gUYS. So I went to the doctor today and then went with mom to see some stuff for the house, and when we came back, all my dogs are barking in front of my room’s door. I thought maybe there was a bat there, since bats likes to enter my room every time in a while, and I opened just to find my three cats on my bed with lots of dirty clothes and their toys around a kitten I don’t know where he/she come from.

My house adopted another kitten without telling me.

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fellow ex-superwholockian. If this happened again where we were queerbaited only to receive mockery I'm going to lose my shit

uggggghh i know,,

like supernatural and sherlock were like….the Worst Cases of queerbaiting i’ve ever seen and i’m putting my gay little heart in chris metzen’s hands and hoping that blizzard doesn’t ever make junkrat be like “lol im not gay!!!!!’ or have widowmaker and tracer infinitely do a carefully choreographed will-they-wont-they-just-kidding-of-fucking-course-they-wont dance