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Naughty (but Nice)

Maybe NSFW. Rating is T/M, but nothing’s really explicit. My Wendip Week story for the prompt “Naughty and Nice.” And, writing too fast, I called Soos’s family by the wrong name originally! Sorry, dawg!

Naughty (but Nice)

By William Easley

Pioneer Day was the perfect date for their visit. Wendy and Dipper were attending college year-around—he’d already finished his B.A. degree in only two years, and he was now working on his Master’s, and she would have her bachelor’s degree in hand in another four months—but Pioneer Day fell on July 6, and they had an extra-long weekend vacation from college down in California, so the timing was ideal.

Also, it was a good time to visit for other reasons. One plus was that Pioneer Day drew everyone, and that meant everyone, downtown. The Shack was closed and all the family, even Abuelita and the Ramirez kids, were in town, and no tourists would come wandering up the drive. Grunkles Stan and Ford had sailed off somewhere on another expedition. Mabel and her new husband were enjoying a two-week trip to Ireland, their honeymoon.

So, Dipper and Wendy had the Shack, privacy, and most important, each other.

In the dappled shade of the bonfire clearing, Wendy stretched languorously. “What was that, our third time?”

“Mm. Let’s count it up: Once up in my old attic bedroom.”

“Check. That was good except for the splinters.” She rubbed her butt and made a face.

Dipper nodded. “Probably should have used the bed. Then once on the counter next to the cash register.”

Wendy punched the air. “Yes! I always wanted to do that! More fun than driving a tank!”

“And now here in the grass, where you once told me you were too old for me.”

Wendy lay on her side beside him, lazily stroking his bare chest. “Guess I was wrong, huh?”

He nuzzled her. “So glad you were.”

“Well,” she said with a contented sigh, “What with starting college so soon and all, we didn’t ever get a honeymoon, but this kinda makes up for it.”

“Morning’s getting on. Let’s get dressed,” Dipper suggested.

She pouted. “Aw.”

“You don’t want to kill your husband before our third anniversary,” he said, kissing her.

She still didn’t make a move to retrieve her scattered clothing. “Where should we go next? Lake?” Wendy suggested. She really liked the water.

Dipper shrugged. “We could try it, but I’ll bet there are people around, swimming and boating. How about that hot spring up in the mountains?”

“Mm. Too far to hike,” she said. “Being back in Gravity Falls makes me want to be all lazy and irresponsible again.”

“I … think we covered the ‘irresponsible’ part,” Dipper said, chuckling. “Hey, hand me my shorts, please.”

“I would,” Wendy said, making no visible effort, “but—ugh!—I can’t reach them. She grinned. “You can roll over me and get ‘em for yourself, though.”

“Um … I think I can stretch.”

A few minutes later, fully dressed, they strolled down the Mystery Trail, hugging each other in the way Dipper used to think sappy when he was younger and saw teen couples walking linked like that. “So,” he said, “next year I’ll have my Master’s. Think you could stand it if I stayed in school another two years for my doctorate?”

“Stood it so far, dude! I’ve decided I’m gonna take that one-year master’s program in environmental science myself. Shouldn’t be hard—I’ve already taken the undergraduate equivalents of most of the courses for the comp-exam track, got an A in all of them. Normative is two years, but I’ll bet I can nail it in a year and a half, tops.”

“I’m betting a year. Go for it,” Dipper said. They stood in front of the Shack, holding hands and just looking at it. “Same-y, but different-y, as Mabel says.”

Wendy hugged him. “Yeah, Soos has the place really fixed up nice. It’s nearly twice the size it was.”

“Top tourist draw in Oregon last year.”

“Soos and Melody are so happy. Didn’t he want seven kids?”

Dipper grinned. “Yep, one to love for each day of the week.”

“Well, four more to go. They’ll make it!”

He kissed her cheek. “We’ll get started ourselves whenever you want. What next?”

She sighed. “Let’s go back inside for a last look around. I just love this old place so much.”

“Um,” Dipper said, “I think I might need a little more recuperation before—”

She bumped him with her hip. “Nostalgia, man, not lust! C’mon, just one more walk-around.”

They sauntered through the Museum, laughed at the Sascrotch—Soos had recently given him new designer underwear—and then, on impulse, dug out the electron carpet—“What do you think, Dip?” Wendy asked, raising an eyebrow.

“Maybe some other time,” Dipper said. “Right now, it would seem, I don’t know, kind of weird.”

