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My favourite @miraculace headcanons for Asexual Awareness Week!




On April 19th, 1996, the first episode of a new political satire panel show, Good News Week, aired; opening a whole playing field in connecting both home grown and international comedians to the oddities of both home grown and international problems. The series, originally broadcasted on the ABC, before moving to Network 10 in 1998, was broken into an original run between 1996 to 2000, and a secondary run, after it’s revival in 2008, to it’s conclusion in April 2012.

With a wide variety of comedic and politcal legendary figures gracing the show’s camera lenses, Paul McDermott, along with his trusty team captain’s, Mikey Robins, Julie McCrossin (1996-2000) and Claire Hooper (2008-2012), no subject was ever off limits- if something made the news, GNW made the news for making fun of the news!

Thank you Good News Week for all the happiness you have brought myself, Kate and all the fans throughout Australia over the past 21 years! This blog would not exist without you! ~Bek

I realize I might need to make a masterpost of my DG au comics since it’s all over the place. So here it is in a slightly (plotwise)chronological order! 

Note: not all comics will be added here, just the ones that is canon in the au story (I’m too busy to draw the comic in its entirety so it’s just gonna be a collection of shorter comics)

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All of the stuff by me (click here for oldest to newest)

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Can you show us some of ur really *really* old art? Or the worst art u got? (-cuzurawesomenessmademefeelsmol-) ( ._.)

That year when I joined Sonic fandom… CRINGEEEEEEEEEEE.

PFFFFFFFF after years I still make “pranks”. XD wow…

I think it was based off some interesting stories I learned years ago… CRINGE.

I recall myself making a lot of progress in digital arts. :B -still cringe-

I still have the oldest stuff from my childhood, just that they aren’t scanned or too lazy to pick them up. *can’t look at Bambi / Lion King fanarts anymore…- CRINGE- *

Heart of Gold

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“He’s staring at you. Again.”

You didn’t have to look up from the workbook spread in front of you to know that he was, in fact, staring at you again. You could feel his eyes practically burning into your back, as they had taken to doing during Study Hall. So instead of pretending that you didn’t notice or that you actually cared, you simply hummed your acknowledgement and left it at that.

You heard your seatmate huff beside you but you paid her no mind as you continued working through the homework you were assigned. “Seriously, aren’t you bothered by this?”

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3. 4. And 24

3. Show us your oldest piece of art you have on hand
ur so lucky i’m visiting my fam right now because I leave all my cursed art in my mum’s house

And this is where my old art goes to die, the big folder I keep all my old stuff in is pretty much rotting at this point

This is just a snippet of some of my old stuff which is from 2007, the oldest stuff in my folder is from 2010. It’s funny how nearly every drawing i did around this time was saved, but anything after i don’t have a lot of just from throwing it away.

4. What defines your artistic style?

I don’t really know what my defining features of my art are! It’s hard to look at your own art and be like “Yeah, this is my style, this is what seperates my work from every elses” because u look at so often. I know what style i want, but I don’t think im there yet. 

24. Do you have a shameful art past? (recolour sprite comics, tracing art, etc.?)
Oh hell yeah I used to trace shit off the computer screen late at night and be like “YAS” but I knew ppl would have my ass so i kept them to myself I STILL HAVE THEM

My exposure to anime mostly came from watching it on late night tv or whatever they had on dvd at the local library because my fam didn’t have internet, so id watch that shit on my grandmas shitty laptop and trace it 

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Hey! I'm usually just an observer of the studyblr community, as my school life is NOT pretty enough for that,,, but I was wondering, since I know you talked about revision a lot in your advice post, my school is in the US and we focus more on homework instead of revision, but honestly, I feel like revision is more useful for me, especially now that I am consuming so much studyblr media. Could just give me an overview/crash course/general guide on how to revise and its merits and such? Thanks!

okay here’s helena’s crash course guide for revising! this is late bc i needed a laptop and i was in belgium when i got this

what is it?

simply, revision is revisiting topics previously learnt, and refreshing your knowledge on the subject. revision also tends to be self led, rather than being set specific tasks by teachers

why do it?

revising during the year makes preparing for exams easier. by frequently revisiting the subjects throughout the year, you can better your knowledge and understanding of the subject (and it makes it a hell of a lot easier when preparing for exams)

types of revision

there are three main types of revision:

  1. note-taking/note-making
  2. memorising
  3. practise questions

note taking/making: this is making notes from your previously made notes, and condensing them, only focusing on the important parts and what you know you are not as strong on.

note taking can be in many forms, such as:

  • spider maps / brain storms
  • cue cards / revision cards
  • timelines
  • annotations
  • mini revision booklets
  • rewriting and condensing older notes

memorising: used for learning facts or key points + vocabulary and key terms. 

mnemonics are useful for memorising points, as well as flash cards and tests such as apps like quizlet and gojimo

practise questions:this is finding past papers and answering the paper under test conditions (ie without any help and in the certain amount of time). there are hundreds of past papers available online (free!) for every course, which can help you learn how the questions work and the kind of answers the examiner will expect. dont skimp on the marking either, spend time looking through the mark scheme and where you went wrong/ right and why. look for what the examiner is looking for and learn what they will allow/disallow as it can be the difference between grades 

it can also be helpful to find out what type of learner you are (there are seven):

  • visual (spatial)
  • aural (auditory-musical)
  • verbal (linguistic)
  • physical (kinesthetic)
  • logical (mathematical)
  • social (interpersonal)
  • solitary (intrapersonal)

here are some quizzes to find what type of learner you are, here and here

general tips from mama helen:

