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if you guys were stranded on a island with two of your other cast members , who would you eat and who would you keep for entertainment,

We here at Project Voicebend do not endorse cannibalism.

That being said, we’d probably end up eating Joel (sorry Joel)

I’m still here, guys.

Not on fire yet. Just been distracted with my brother’s family and busy entertaining my oldest niece. Had a good friend message me worried because I haven’t updated, figured I should let you all know I’m doing alright. As for the fire:

Actually 22 different fires. Over 8000 firefighters, many from other states, trying to stifle them. Some of the smaller fires have been suppressed, and they’re just barely starting to contain done of the larger ones, but they’ve got a long fight ahead yet.

31 dead, that we know of so far. Over 400 people missing. 3500 structures destroyed. 190,000 acres burned. Nature is fucking terrifying.

Also, yeah, my doctor’s appointment is cancelled. I called, and got their answering service. Guy told me yes, the office is closed due to the fire. I got an automated call some hours later telling me the office is closed. Pff.

Trust me. If we have to evacuate, I’ll probably be blogging about it in the car as we flee, because that’s how I cope.

SM Artists Age Ranking (Updated as of August 2014)

Have you ever wondered who is the oldest idol in SM Entertainment?

I’ll be including Infinite and Tasty (even though they’re still apart of the subsidiary company & because they’re associated with SM, I’m not adding Nell or the other soloists apart of Woolim, thats just too much work).

I will also include Red Velvet + remaining soon-to-debut SMRookies.

In Bold are the debuted artists

ENOUGH with telling me i got bdays wrong, I only added Infinite, RD,  SM rookies, Tasty, J-min, and Zhang Liyin to the list.

If I upset, well I’m not sorry, I did this out of fun.


  1. Kangta (October 10)


  1. LeeTeuk (July 1)
  2. HeeChul (July 10)


  1. YeSung (August 24)


  1. KangIn (January 17)
  2. ShinDong (August 28)


  1. SungMin (January 1)
  2. YunHo (February 6)
  3. EunHyuk (April 4)
  4. ZhouMi (April 19)
  5. DongHae (October 15)
  6. BoA (November 5)


  1. Victoria (February 2)
  2. SiWon (February 10)
  3. RyeoWook (June 21)
  4. KiBum (August 21)


  1. KyuHyun (February 3)
  2. ChangMin (February 18)
  3. Daeryong (February 25)
  4. Soryong (February 25)
  5. J-Min (May 27)


  1. Zhang Liyin (February 28)
  2. TaeYeon (March 9)
  3. Jessica (April 18)
  4. SungKyu (April 28)
  5. Sunny (May 15)
  6. Tiffany (August 1)
  7. HyoYeon (September 22)
  8. Henry (October 11)
  9. YuRi (December 5)
  10. Onew (December 14)


  1. SooYoung (February 10)
  2. XiuMin (March 26)
  3. JongHyun (April 8)
  4. LuHan (April 20)
  5. YoonA (May 30)
  6. Kris (November 6) (he’s still part of the company, even though he is suing them.lol)
  7. DongWoo (November 22)


  1. WooHyun (February 8)
  2. Hoya (March 28)
  3. Irene (March 29)
  4. SuHo (May 22)
  5. SeoHyun (June 28)
  6. SungYeol (August 27)
  7. Key (September 23)
  8. Lay (October 7)
  9. MinHo (December 9)


  1. L (MyungSoo) (March 13)
  2. BaekHyun (May 6)
  3. Amber (September 18)
  4. Chen (September 21)
  5. ChanYeol (November 27)


  1. D.O (January 12)
  2. Tao (May 2)
  3. TaeMin (July 18)
  4. Luna (August 12)
  5. SungJong (September 3)


  1. Kai (January 14)
  2. SeulGi (February 10)
  3. Wendy (Febuary 21)
  4. Sulli (March 29)
  5. SeHun (April 12)
  6. Krystal (October 24)
  7. Hansol (November 21) *someone younger than Soojungie~*


  1. Johnny (February 9)
  2. TaeYong (July 1)
  3. Yuta (October 26)


  1. Ten (February 27)
  2. Joy (September 3) 


  1. JaeHyun (February 14)


  1. Mark (August 2)


  1. Jeno (April 23)
  2. DongHyuck (June 6)


  1. JiSung (February 5)


  1. Lami (March 3)


SM Town family hwaiting~

Ok so this user earlier made a post bashing Laura Osnes. Several Carly Rae Jepson lovers agreed. And us “theatre nerds” as this user called us in a scorning manner meaning to insult us, were rightly upset. Ok, we love love our Princess Laura and the only people allowed to call us “nerds” are ourselves! I’m all for people respecting Carly and defending her if you do like her, but for the love of everything, DO IT NICELY AND WE WILL TREAT YOU NICELY. So I went to this persons blog to see what their problem was, and I saw this anon had already sent a message to which the user responded with this. First off, that is extremely rude. Second, I’m sorry, but which one of them is a Tony Nominee and which is a one hit wonder? Just because someone works almost exclusively on Broadway, DOES NOT MEAN THEY ARE A NOBODY, IT MEANS THEY LOVE WHAT THEY DO AND ARE PASSIONATE ABOUT IT. and I am SICK and TIRED of people not respecting us, those of us who are dreading Carly’s performance have a right to be. With tickets costing on average $100 we better get something decent from it! Not to mention Carly is only doing 6 shows a week. 6. Good god, shes playing Cinderella, not Elphaba or The Leading Player.
Theatre is the oldest form of entertainment and it will never die. Reason being, there will always be people who will love it and are passionate about it. And we demand respect, we demand to have a right to our opinions for all the shit we put up with in this community.