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The oldest one in my library is Marie Basset from the 25th of october/2014. (I’ve saved all my other old sims in a “saved sims folder”!)

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Theory about Amren

(Warning: This is probably more philosophised than a real theory)

As everyone else, I can’t wait to find out Amren’s true form.

But more importantly, I would really like to know why and how Amren was made High Fae. Was she made Fae so that they (however they were) could control her better? To bind her to this world? To weaken her power? 

Probably. Then from what Rhysand said, I get the impression that that might be exactly the reason.

“…I’ll find a way to break the spell on Amren and unleash her on the world…” (Chapter 18, Rhysand)

Amren is already extremely powerful but in her true form, her power seems to be beyond anything else. So it sounds reasonable (for me at least) that once someone tried to take control of this power and therefore turned her Fae to take control of her.

In the exact same sentence, we also get to know, that Amren was made Fae due to a spell. And since I don’t think that you can get such a spell everywhere, I believe that the spell was from the Spellbook from the King of Hybern (which Amarantha used to steal the power from the High Lord’s) or the Book of Breathings. 

And this someone, who might have put her out of the Prison and made her Fae, could be from the Night Court.

…”Do all the High Lords have access?”…..”No. The Prison is law unto itself; the island may be even an eight court. But it falls under my jurisdiction, and my blood is keyed to the gates.”…. (Chapter 18, Feyre & Rhysand)

Or not. Then as Rhysand, most powerful High Lord in Prythian’s History explained to Feyre it’s not possible for him or any other person to free someone from the Prison.

Could you free the inmates?”… “No. Once the sentence is given and a prisoner passes those gates….They belong to the Prison. It will never let them out. …”              (Chapter 18, Feyre & Rhysand)

And that brings me to another question that really bugs me. How the hell did Amren get out of the Prison?! Then when Rhysand (most powerful High Lord to ever walk this world!) would never be capable of freeing any inmates from the Prison, then who was so powerful to might have freed her and put her under a spell that turned her Fae?!?!

My theory is, that the Person who might have freed Amren was not a Fae (since the title High Lord only refers to High Fae) but one of the creatures who created the Cauldron, the Book of Breathings, the Prison, etc., simply one of the creatures that ruled Prythian before the Fae.

But it seems very unlikely since it’s stated, that Amren was freed when the courts were already established. So, therefore, it was most likely a Fae (or more) who freed her.

“How long was she in here?”…”Azriel looked once. Into archives in our oldest temples and libraries. All he found was a vague mention that she went in before Prythian was split into the courts–and emerged once they had been established. Her impresonment predates our written word.  (Chapter 18, Rhysand) 

Maybe Amren simply freed herself out of the Prison and was put under the spell, that made her Fae and weakened her power, as a punishment from someone very mighty or all High Lords. 

But if Amren really freed herself, why did it take her several millennia to free herself?

“…I don’t know how long she was in here–a few millennia seems like a fair guess.” (Chapter 18, Rhysand) 

I don’t really have a guess or any more ideas so I just hope that SJM will explain some things about Amren’s past in acowar or the following books.

If you have any ideas let me know and feel free to comment :)


Warnings: N/A

Pairing: Hermione x Reader

Requests: Could you write something with Hermione Granger where her and the reader are best friends, but Hermione has a HUGE crush on her and everyone knows but the reader is oblivious even though she feels the same.

Words: 998

(Requests are open for girl x girl and drabbles!)

Originally posted by hogwartsisthebest

The corridors of Hogwarts were bustling with excited kids all heading towards the Great Hall after their day of classes. You shuffled along the groups of First Years and smiled making eye contact with Hermione. Her face went flushed as you walked towards her, she elbowed Ron and whispered, “Ronald, move!” “What? Why me!?” Ron groaned and held his ribs where Hermione had hurt him. You smiled and shook your head, “No, Ron don’t move. I can sit with Harry here.” Harry scooted over to give you enough room on the bench, Hermione internally groaned. She hated when you sat anywhere else but next to her, in classes, at meals even in the train ride over. Soon you four were immersed in conversation, scooping and serving yourselves with Hogwart’s finest food. “I can’t believe Snape’s got us writing a four-page essay on bloody Amortentia. Like I could give a bloody-” “Ron, mind your language!” Hermione hissed, elbowing him again. You and Harry laughed at your silly friends, “Well, actually I agree with Ron. Snape’s been absolutely destroying me. I can’t seem to understand anything.” You groaned and moved some mashed potatoes around on your plate. “I can help you, (Y/N). Let’s go to the library after dinner, or now. Or whenever you want. I can help.” Hermione stammered making Harry and Ron smirk. It would be obvious to even a blind person that Hermione was head over heels in love with you, but you were as oblivious as a thimble. “Yeah, I’d really like that. Thanks Mione.” She blushed and waved it off. Ron cocked his eyebrow, “Well I reckon I need help too. Y’know maybe a few snogs or-” before poor Ron could register what he said Hermione dug her elbow back into his ribs.

