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Today is my nephew’s birthday! I can’t believe he’s already 2 years old ;0;
He was born at 26 weeks and was in the nicu for a few months, so he’s a real miracle. Anyway! Please enjoy this picture of us from my visit with him last week!!

Also fun fact. His birthday 6/22 is my half birthday and my birthday 12/22 is his half birthday. Kinda dumb, but makes me happy!

had a not so great day at work today but one good moment: a group of kids heard me doing my whole “do you have a sec for lgbt rights?” thing and came over, super excited, asking if they could learn, and around halfway through my script i asked them if they knew what lgbt meant and one little kid, probably like 11 years old, very quickly & proudly explained it to all his friends, and like ¾ of these little middle schoolers immediately go “oh i’m part of that!” or “i’m bi!!” or “hey i’m gay!!!” and it was so heartwarming to see all these kids already proudly identifying as lgbt

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Relationship status: Happily married to my wonderfully dorky husband, despite all the teenagers out there that think real life age gaps are problematic, har har. Every time some one posts that age gaps are bad, I’m going to call my husband “sensei” in bed.

Favorite color: Coral

Lipstick or chapstick: Chapstick. I never look right in lipstick for some reason.

Last movie I watched: Wonder Woman (Me too! It was so good!)

Top 3 Ships: At the moment, I’m really enjoying MadaKaka (always), KakaYama, and TobiMada. I’m adding ShikaSaku too. 

Books I’m currently reading: Oh Kat, I’m with you here! I have piles of books everywhere and I just keep buying them and I’m not reading them. I blame Tumblr for distracting me.

Top 5 Musicals: Ummm, the musical episode of Buffy.

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wanna-one boys age

(american age/korean age)

Jisung Mar 8, 1991 (26/27)

Sungwoon Mar 22, 1994 (23/24)

Minhyun Aug 9,1995 (21/23)

Seungwoo Aug 25, 1995 (21/23)

Jaehwan May 27,1996 (21/22)

Daniel Dec 10, 1996 (20/22)

Jihoon May 29, 1999 (18/19)

Woojin Nov 2, 1999 (17/19)

Jinyoung May 10, 2000 (17/18)

Daehwi Jan 29, 2001 (16/17)

Guanlin Sept 23, 2001 (15/17)