older than my old man

For being someone who’s always sleeping or talking about sleeping or wishing he were asleep Aizawa sure likes being up late at night, doesn’t he

who would have thought I’d have found yet another reason for finding this man relatable

Little Bro

Fresuary Day Seven: Fresh meets his kid self

In an abandoned lot, two neon skeletons skated around doing various tricks. From a distance, they looked almost like father and son, or maybe two brothers who dressed alike. They laughed and talked casually as the breeze, looking to the world like the happiest people alive.

But of course that’s at a distance. Up close…

“Hey big bro mcman, how’d ya do the rad nasty trick again?” the smaller one asked.

“That widdle-waddle nightmare flip? Little buddy bro it ain’t so far out hard as you’re trying, you need to relax a little more little buddy,” the larger one replied. He skated over to the little guy and sat down on the board. “Show me what moves you got so far homeslice, then we’ll see. You’re pretty bright little bulb after all.” The skelly smiled, but it looked hollow, and even with the sunglasses one could sense a hard stare.  

“Shaw, I’m always cool big guy, I’m the chillest radtastic guy on the block. Nothin’ bothers me,” the little guy said, shrugging. When the big guy skated over, the little one stared a bit from behind his shades, watching him. Then he grinned broadly and said, “Hey, no problem my man, check out these moves.”

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I hate dirty old men

Just to preface, I’m 17 and on a school work placement at a cafe this week. Yesterday, I was cleaning table legs (because I’m at the bottom of the hierarchy and get to clean everything), so I was kneeling on the floor and stopped because my teacher came to visit. Fair enough, we sat down, had a chat, she left. I continued on my cleaning quest, and no more than two minutes later, an old man, older than my grandparents, sat down at the table next to me, and said in the grossest tone ever “on ya knees, are ya?”. All I could think was ‘how dare he?’. I made a face and moved away but I wish now that I’d slapped him right in his face. Dirty old men need to stop. The only comfort I can take from this is that he’s old enough that he’ll die soon anyway

fibro!tsuna and them old man aches
  • tsuna: *has constructed a pillowfort in the main living room with the children, is wrapped in a gaudy silk bathrobe from two generations ago, ensconced in blankets, and surrounded by kids and animal-shaped heatpacks.*
  • xanxus: why are you such an old man? look at you. lazying around like someone's grandpa on a porch.
  • xanxus: you're older than your old man. you're older than MY old man, and that's fucking saying something because that scum is older than dinosaur spit.
  • xanxus: he's got one foot in the grave already and you're getting there yourself.
  • tsuna: xanxus, i'm way ahead of him. i don't even count feet anymore. i count toes.
  • xanxus: how many fucking toes you got in the grave then, baby trash?
  • tsuna: nine and three quarters.

Under Their Skin

“Ugh, kill me.”

“What was that, young one?”

“Hm? Oh, nothing.”

Fuga had requested to spend some time with his granddaughter, Rhajat. Though Rhajat had avoided him as best she could, Hayato had eventually found her and gotten her to join her grandfather doing some meditation.

Granted, it could have been worse. Fuga was known for his ridiculously rigid and intense training. Rhajat was at least grateful she was just sitting rather than breaking a sweat.

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Fools Together

I needed snuggly established-relationship fluff today, and as a bonus, it is apparently @elfrooted‘s birthday (happy birthday Captain!), so it seemed like a good time for some Cullistair fluff.  And my goodness is it ever fluffy.

Cullen Rutherford/Alistair Theirin, rated teen I guess, takes place in the everything-is-fine-and-dandy future where, like I told the man, everyone is happy and Alistair is cured of the taint and I’ll hear no different.

“We’re going to have to have the talk with Duncan soon, love.”

“Whaaaaat what talk?  The talk?  NooOoo!  He’s a baby; he doesn’t need the talk.”  

Cullen smiled gently and nudged his cheek against the top of Alistair’s head where it rested on his shoulder.

“He’s twelve, love. And more to the point, I saw him making calf eyes at the baker’s eldest daughter yesterday.  Surely better early than late?  Or would you prefer to leave him flailing in the dark like we did?”

Alistair whined and nuzzled tighter against Cullen’s body under the covers.

“Yes, the benefits of a Chantry education” he mumbled into the worn linen of Cullen’s nightshirt, sulking silently for a moment.  “Alright, I know.  But you’ll do it, of course.  You’re the serious parent, everyone knows that.”

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No, I’m not ashamed of being seen with my old man. Yes, he’s obviously way older than me, yes, people stare a lot, but I’m proud of who he is and I’m happy with him, I’m proud to show everyone that I’m his girl. And if people only see our age difference instead of our glowing eyes or our happy laughing then that’s their problem not ours.

Happy b-day to Nagare-chan, born under a lucky star on pocky day!  this is a lil late since i just learned it was his birthday the day of but anyways here it is (the hand is whoever u want it to be but for me it’s me feeding him pocky cuz im a sinner )