She laughed. “When were you ever worried about weird, big guy?”

Hey, they’d been married for nearly three years, so what the heck. Then, having swapped bodies, they roamed around a little more, joking and laughing and somehow feeling completely at home in each other’s skins. “Time to change back, I guess,” Wendy said in Dipper’s voice.

They had returned to where they left the carpet, in the gift shop, and everything seemed quiet, empty. Dipper, in Wendy’s body, said mischievously, “You know, I just might change my mind about that weirdness bit. I just realized there’s still one place we haven’t visited.”


He twitched the curtain aside. “Roof time! Roof time!”

Wendy, in his body, laughed. “Up where we might be seen?”

“Don’t lame out on me!” Dipper said. “You know you want it!”

“Pret-ty naughty,” she said, but she climbed the ladder.

I ought to work on mybutt muscles, Dipper thought, climbing up behind her and seeing his body from the rear. They emerged on the roof—Soos had nailed the S of the Mystery Shack sign permanently to the shingles, so the sign still read MYSTERY  HACK, just as they remembered—and they scrambled to Wendy’s old retreat on the flat roof over an attic dormer window. The cooler was still there, but some storm in the intervening years must have blown away the lawn chair.

“You really up for this?” Dipper asked, beginning to take off the flannel shirt and wondering about how to unhook a bra by reaching behind. “Not too weird for you, is it?”

“You darin’ me?” Wendy asked with a broad grin as she shed Dipper’s vest.

He said, “Sure am—Mr. Pines.”

She arranged their discarded clothing into an improvised pad and said, “OK, then let’s see how the other half lives—Mrs. Pines!”

They attracted a woodpecker’s beady-eyed interest, but at least no Gnomes. And later, lazing up there in the late-morning sun, Dipper said, “You know, we shouldn’t have done that. It was really very, very—”

“Nice,” Wendy insisted. “Nice in a whole different way, but man! In fact, now I’m curious. I’d like to swap back and, you know—climb back up and try for double nice!”

The carpet got a lot of use that day.

The End

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Careful, careful my darling
‘Cause there’s a lion in the weeds

sapphic demon Wendy for anon  🦇 🦇

spooky sapphic red velvet series - irene, wendy, joy, seulgi, yeri  


1000 Picspams Challenge | #5 - Darlensie (for @ohnarnians​)

For we will be wicked and we will be fair
And they’ll call us such names, and we really won’t care,
So go, tell your Wendys, your Susans, your Janes,
There’s a place they can go if they’re tired of chains,
And our roads may be golden, or broken, or lost,
But we’ll walk on them willingly, knowing the cost –
We won’t take our place on the shelves.
It’s better to fly and it’s better to die
Say the wicked girls saving ourselves.

I always imagined dipper wearing fingerless gloves when he is older but then i remembered that everyone always made fun of robbie for wearing fingerless gloves.
this is kinda what happened me when i bought a pair of fingerless gloves and my sister just started at me in shame.

I also found out that sketching in photoshop is extremely fun
this wasn’t supposed to be wendip i just??? needed a character next to him??? I actually see them as best buds??
also I like wendy with short hair


Wendy and Dipper share their first kiss on the roof of the Mystery Shack at Wendy’s hiding place. Stan catches them when returning home from errands and yells up casually, “I don’t pay you for overtime, Corduroy!”

From then on, whenever Stan suspects Dipper is sneaking off to see her (and even when he just wants to mess with him), Stan refers to their potential “romantic entanglements” as “overtime”:

“Heading off to get some ‘overtime’ with Wendy, are we?”

“Not now, Dip. You can have your 'overtime’ with Wendy later.”


“You two thinking you can sneak off and squeeze in a little 'overtime’ when I’ve got my back turned? I may be senile, but nobody’s that stupid.”

 Needless to say, it turns Dipper into a blushing tomato.

Dad Things 3

Laxus: *crawls in* DAD! COBRA BROKE MY LEG

Acnologia: *reading newspaper*  Did you do your homework?

Laxus: WHAT!? NO!?

Acnologia: well get that done then we go how bout that.

