not to poke a sleeping bear but with all this shipcourse about pairing two maybe??? bARELy underage characters together (looking squarely @u voltron fandom), where’s all the rage about a canon underage pairing?

in like, the most celebrated cartoon series of all time?

with a 13 year old and a 14-ish year old?

are you guys just picking and choosing what counts as a terrible, Bad, Problematic ship or…?
The world’s oldest known fossils have been found - and they’re 3.7 billion years old
They could push back evidence for life on Earth by 220 million years.
By Bec Crew

The oldest fossils ever discovered have been found in Greenland, and they appear to have preserved the earliest signs of life of Earth.

Dated to around 3.7 billion years ago, the fossils contain evidence of stromatolites - layers of sediment packed together by ancient, water-based bacterial colonies - and could push back the origins of life in the fossil record by 220 million years.

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