older white men are not to be trusted


is where it’s at…. PERIOD!

If you’re a pretty girl and can initiate a convo, get off SA & Tinder and all that other bullshit and get out there and freestyle! (besides the men with the REAL money are not browsing through those sites/apps, they’re out at these places!!)

If you live in or less than 30 mins from a major city with 5 star restaurants then there are POTs waiting for you. I typically like to go to the traditional steakhouse restaurants because the type of men I like are there. (older, white & RICH) Hotel bars have worked in my favor as well but the men I’ve met from hotel bars are visiting🙄Personal preference are locals because I can see them more often which means more money for me😊

I’ve only gone a few times and have lucked up every time. *knocks on wood* If one doesn’t work out down the road, I drop them and I’m off to finding the next one.

The men I’ve met are CEOs who control their schedule, travel often and are ranking in 6 figure salaries (trust me, I’ve googled them all). So they have the money to share and don’t mind sharing it.

So put on a sexy fit that shows your shape and your boobs and put yourself out there. You have nothing to lose!

anonymous asked:

what are some good shows/movies of the actors/actresses i can watch??

please keep in mind that i have only watched a few of these! a (*) means i super recommend it! :-)) I’ve linked the trailers to each of the movies/shows below, if I was able to find a trailer! All of these are pretty easy to find online to stream. *I only included movies where they have a more prominent role, and are more recent and easily accessible. 

    - Winter in the Blood (BONUS: Julia Jones is his co-star in this!)
       I haven’t watched this personally, but according to a friend of mine, it’s pretty good! (2013)
    - Fishing Naked* (BONUS: Tinsel Korey is his co-star in this!)  
       This is a comedic movie! All about this guy named David and his friends pulling pranks to scare off fishing tourists and media. (2015)
    - Never Back Down 2 
      This is also a pretty good movie. Alex plays this guy called Zach Gold and he joins this underground fighting ring to prove something to himself. If you want to see him dancing, shirtless, and fighting in a ring, this is the movie for you! ;;))) (2011)
    - Mine Games 
      I haven’t watched this personally, but another friend who likes the wolf pack said she really likes this movie! It’s a horror movie, and that’s all I really know about it! (2012)
      HOLY FUCK.. I’M SO PROUD OF ALEX FOR LANDING A ROLE IN THIS EVEN IF IT’S SORTA SMOL!! As much as we can see in the trailer, he plays a soldier that accompanies Harley Quinn when she ventures off to do her thing! (You can see Alex in the background of the scene where Harley Quinn is talking about the voices to the soldiers, and the last scene where Harley Quinn breaks the glass of a shop display to grab a purse! He’s also in one frame of the trailer fist-bumping Scott Eastwood! ((listen 2 me that scene slayed my fucking life i was dead i was like yas alex slay me bitch)) He’s sporting a pretty gnarly beard and moustache, so he might be a little hard to spot. Nothing a quick rewind and pause can’t find, though!) I’m so fucking hyped for this movie y’all don’t even know omg… He was also rumored to play a Jason Todd/Robin or smth,, and his role is pretty ambiguous/no-one gives a shit ab his role so who knows?? Maybe his character sneaks up on ya in the film! 
    - the Red Road* (BONUS: Jason Momoa is the main character!)
      This is such a good TV show. It fucks with your mind and Kiowa is pretty bad-ass in this. Here’s a link to an interview about the show where he mentions the Twilight cast and the wolf-pack! :-)) It’s available to watch on Netflix!
      Kiowa plays this kid named Junior who lives on a reservation. This show is AWESOME. It really just reveals what reservation life is, touches on police brutality and power manipulation, racism, etc.. I really recommend you to watch it if you enjoy crime/mystery shows! (2014-2015) 
    - the Lesser Blessed 
      I haven’t personally seen this, but again, a friend watched it and she really enjoyed it! It’s based off a book, I believe. Kiowa really seems to like playing more angsty roles. (2012)
    - Wind Walkers
      This looks like an interesting movie that I haven’t gotten around to watching! I’ve been meaning to. It’s apparently a horror film about Native American monsters. (sorry if I worded that wrong!) (2015)
    - Feed the Devil 
      I wasn’t able to find a stream for this movie, unfortunately. I don’t know much about it, either, so watch the trailer!! (2014)
    - The Ridiculous Six: (BONUS: Taylor Lautner is a main star in this!) 
      This is a comedic movie that stars Adam Sandler and other pretty big names. This was fun to watch! However, the movie has stirred up some controversy over the representation of Native Americans. It’s up to you to watch. It’s available to stream on Netflix. When watching the movie, I think you’ll be able to see why many people argue that it’s controversial– again, up to you to watch. (2015)
    - Longmire: 

