness at the front of the tongue right away, quickly subdued by that dry candied fruit flavor, pineapple sweetness, just a touch of toffee malt before you’re drowned in a dry candied fruit finish. They said extra hoppy, and they meant it, has a punch of hop bitterness, but whatever hops they used also gave it a distinct fruit sweetness as well. Awesome Odd Beer for an Odd Year @stonebrewingco 🍻rd http://ift.tt/1Gg4dm