After dinner the four of you headed to the library to find a small study table. With all the books Hermione had the boys had to sit at another table, quite ‘unfortunate’ as Hermione put it. The boys sat at another table across the library, peering at the two of you study. You had a concentrated look furrowed on your eyebrows as you wrote quickly on the piece of parchment. Hermione glanced over and was hypnotized at your focus. You looked at her and quickly she turned her head to look at the book in front of her. Both of you bit your lip and flushed red before turning back to your homework. “Wait, Mione don’t move.” She froze, you reached out with your finger to swipe away an eyelash that had fallen astray. “Make a wish.” Hermione glanced from your finger and to your eyes before closing her own and blowing a small wind. She wished she could kiss you, hold you, be anything other than best friends.

“God, are they back at it again?” Ginny plopped next to her brother and Harry. Harry nodded watching his two best friends fall in love. “You’d think they’d be snogging each other in every corridor they could. But no!” Ron rolled his eyes at his sister’s remark but agreed nonetheless you were oblivious to how Hermione felt and she was oblivious to how you felt.

“Can anyone tell me why the scent of Amortentia varies from person to person. Ms (Y/L/N)?” You gulped at Snape’s condescending tone and shyly looked at Hermione giving you a thumbs up,You let out an anxious breath of air, your heart was beating frantically in your chest. You couldn’t breathe and sure you were going to pass out before Hermione locked her fingers with yours. She gave you a squeeze of reassurance before you answered, “I uh. Because it is based on what that particularly person likes? Like it can smell like a person or different things?” Snape gritted his teeth, “5 points to Gryffindor.” She squeezed your hand once more and gave you a proud smile. “Amortentia is the strongest love potion in all of the wizarding world. Ms (Y/L/N) spoke about the scent differing between people, so smell.” Everyone smelt the potion and described what they had smelled til it was your turn. You took a long big whiff before closing your eyes and smiling, “Fresh parchment, books from the library, cinnamon and perfume…” Hermione leaned forwards, “Sweet fresh flowers, old sweaters, rain and salted caramel.” The four of your returned back to your table, you gasped and sneezed. “Need a tissue?” Hermione handed you a tissue and swiftly moved back your stray hairs that had come out of your ponytail. “Yes, thank you. Seems like the Amortentia is still in my nose.” You chuckled and wiped your nose, “Are you sure? I don’t quite smell it anymore. It actually seemed to wear off after I stepped away from the cauldron.” Harry teased. “No no, I swear I still smell it. How can you not?” Ron snickered “Maybe it’s just someone who smells like fresh parchment.” Ron nudged Hermione closer to you. You looked from your parchment to Harry then to Ron then finally to Hermione before it clicked. The three of them began writing down their observations from the Amortentia; you swallowed your pride and took a chance, “Well ‘Mione you know I love the smell of your perfume you’ve worn since 2nd year but have you also been doused Amortentia too because you smell of cinnamon and the oldest books of the library. Hm, must be a coincidence.” You nonchalantly said before continuing your work. The trio froze at your announcement before bursting out into laughter. You quickly gathered your belongings before exiting the potions room along with your friends. “For once, I’d like no extra work from Snape. Just once!” Ron groaned, “Ever bloody wonder what his Amortentia smells like? Old crows? Sour milk?” The group chimed in laughter. Small fingers laced through Hermione’s hand giving her a tight squeeze. Hermione sent you a sheepish grin, it seemed like courage swept through her body in a quick bolt because before she and anyone else in the corridor knew it she tilted her head and kissed her best friend.