      She is a recurring, guest star on this TV show. 
    - She has quite a few upcoming projects to watch out for as well!
    - Descendants:
      This is a popular original Disney Channel movie that came out last year! Booboo is a main star, and plays the character “Jay”, son of Jafar. Keep in mind that this is a Disney movie, and it probably won’t appeal to older audiences. I personally didn’t like it just because it was very cliche, but that isn’t to say that the film isn’t good! It’s just not my taste. (2015)
    - White Frog:*
      Can I just say: Booboo’s performance in this is INCREDIBLE. He plays a boy with Asperger’s Syndrome, who struggles with his social and personal life after his older brother passes away. There are some awesome stars in this like Gregg Sulkin, and Tyler Posey. This is a wonderful movie to watch with a lovely moral and awesome POC and LGBTQ representation! (2012)
    - X-Men: Days of Future Past: 
      Booboo has a small role in this film as a superhero called “Warpath”.
    - Honestly, this kid has so many movies and projects to his name, so trust me, you’ll be able to keep up with him. (2014)
    -  Fishing Naked: 
      see above in Bronson Pelletier’s section! (2015)
     - Arctic Air:
    This is an old Canadian TV series that I believe got cancelled? Anyways, it’s not a bad TV show, and all the full episodes are available on the CBC website, which will be linked HERE. It’s about an airplane hangar facility, and it’s got some interesting drama surrounding it. I think Tanaya is pretty good in this, and is a central character, especially in later seasons! If you ever need screencaps of her, this is the place you want to go. (2012-2014)
    - Words and Pictures: 
      This is an old rom-com movie. Tanaya, based on the trailer, seems to be a central student in the movie– which I haven’t seen! 
    - the Night Shift: (premiering June 1st, 2016) 
      This is a Canadian medical drama TV series! Tanaya will be playing a central doctor in pretty much every episode. I’m super excited because I love medical dramas and it’s coming out really soon!! :’’) 
    - Tanaya has guest-starred on the hit TV show, “the 100″ as Mel, in the episodes “Many Happy Returns” and “Human Trials”. She’s also appeared frequently in the TV shows “Continuum” and “True Justice”. 
    - Tanaya has quite a few projects that will be coming out in the next few years! She will be a main character in a short film called “The Hunt”, which is currently in pre-production starring Matt Daddario (mega heart eye emoji omg), and is also portraying Sacagawea, a national icon and hero Lemhi Shoshone woman who was a vital guide to the Lewis and Clark expedition, in an upcoming TV mini-series currently in post-production. 

**Please keep in mind that most of these movies are low-budget, or indie movies. Don’t expect brilliant, Oscar-worthy pieces of art– and take the projects for what they are. If you don’t like them, don’t leave nasty reviews and discredit all these incredibly hard-working individuals’ efforts and talents. If you’re thinking: “Why do many of these actors mainly have small, indie roles in lower-end productions?”, remember that it’s all a part of a bigger problem surrounding Native American talent and content.  Be reasonable y’all, and respect all the hard work put into the performances, production, and years of effort it took to get these actors and actresses to where they are today. 

**Also keep in mind that these are all based off what I could find on the Internet! Some of this info may be outdated, or wrong, but it’s unlikely it is. HAPPY WATCHING!