Laxus: DAD

A Jealous Lostgirl

Could you do an imagine where you are the first lost girl you are shy and all and then another girl appears and you get jealous and sad because she likes Peter but so do you but eventually Peter admits his feelings for you

PS- changed a teensy bit, I have trouble writing a shy reader. Hope you enjoy@ 

~Hannah Banana :) 

“Peter!” you laughed, wheezing as you chased him through the woods. “Peter give me back my bow!” you protested, running further and further into the jungle after the green eyed boy. “Catch me if you can,” Peter throws back, giggling. You use every last piece of energy inside you to speed up and catch him. Falling closely behind him, you take one last running leap and tackle him. Both of your bodies hit the ground with a loud, “Ooomph!” You find yourself laying on top of him. Placing your hands on either side of him, you push up and look down at him, laughing. “You stole my bow,” you frown at him, pretending to be mad. “And the arrows,” he laughs. You roll off of him and pretend to be mad, huffing and crossing your arms. Peter just shakes his head at you and laughs. “Give it back,” you whine. He pulls the bow back when you try to reach for it. “What’s the magic word?” he smirks at you, his chest practically touching your own. You roll your eyes and lean in, whispering, “Please,” with a soft breath. It sends shivers down his spine. You grin in triumph, seeing Peter so helpless under your touch. When you both realize how close you’re still standing, you back away at the same time. Peter hands the bow over. “Thanks,” you mumble. He nods. “Shouldn’t you be getting back to camp?” you tell him after a beat. He nods again. “I’ll get dinner,” you tell him drawing your bow and depart.

Walking into the forest, you slump against a tree. “What have I gotten myself into?” you scold yourself. You were the first lost girl. And you’d been living on the island with Peter for hundreds of years, never growing old. But this time it was like something was different. You couldn’t deny your budding feelings for him, but you were certain he didn’t feel the same. Nevertheless, you found yourself constantly drawn to him.

On the other side of the island, Peter trudges lonely back to camp. He smiles, thinking about how close your lips got to his when you said please. His thought of you is cut off by yelling coming from the beach. He runs to see what the commotion is. Pushing the lost boys aside, he stumbles upon another girl. The first one to be here since y/n. She lays, past out in the sand, her auburn hair fanned out around her, blue nightgown clinging to her wet skin. He waves his hands once over her body and she awakens. “What’s your name?” Peter asks her. “Wendy. Wendy Darling,” she splutters. Peter grins, “Well Wendy, welcome to Neverland.” He pulls her up with one hand and begins to take her back to camp.

Sitting on a log in the forest you sigh, giving up. You decided the 5 birds you caught would have to be enough for dinner tonight. Stomping back to camp, you stop, staring at the most miserable sight before you. There was a new girl on the island. And she sat surrounded by the lost boys, your lost boys. But what bothered you the absolute most was that she sat so close to Peter. You strut in, holding up your prey. “Dinner,” you announce. The lost boys all run over to you. “Y/n have you met Wendy? She’s new!” one of them says excitedly. You grit your teeth into a fake smile, “No. I don’t believe I’ve had the pleasure, Wendy is it?” She smiles her oblivious smile at you and says, “Yes, Wendy Darling. I’m so glad to see there’s another girl my age on the island.” You smirk, “You could say that, though I suspect I’m much older than you.” Wendy looks confused. You continue, “I’ve been living on this island for centuries with Peter. I’d say I’m about, oh I don’t, 350.” Wendy gasps, “My goodness. Don’t you ever get bored?” You grin maliciously, “Never.” Peter comes up behind Wendy and says, “I was thinking that maybe Wendy could stay with us for a while.” You narrow your eyes towards him and say plainly, “Sure, sounds great. Here’s dinner.” Turning, you walk away into the woods.

Peter stares at your retrieving form. “What’s wrong with her?” Felix says. “Dunno,” Peter replies, “But I’m gonna find out.” He saunters off after you. Leaving Wendy to sit with the lost boys.

You go to your usual spot deep in the forest, Under the giant willow tree. Pacing, you decide you need to take out your anger. Drawing your bow, you fire 10 shots into the same spot on the tree trunk. When you run out of arrows, you angrily throw your bow down and slide down the tree, sitting on the ground. Tears begin to form at the corner of your eyes, and before you know it, they’re flowing freely. That’s when you hear the crunch of a twig under someone’s foot. Turning, you see Peter approaching you. You push yourself up, turning your back to him. “I don’t want to talk right now Peter.” He comes up behind you and you can feel his cool breath on your neck, sending shivers down your spine. “Please,” Peter murmurs. Your heart melts and you turn around. “What?” you snarl. “What’s going on? We were having fun earlier today and now all of the sudden you won’t talk to me? Please tell me what’s wrong,” he begs. You huff and push past him, walking off into a different direction. “Y/n I’m talking to you!” Peter’s hand shoots out and grabs your arm, yanking you back. You look at him in surprise in anger. He goes to apologize, but you beat him too it. “Yea? Well I’m not talking to you,” you tell him. Retracing your steps, you retreat even further into the trees. Peter stands there, and doesn’t bother to follow you at all. Wendy suddenly appears at his side, “My doesn’t she have anger issues.” She rubs Peter’s shoulders and he stands there, letting her.

