oldest light

The other angels knew that there’s something different about Castiel. Even as a fledgling, there’s something in him that radiates a different kind of light. He had risen among the ranks of the heavenly host, proved himself to be a soldier worthy of the name God’s Shield. In heaven Castiel is the model angel.Everyone attributed this to the light that surrounded him, a veil that bathed him in holy light.

Maybe that’s why he was chosen to lay siege on Hell to free the Righteous Man. There could be no one else for the job, they were sure Castiel’s light would win.

And win they did.

The heavenly host rejoiced at Dean Winchester’s salvation. They also rejoiced Castiel’s triumph.

And then his fall began.

As the seals were getting broken, as they near the dawn of the apocalypse, Heaven saw how Castiel fell from grace. It was then that they realized that the light they’ve been seeing around Castiel is an anomaly.

He had a crack in his chassis.

He’s nothing more than a broken angel, and the light that seeps from his heart is poison that will eventually kill him.

That's  what they believe.
That’s what Castiel believes.

But unknown to all of them, Chuck had seen this coming. He might’ve not thought about the details then, but he knew the apocalypse will come. He knew the Righteous Man will surface.

He realized this as he’s holding a fledgling im his hands. Maybe that’s why he gathered the light of a thousand stars and stored them in the little angel. He willed the little one to be strong yet gentle because he has a special mission for this fledgling…

Before he breathed life into his son, he carved something onto the fledgling’s heart, and sealed it with more stardust.

The light surrounding Castiel is the light of the oldest stars, a light so pure even the filth of the Leviathans didn’t spoil it. Up to this day, even with diminished grace, that light still burns. The light that comes from that crack in his chassis.

Only, it’s not a crack. It’s a name, bound to him by the creator himself:

Dean Winchester. The name etched onto his heart since the beginning of time.

Intersecting Skies (Part 4)

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They say Decima is a young girl, too young, too naive, too easy. But her Guardians are strong, powerful. In another world, they would have been the Arcobaleno, no doubt. 

They say Decima has the approval of the Arcobaleno Boss, one of the highest honors one could receive. The Arcobaleno Boss is flighty, whimsical and illogical. If she gained his approval, it speaks of strength. 

They say Decima has a strange servant, one that follows her like a loyal dog, too afraid to touch her as if she was made of porcelain. He’s a strange one, people say. Too soft, gentle looking. There’s a constant sense of tiredness, of pain that surrounds him, clinging to him like a cloak. 

They say many things, but Yuni has learned to tune it all out. They know nothing, they understand nothing. 

Byakuran is their guiding light, the oldest of them and the most well versed in navigating the dark underworld of Italy. But no one sees how lonely he is, how when it’s just Yuni and Tsuna, his smile fades. All Yuni can do is make sure that he knows that Vongola will welcome him, that he has a permanent room in the mansion, and she hates that she can’t do more for him. 

(She keeps looking for his Elements in hopes that they can mend bridges. Tsuna… Tsuna turns to research, fervently looking for something that he won’t tell her.) 

Tsuna is their vast backdrop. His heart is so big, so huge that it hurts Yuni so much that no one, especially Tsuna himself, can see it. If she shines so brightly to others, it’s only because Tsuna is her contrast, her night sky. It’s through Tsuna that Yuni learns the cruelties of the world, how people can break others, how the deck is stacked against them (because no matter how bad Yuni’s life turned out to be, no matter how bloodstained it will become, she has never, never, never doubted that she is loved by her mother. Tsuna doesn’t even have that). 

It’s through Tsuna that Yuni learns hope, survival, and courage. It’s in the way how he’s still afraid to touch her, as if he could hurt her, but keeps trying anyways. It’s in the way he extends his hand out to others who are just broken as he is. It’s in the way he blooms under the praise and attention that Reborn gives him. It’s in the way he leans into Byakuran’s touches, still starved for affection. All she can do keep pouring as much love as she can.

All Yuni can do is be the shelter, the safe haven for the other two parts of herself.    