***EDIT: for Alex Meraz, if u can handle a sad story, pls watch his episode of “New Worlds”!!! It’s super easy to find on YouTube (literally just search “New Worlds Alex Meraz”) and it should be there in pretty good quality!!! I just reblogged an old ask where I link the episode!!!
This is (not) what a feminist looks like

There seems to be a rise recently in the number of men who are labeling themselves as feminists. This sounds like a good thing–after all, why wouldn’t we want men to support women and women’s issues? And yet, I’ve come to believe that there are actually some significant issues in the way this tends to play out.

For instance, once a man has proclaimed himself a feminist, I expect him to act in feminist ways. And yet! Over and over, we see that the men who say loudest that they are feminists continue to engage in problematic behavior. And yes–we are all imperfect. But when they are called out for it, we also see these same men defend their choices, engage in shaming and tone policing their female critics, and ultimately try to shut down the women saying they’ve messed up.

This is not feminist behavior.

If, for instance, Benedict Cumberbatch wants to proclaim that he is what a feminist looks like, he should maybe not portray Julian Assange  in a hagiographical biopic. Or Doctor Strange in a whitewashed & racist role. Or Khan in Star Trek: Into Darkness. (I’m using Cumberbatch as an example precisely because he will never see this post or care.)

And I’m thinking of several male authors who are self-labeled feminists, who also have repeatedly talked over women, talked down to women, told them that they shouldn’t be so angry, so hurtful, so mean. I’m not naming names, because this is not about them, and I’m not interested in hearing defenses from their fans, but trust me: look for the pattern. It is there. In addition, the men who get the most praise for being feminists also tend to be, non-coincidentally, white, cis, able-bodied, comfortably well off.

There is also a weird reaction to men declaring themselves feminists. We expect that women might be feminists, but we praise men who say they are. What they are–or rather, should be–saying is that they intend to treat women as people and with respect. This is basic decency, not something praiseworthy.

And contrast how people react to male feminists versus women who are feminists. Women can expect argument, harassment, even threats. Men, even those who are considered the enemy by anti-feminists, are still less threatened. They get the rewards without the risks, and often without doing the work.

Perhaps most of all, there’s a centering of male voices on issues where women should be allowed to be the loudest. If you are a man and you are truly a feminist, sometimes you should realize that you just need to shut up. That is, in fact, the most revolutionary act: to realize that  if you’re a guy who genuinely wants to support women, and if you have power, if you have space–physical, online, cultural, whatever–you learn to hand that space over. But it does mean giving up your airspace, your right to opine on every issue, and this seems to be where even well intentioned men tend to fall short.

Feminism does not need male opinion to be valid. If you think it does, even unconsciously, then you’re not there yet.

Perhaps most fundamentally, feminism is something you enact, not something you identify with. This is true for all of us, but when it come to men it is even more true. You are working from a deficit. You have to earn trust. You are not handed a medal for walking in the door.

In fact, some of the most truly feminist men I know–the ones who respect women, who listen to them, who support them and their dreams–are exactly the men who would never label themselves feminists. To me, they are models of how men who truly want to help should act. Be less concerned with your wittiness and your blog posts and your follower count. Act behind the scenes and prove to the women in your life that you are truly someone they can trust. There was a good thread on Captain Awkward awhile back about a male manager who was genuinely trying to figure out how to help support the women he was in charge of and one of the suggestions was to introduce them to older women who could mentor them and then get out of the way.

(A lot of this also applies to women who are white, able-bodied, and otherwise privileged. We also have to learn to de-center ourselves.)

In the end, I’m not trying to argue that men shouldn’t be feminists, or even that they shouldn’t identify as feminists. I am always going to argue that men concerned with feminism have to do more than put on a name badge: that they have to step back and support. In a wider political sense, it requires listening to women on all issues, and boosting women’s work at all levels. But it also involves a more personal work and sacrifice of what society teaches men they are owed. But after all, that’s what feminism actually means.