You decide to head to the beach. Walking along the shore, you curse the day you came to this island. Falling in love with Peter, that was inevitable, which meant you never should have come here in the first place. Maybe it was time you finally left. It becomes clear in your head that this is what you must do. Turning, you walk back to camp, preparing to tell Peter the sad news.

When you stroll into the clearing, the sight you see before you has your fists turning white from clenching them. Wendy sat, surrounded by the lost boys, entrancing them with a story. You let the anger overtake you and you sprint over to the group, breaking them up. “I’m their mother! Not you!” you shout at her, advancing. She falls back off of her log, appauled at your reaction. “Y/n what on earth has gotten into you? I can’t believe you just did that,” Peter looks at you in shock. You turn angrily to address him. “Don’t worry, you won’t have to deal with me much longer. I’m leaving. The fact that you actually thought to replace me with her, that shows that I never should have stayed as long as I did. I won’t make that mistake again,” Peter’s mouth drops open. You make your way to the beach, never looking back.

Wendy attempts to soothe Peter. “Please, just let her go. She doesn’t deserve you,” she coos. Peter shrugs her off, “It’s the other way around. I will never deserve her, but that doesn’t mean I don’t love her. And I have to stop her. You’re the one whose the problem. You’re making her feel threatened. Wendy I’m sorry, but you have to leave. Don’t be here, on the island, when, if I come back with y/n,” Peter says storming off.

Peter comes jogging onto the beach and he sees you standing there in all of your glory. You truly were a lost girl. Clad in one of Peter’s old green tunics, you went barefoot and wore it as a dress. H/c hair blowing behind you, you toss the bean between each hand. “Y/n wait!” Peter shouts as he comes to his senses. You turn and frown. “You can’t stop me Peter!” you yell throwing the bean down. The portal opens. You turn to jump, and that’s when your hurled to the side. Peter used his magic on you. You watch in horror as the portal closed. It was the only bean left. “I cannot believe you would keep me here against my will!” you shout at him in disbelief. He walks slowly over to you. His voice comes out soft as he says, “After I tell you this, I hope it won’t be against your will.” You roll your eyes and sit down in the sand angrily. He follows. “Y/n, when you came to the island… I was so unbelievably happy. You’ve been here nearly 350 years now and well, I just got worried you would get bored with me. That’s why I was going to let Wendy stay. But it’s so clear now. I get it. I never dreamed you would care about me enough to become jealous, but you have. And that’s why now’s a good time as any to tell you that I love you. I have for almost 3 centuries. Wendy, she’s gone love. It’s just you and me,” he grabs your hand. You look up at him, a tear in your eye. “Really? Because Peter I will spend the rest of eternity here with you and the boys, as long as I’m your only.” “You are,” he assures you. You smile at the ground, saying, “Peter I love you too.” He grins and opens his arms. You jump into them and for the first time in history your lips connect with his. The kiss is so hot it could’ve burned you. Peter’s hands roam over your back as yours get tangled in his hair. You smile into his lips. Nearly in his lap at this point, you kiss him all over his face. “I will always love you,” you say breathlessly. “Good. Me too,” he smirks, kissing you some more, as the sun goes down over the lagoon.

Fan Fiction Master-post

Aged Up: 

Not exactly a balcony, Wendip:

A 16 year old Dipper Pines returns to Gravity Falls one summer to find something strange on the roof of the Mystery Shack.

A very Wendip Christmas: 

Dipper has a plan for the holiday season, and he’s going to pull out all the stops to make sure it goes ahead.

An uncertain apology, Wendip:

Dipper makes a mistake and tries is best to make up for it.

Namesakes, Wendip:

Dipper learns to love his name.

Shades of red, Wendip:

What colour reminds Dipper most of his girlfriend.

It’s simply love, Wendip

Wendy comes to a sudden powerful realisation.

A new development, Wendip(NSFW):

Wendy has to deal with a ‘gift’ from Dipper.

Revenge, Wendip(NSFW):

Wendy pays Dipper back for the marks he left her.