Maybe, just maybe, that’s enough.

  • Eventually, Yuni had to return to Italy. But she wasn’t leaving Tsuna alone either. Convincing Reborn of this idea was surprisingly not hard. 
  • Reborn on the other hand was a different level of horrified. It was like meeting Yuni all over again, for different reasons. They had only been in Japan for a few short months and he doesn’t like what he was seeing in Namimori one bit. Tsuna, completely unaware and still slumbering Flames, was powerful Sky, suffering from isolation, almost crippled to the point of insanity. Nana, willing or unwitting, was deaf and blind to her child’s suffering, adding unnecessary stress with her careless neglect. If they left Tsuna now, he would shatter into a million pieces and there would be no going back. 
  • That was nothing to say what he discovers about Byakuran. 
  • Somewhere along the way, Reborn figured out he wasn’t taking care of one Sky, but three. Yuni was so young and naive. He wasn’t looking forward to the first time she had to stain her hands. Tsuna had one foot off the cliff. It was painful for Reborn to realize that Tsuna flourish so much under the smallest bits of attention and praise. It was such a waste of potential. Byakuran, for all his smiles and laughs, was so lonely, he was almost as starved as Tsuna for attention. (And Reborn isn’t equipped for this. He isn’t sure if anyone in Vongola is). 
  • It says so much that Nana doesn’t so much bat an eyelash when Reborn flat out tells her that they were taking Tsuna with them. It says so much that Tsuna doesn’t put up much of a fight over it. It says so much that the mafia with its killing, crimes and danger was going to be a much safer haven for Tsuna than his own hometown. 
  • Tsuna is terrified of going to Italy, going to Vongola. Vongola stars in just as many of his dreams as Namimori does and that scares him so much. But he isn’t willing to be separated from Byakuran and Yuni and if they have to go back there, Tsuna who doesn’t have any ties to Namimori, it’s easy to go with them no matter how much it terrifies him. 
  • He desperately clings to the idea that this is really happening, that this is reality and not one of his cruel dreams because he doesn’t want to let go.

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devonknowsall  asked:

What's your favourite story about how something scientific got discovered?

It would probably have to be how the Cosmic Microwave Background was discovered. For those who don’t know, the CMB is the “afterglow” of the big bang. In 1964, Robert Wilson and Arno Penzias were experimenting with a radio antenna, and they kept getting a strange background noise from all parts of the sky. Naturally, they thought the problem was with their own antenna, and at first blamed it on pigeon droppings. But after thoroughly cleaning it out, the noise remained. They later found they had accidentally stumbled upon the CMB, the oldest light in the universe.

I love this story, because it means that the ancient light left over from the big bang, the earliest picture of our universe, and indeed one of the most important discoveries ever made in cosmology, was initially mistaken for bird poo.


#124 Hayes Grier - Library

Today, after school, your boyfriend Hayes picked you up and now you’re on your way to the library. You have to look for a book and want to study there. First you didn’t want him to come with you because he’d be only a distraction, but Hayes insisted to not let you alone. So after school, you and Hayes went to McDonalds for lunch and then hide a bag of French Fries in your bag. You get to the library and go to the uppest floor. There are tables for studying on every floor, but you always go to the very back in the uppset floor, because no one else is there. Also the tables at the very back are the oldest and the lights are not as bright as anywhere else, perfect for secret eating.

You hold Hayes hands and lead him to your favourite table. It’s surrounded by old bookshelves and no one ever comes back here. You sit down and point over to the chair across from you. He sits down and takes your bag that you put on the table. You’ve already taken out your books and open a book on the page that you need, when Hayes takes the McDonald bag out.

“Don’t make it so obvious.” You tell him but he just shrugs and starts to eat. You’re not even 10 minutes into studying when Hayes clears his throat loudly.

“Do you really have to study?” He asks and takes your planner. While he goes through it, he takes few fries into his hand and eats them.