Graced Soul (Part 1)

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Title: Graced Soul (Part 1)

Characters: Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Castiel, Gabriel, Balthazar

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word count: 2,314

Warnings: Cursing, fluff, angst I think?

A/N: I hope you guys enjoy the first installment of this Dean series! Feedback is appreciated! Requests are open! Love you all! <3

You laid the dough into the pan, making sure the edges fit perfectly.  Your attention turned to the pie filling.  You melted the butter in the pan, adding in the pieces of apples that had been tossed with lemon juice and sugar.  You hummed along to the music that filled the room.

You were surprised by the arms that grabbed your waist.  You relaxed when you turned your head slightly to see Dean’s face.  “You’re home early,” you smiled, giving the filling a stir.

“You’re making pie,” Dean spoke lowly, but his voice was filled with excitement.  Dean kissed your cheek, “it smells delicious already sweetheart.”

“You’ll have to wait Dean,” you smirked, turning off the heat of the burner.  You grabbed the pie dish, setting it on the counter.  You poured the filling inside, Dean watching you closely.  You took the leftover dough you had, weaving the dough on top of the pie.  You sprinkled cinnamon on top of the pie;  Dean loved watching you bake.  You slid the pie into the oven, turning around, immediately running into the older Winchester.

“How long will it take [Y/N],” Dean whined, placing his hands on your waist once more.  

“At least 50 minutes, Winchester.  I’m sorry, but you’ll have to wait,” you shrugged with a grin.

“You’re killin’ me [Y/N],” Dean spoke softly, leaning in close as he pressed his lips to yours.  His kiss was slow and sweet.  His lips moved gracefully with yours, his hands squeezing your waist.

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The Librarian

Title: The Librarian

Genre: Smut, Angst, Librarian!au

Characters: Hoseok x Reader

Length: 4085 words

A/N: My Hobi thirst is so real and I released a lot of my kinks in this. Feel free to tell me what you think, it’s only my second fic so I’d really appreciate any comments!

You’d always loved books. The way you could lose yourself in characters so much braver than you, in relationships you had otherwise never even dreamed of. So when you got this job at the library on 32nd street, it was like a dream come true. It was the oldest library in the city and the knowledge that these stacks had been walked by so many generations was exalting.

So far all the librarians and other staff had been friendly and welcoming, except for one. You glanced over at him standing at the main desk from between the stacks where you were steadily returning books. He was good-looking and young, a contrast to the rest of the librarians who were all well into middle age. You could tell he was handsome without even seeing his face. His body was slender and muscular, shoulders set with confidence and ease. But it was his hands that gave it away. He had long slender fingers that looked too delicate as he turned the pages of the book he held. You let out a deep sigh before your gaze trailed up to meet his eyes as he looked back at you, cold and calculating.

The blush that washed up your neck to crash at your cheeks was hot and unpleasant. You turned around quickly and began to walk away before realizing you had forgotten your cart of returns. Mentally cursing yourself your turned back around, gaze fixed on the cart, not daring to look up in case Hoseok was still watching you. You jerked the cart to move away but in your rush you had forgotten to take the brake off. The cart and books all came flying towards you, instinctively you held your hands over your head and crouched down. But the cart was bulky and made of heavy steel, it came down on you pinning you to the ground and eliciting a heavy groan from your throat as the pain of impact spread through your body.

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Harry Potter in the Bodleian

While the Bodleian Library may have been around since 1602, the majority of people around the world probably know it better as the Hogwarts Library. Or, more specifically, the Restricted Section.

The Hogwarts Restricted Section is actually the Arts End of the medieval Duke Humfrey’s Library, the oldest reading room at the Bodleian. In The Philosopher’s Stone students require a note to consult books in this section, just like they do at the Bodleian; readers have been swearing Bodley’s oath for centuries. This is what the section actually looks like:

In the films Harry browses a shelf of books chained to their shelves, the reason for which is made clear when the one Harry picks up starts screaming. 

Well, we actually used to chain our books to the shelves. This is because the Bodleian is a non-lending library and the only way we could stop our readers nicking all of our precious books was to chain them up. While we now have an electronic alarm system, we still have one book chained as it was:

..and nowadays we rely on polite notes rather than demoniacally possessed books..