  • a big mistake that people make is revising what they already know or find easier, rather that what the struggle on or find more difficult. revision is meant to help you improve your weaknesses, not your strengths.
  • start revising the oldest stuff first bc i guarantee u remember next to none of it
  • make em colourful and shit if it helps, but if it doesn’t not waste time making ur notes pretty if it doesnt help and nothing goes in
  • small amounts of revision frequently are better than large amounts every now and then
  • keep ur revision separate from ur class notes, so its easier to revise as everything is in one place, and not spread out through ur class notes.
  • u cannot revise too much
  • test urself and test friends
  • teach friends stuff if it helps
  • even if its over skype or something and they aint listening
  • hell teach ur dog
  • practise practise practise
  • remember revision tends to be self led, so only you know how much u know and dont know and how well you know stuff
  • to help with languages, watch films/tv in the language (bonus points if u dont have the subtitles with your first language!)
  • its never too early to start revising pal

okay thats me done peace out homies i hope this helps a bit and i didnt just babble nonsense

helena (uglystudies)

This is why Roman is the big brother when he wins a title

He smiles at his new toy… His lil brothers on the other hand

Acts lie they ain’t used to nothing Seth twirling his new toy around

Dean twirling his new toy around.. But I wonder if Roman was to twirl the U.S. champion around when he won it how many of y’all be pissed?

Hyung line when you tell them that you dreamt about them

I’m so sorry that I have to split hyung line and maknae line like this at the moment, it’s just that I’m writing my bachelor thesis right now and I can’t write two whole reactions per week, there is just no time. That’s also why my queue is so late with everything. Like I queue everything two days in advance so there will be a lot of posts that you have already seen on other blogs, I’m very sorry :* I’m thinking that around Christmas, it will get much more relaxed for me again and I can write whole reactions again and be much more up-to-date with my queue :)

All gifs belong to their rightful creators=owners (see urls right under the gifs as always :*). All eonni sends all her love to all 866 of you <333

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You: “Oppa, I dreamt that you visited me at university tonight~ Everyone was staring at us because we were such a pretty couple^^”

Him: “I’ll see if I can visit you in your dream tonight again~ [blows you a kiss]”

You: “Aww, oppa, that’d be nice~”

Him: “[ruining it Jin style™] Only if I can make it though, a handsome guy like me…I might be too busy visiting someone else’s dream…”

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You: “Oppa, I dreamt about you tonight, that’s how much I miss you while you are on tour~~ You were coming to my home town and eating with us and then we went for a walk around the neighbourhood, it was so nice~”

Him: “Really? It sounds amazing, baby~ Actually, the other day…”

You: “What? What did you do the other day?”

Him: “I dreamt about you the other day, too, but…ahhh…it’s a bit cheesy…I dreamt we were taking Holly for a walk, and you…ahh oppa’s heart was hurting so much…seeing you play with Holly, it was too adorable~”

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Rap Monster

You: “Oppa, I dreamt about you last night! I dreamt I came to university one day and all of a sudden, you were the professor teaching my class! And you didn’t even recognize me anymore!”

Him: “Really? I was a professor? And I didn’t know you anymore? I would like to know what made you dream something like this, seriously^^”

You: “It scared me a bit. I felt so desperate that I wasn’t your girlfriend anymore, I didn’t know what to do”

Him: “Awww, baby~ [hugs you] I wouldn’t forget you, ever~”

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You: “[waking up from a nightmare about Hobi in the middle of the night, moving closer to him and cuddling up to him]”

Him: “[waking up from your movements] _______? [Takes you into his arms] Is something wrong? Why - Are you sweating?”

You: “Oppa, just now, I had a horrible nightmare about you. I dreamt that you had to be hospitalized and they didn’t let me see you because I’m not family”

Him: “Shhh, it’s alright~ I won’t ever get hospitalized like that, don’t worry. Oppa will take good care of his health for you. I won’t ever leave your side, don’t worry about anything~ [kisses you]”

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any headcanons for david and jerrie?

o boy Do I

  • despite being staunchly opposed to having kids of his own, david’s pretty great with kids and gets along with jerrie almost instantly
  • he will side with her over general Sibling Shenanigans (read: whenever hartley does the I’m The Oldest type stuff) bc he’s the baby brother of his family
  • david, being Jacked As Hell, carries her around on his shoulders 
    • once he told her he could pick up hartley, no problem, and she made him prove it (he leaves and returns carrying Hartley)
  • jerrie turns to david for fashion advice because hartley’s a fashion disaster
    • his sisters eventually get involved
  • when they first meet jerrie still does the whole “if you break his heart i’ll kill you” and david isn’t incredibly intimidated bc she’s like, 13, but he’s very much “yeah this is hartley’s sister”
  • he tries his best to be engaged whenever jerrie infodumps (even if he’s exhausted from work)

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oh, "prompts that are 2 yo", you say? Can you describe them very briefly?

i have 90+ prompts, so im not sure. 

the oldest ones are stuff like: 

Prompt.. Lexa and Clarke sleep together one night, the next morning Clarke comes in to start her new job and turns out Lexa will be her boss (basically how Meredith and Derek first meet in grey’s anatomy) yeah cool…love your writing

Hi there! You do amazing work. I love all of your stories. If you’re taking prompts, please consider: Clarke as the daughter of the president and Lexa as one of her bodyguards in the Secret Service. Mischievous!Clarke has a crush on stoicbutadorable!Lexa and tries to get them into compromising situations.

Firefighter Lexa, Doctor Clarke and love at first sight mid-disaster.

you’re supposed to be on a blind date with someone but you sat down at the wrong table and i haven’t been able to get a word in edgewise to tell you that and it’s been thirty minutes au

arranged marriage , in cannon that grows into a loving one for clexa