A momentary solution, Wendip. (Part 1)(Part 2)

Something has got Dipper spooked and he seeks an unusual answer to his problem.

Protect and Serve, Wendip: 

Dipper needs to be certain that summer is safe, Wendy can’t help but notice.

Double Trouble, Wendip and Mabcifica: 

Dipper and Mabel attempt to broker a truce between the most competitive people in their lives.

Adrenaline Junkie, Wendip(NSFW): 

Wendy and Dipper spend time on the roof. 

Power, Wendip (NSFW): 

Dipper dons articles of submission. 

A traditional ritual, Wendip(NSFW): 

Wendy and Dipper attempt to perform a sacred rite. 

A power nap, Wendip: 

Dipper has the most Amazing night.

Lost bets and surprising talents, Wendip(NSFW-ish): 

Dipper looses a bet and Wendy wants him to do something for her.

Scars and Souvenirs, Wendip: a

fter a mission goes wrong Wendy has to patch up her husband.

A brighter side, Wendip: 

Wendy has to enter the study to find her husband. 

The protectors of Gravity Falls, Wendip

Dipper and Wendy attempt to find a missing person. 

Echos of days gone by, Wendip: 

Dipper, Wendy and Summer celebrate new years in a traditional way.

The road to hell: 

After the sudden death of Candy Chu Dipper makes a decision. 


Dipper and Wendy visit an old friend to help an even older one.

The race: 

Wendy and Dipper go for a walk to the multi-bears cave.

You’re an idiot but you’re my idiot 
Wendy understands Dipper better than he does. 

Don’t underestimate what a person will do for someone they care about.
Follow up to my short Moonshine Wendy is protective to say the least 

We are not going to steal someones dog. 
Dipper is certain he found a werewolf

A talk with Mrs Corduroy 
Dipper talks to Wendy’s mother. 

The dragon of gravity falls. 
Dipper and Wendy partake in some wildlife preservation 

Five Times Wendy and Dipper Were Visited By Specter and One Time They Put Him To Rest.
Wendy and Dipper deal with a silent watcher all their lives.

They don’t make spider demons like they used to. 
Wendy and Dipper get in a sticky situation 

Coffeehouse Au:

Beware the green eyed monster, Wendip: 

Wendy has her eye on the new guy but is scared she might have competition. 

Hot Chocolate: 

After their first date Dipper shows that he can be relied on.

Caffeine, Wendip and Mabcifica: 

Dipper needs a date to his sisters wedding, and he knows just the girl to ask.

Espresso, Wendip

Tambry is sick of covering for her Co-workers.

Neon Stars: 

Set in the near future. Wendy is a private investigator in the Depths a multilayered city where crime runs rampant. In an attempt to find a missing girl she is thrust head first into a life of crime. Heavy Wendip and Mabcifica. Mentions of blood and significant violence.

Chapter 1: The shooting star 

Chapter 2: Old leather-bound books

Chapter 3: Making Promises

Chapter 4: Everyone has their reasons

Chapter 5: What are you running from

Chapter 6: The man in black and yellow


Chapter 7: A bolt of neon 

Chapter 8: Mr Mystery

Chapter 9: The best laid plans

Chapter 10: Of mice and men

Chapter 11: 

Gang aft a-gley



Wendy and Dipper visit an old informant 

a darker narrative where Dipper goes missing after his 16th birthday, most of the gang has moved on but when Wendy hears something in her bathroom she is thrust back into a world much darker than she remembers.
Why exactly do you need Chloroform at 2am 

Small town girl big city cult. 

Direct sequel to the original short

I tried my best to not feel for you but guess what, I failed.

Don’t underestimate what I person will do to protect those they care about

Wendy Corduroy, student, lumberjacks daughter and Slayer. When gifted with the sacred duty of the vampire slayer, Wendy is quick to refused the responsibility of her title and the aid of her new watchers. But as sinister forces begin to move against her, Wendy will soon realize that sometimes, no matter how hard you try you can’t outrun your destiny. Heavy Wendip and Mabcifica. Now with added Wendipbry   

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4

Chapter 5
Chapter 6 

One Shots:

Competition, Showers and Overwhelming Attractions, Wendip(NSFW): 

after a race goes awry Dipper and Wendy keep messing up.

Tell The Truth!, Wendip:

an old Item gets revealed for a game of truth or dare.

Control the story
Dippers 21st birthday celebrations go shockingly wrong.