(These books are alarmed as they’re the original books that have been in Duke Humfrey’s Library for centuries. Readers can request them, they just  can’t get them off the shelf themselves.)

Neo-Assyrian Planisphere (Star Chart) from the Library of Ashurbanipal, Nineveh, c. 7th Century BC

This planisphere shows how the night sky over Nineveh would have appeared on January 3rd-4th in the year 650 BC. The chart identifies the constellations we now call Gemini, Pleiades and Pegasus. The incomplete piece is restored from fragments and was partly accidentally vitrified in antiquity during the destruction of Nineveh in 612 BC by a coalition of Babylonians, Scythians and Medes.

The Library of Ashurbanipal, named after the last great king of the Neo-Assyrian Empire, is a collection of thousands of clay tablets and fragments containing texts of all kinds from about the 7th century BC. Ashurbanipal’s library was not the first library of its kind but it is the oldest surviving library collection in the world. Most of it is now in the British Museum (such as this piece) or the Department of Antiquities in Baghdad. The Epic of Gilgamesh, a masterpiece of ancient Babylonian poetry, was found in the library as was the Enuma Elis creation story, and myth of Adapa the first man, and stories such as the Poor Man of Nippur.

Okay, okay… BUT The Until Dawn Teens as Pokemon Gym Leaders AU:

First things first: Dr. Hill is the pokemon professor who gives the trainers pokemon and poke dexes. And the Flamethrower guy is the team leader of the bad guys.

First Gym:
Josh, Beth and Hannah are a gym in the style of the early one from Black and White. Trainers battle one of them based on which starter they have chosen and are matched with their pokemon’s biggest weakness. They are all world famous actors. Josh is fire types, Beth is grass types and Hannah is water types. Their gym is a big Hollywood film studio. Josh’s team is a Torkoal, a Growlth, and a Camerupt. Beth’s team is Nuzleaf, a Rosarade, and a Septile. Hannah’s team is a Ducklett, a Kingdra and a Lapris. You earn the Star badge from them.

Second Gym:
Mike is a normal type gym leader and his gym is a literal gym. A place where both people and pokemon train. He is a big name fitness instructor and teaches personal classes. His team is a Vigoroth, Loudred, and an Urasaring, From him you earn the Body badge.

Third Gym:
Sam is a Rock type gym leader. Her gym is something similar to a wild life preserve but for abandoned pokemon. All her own pokemon run free within the area. Her team is a Cranidos, an Aurorus, and a Tyranitar. From her you earn the Nature badge.

Fourth Gym:
Jess is a fairy type gym leader and her gym is a modelling agency. She is a model with her pokemon. The poster child for elegance. Her team is a Florges, a Clafairy and a Kirlia. From her you earn the Beauty badge.

Fifth Gym:
Matt is a fighting type gym leader and his gym is a football stadium. He is obviously a football player, known through out the world for his skill both as an athlete and trainer. His team is a Pancham, a Machoke, and a Meinshao. From him you earn the Sports badge.

Sixth Gym:
Ashley is a ghost type gym leader and her gym is the largest and oldest library in possibly the world. She runs the place as the world’s most badass librarian. Her team is a Banette, a Phantump, and a Sableye. From her you earn the Knowledge badge.

Seventh Gym:
Chris is an electric type gym leader and his gym is a giant computer simulation. He is a Steve Jobs type and dedicated to innovation within battles. His job is a Galvantula, a Magneton and an Amphros. From him you will earn the Technology badge.

Eighth Gym:
Emily is a psychic type gym leader and her gym is a giant expensice clothing boutique. Many of the clothing lines are her own. She designs for both humans and pokemon. Her team is a Gothorita, a (male) Meowstic, and an Alakazam. From her you earn the Style badge.

Andrew Carnegie reading in library.

Carnegie donated $300,000 to build Washington, D.C.’s oldest library — a beautiful beaux arts building that dates back to 1903. Inscribed above the doorway are the words: Science, Poetry, History. The building was “dedicated to the diffusion of knowledge.” It opened in 1903 to women, children, all races — African-Americans remember when it was the only place downtown where they could use the bathrooms. During the Depression, D.C.’s Carnegie Library was called “the intellectual breadline.”