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Because White Men Cant Police their Imagination…


Clarion Alley @ Mission St in San Francisco, CA

Clarion Alley Mural Project (CAMP) was organized in 1992 and is the second oldest street art alley project in San Francisco. They are a grassroots community based artist-run organization. On their newly launched website they state their guiding principles. The first two give some incite into the types of murals you will find on the alley. One is “Visual messaging can  provide a powerful vehicle for supporting political, economic, and social equity and dismantling intersectional oppression. The second is” Sensitivity and awareness of cultural, racial, economic, migratory, sexual, and gender-related challenges and identities is necessary for CAMP to function as an inclusive organization that maintains space for people of all backgrounds and experiences.

We are publishing 6 murals today with more direct social messages. Possibility the artist name is not as relevant as the message.


Holler House - Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Located in the Lincoln Village neighborhood of Milwaukee, Holler House is the oldest sanctioned bowling alley in the United States. It was first opened in 1908 by “Iron Mike” Skowronski as Skowronski’s then passed on to his son Gene and wife Marcy and renamed Gene and Marcy’s. It finally gained the name Holler House in the 1970s (because of all the noise emanating from within) and is now run by Marcy Skowronski. She is candid, hilarious and charming and regaled us with stories of local baseball celebrities getting hammered at the bar and how the interior became decorated with bras. When she was younger, she said her friends would have a few drinks and take their clothes off.

The bowling alley has only two lanes and instead of traditional pin setters, relies on pin boys who manually reset the pins. We caught Marcy before a Milwaukee Brewers game and said she’ll sometimes lock the doors and watch it by herself in the bar - because then she can yell at the TV with impunity. 

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silent market - open rp

The Silent Market is not a place to be found in a map. It lies out of sight on the oldest alleys in the center of the Devil’s City. A trail of demons guides you to its entrance, where rune stones and a dry willow covered in flowers greet the visitors. Something inside tells you to turn back, even though there is nothing threatening about the place. Herbs, flowers, jewels and colorful wedding robes decorate the scene.

“You shouldn’t be here, hmm?” a soft voice spoke from behind a curtain of stones and bones.

“If they catch you in the market, you’ll be in a lot of trouble.” The scent of sweet tobacco surrounds you.