“Hayes, you make my planner greasy.” You roll your eyes at him and want to get it back but he reacts quick and holds it up into the air.

“Aha! Knew it! You’re test is two day, which means you can chill for now.” He says and puts it back down.

“No, I can’t.” You say and take it back from him.

“Yes, you can.” Hayes says and gets up. He comes over to you and takes you hand.

“Hayes, please.” You roll your eyes at him. He just pulls you up and wraps his arms around your waist.

“Entertain me.” He smirks and you can’t help it but giggle. You cup his cheeks and kiss him. He kisses you back and doesn’t notice that you take his arms off you. You take a step back and then walk away from him. Hayes instantly follows you between two shelves. “(Y/N).” He whispers but you just keep on walking. Hayes goes away and then just as you take a book out, you see him looking at you through the bookshelves.

“Are you seriously behind the bookshelves now?” You quietly laugh.

“How else am I supposed to see your beautiful face?” He smirks and then disappears. Seconds later, someone grads your wrist and spins you around. It’s Hayes and you slam against his chest.

“What do you want?” You ask him laughing and slightly annoyed already.

“I want you.” He smirks and rests his forehead on yours. Hayes kisses you passionately and you kiss him back.

“I knew that you’d distract me.” You say and take a deep breath.

“I love you.” Hayes whispers and a woman walks pass you. You both hold your laughs in and then she leaves again.

“I love you too.” You say when the woman is gone. Hayes kisses you again and then you know that you won’t study any time soon.


Fic Prompts: Strange Magic Monday

It was the worst storm on record in the Light Fields, Dark Forest, Deep Woods or Sun River settlements. Even the oldest faerie in the Light Fields, old enough to remember the day Queen Tara died in the last age, couldn’t remember such a fierce squall. Trees cracked and fell in the roaring winds, houses were blown away, animals and families scattered.

The Light Fields suffered perhaps worse than the others, having few natural bulwarks against the winds.

When the worst had passed, all acknowledged that it would be a very long time before the kingdom was put to rights again.

But then, they were a little too occupied with preventing a second Goblin War to worry about it at the time.

When you wish upon a star


Im sure you’ve seen the post or heard the quote “when you wish upon a star, technically that star is a million light years away and it’s already dead, just like your dreams”

This is false. That star is not dead, it is not millions of light years away! the Milky Way galaxy is 100,000 light years across, so the oldest light reaching us from a star in our galaxy would be less than 100,000 years old (because we aren’t on the very edge). Stars live for millions and billions of years! Sure that supernova we viewed from another galaxy is from a star that had been dead for ages, but the stars you see at night are much closer and very much still burning brightly! 

The light you are seeing of a star is old, but the star itself is not dead and neither are your dreams! 

-this has been a slightly uplifting rant by @jewishdragon (who is peeved by this misconception) 

Theory that challenges Einstein's physics could soon be put to the test

Scientists behind a theory that the speed of light is variable – and not constant as Einstein suggested – have made a prediction that could be tested.

Einstein observed that the speed of light remains the same in any situation, and this meant that space and time could be different in different situations.

The assumption that the speed of light is constant, and always has been, underpins many theories in physics, such as Einstein’s theory of general relativity. In particular, it plays a role in models of what happened in the very early universe, seconds after the Big Bang.

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Andromeda Rising over the Alps : Have you ever seen the Andromeda galaxy? Although M31 appears as a faint and fuzzy blob to the unaided eye, the light you see will be over two million years old, making it likely the oldest light you ever will see directly. Now rising near a few hours after sunset from mid-latitude northern locations, Andromeda is rising earlier each night and will be visible to northerners all night long starting in September. The featured image captured Andromeda rising above the Italian Alps last month. As cool as it may be to see this neighboring galaxy to our Milky Way with your own eyes, long duration camera exposures can pick up many faint and breathtaking details. Recent data indicates that our Milky Way Galaxy will collide and coalesce with the slightly larger Andromeda galaxy in a few billion years. via NASA