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I always thought that the other kids' runs could have been tampered with via Flowey. I headcannon that, due to their souls main attributes being not of determination, that would leave Flowey still in control of SAVE, LOAD, and RESET, and ultimately the most determined person in the Underground. I always thought that was just him messing with the timeline while the kids were there. But that's just me.

I’m fairly certain that Flowey was created after the other six fell. His end game is getting to the souls in the jars, and he was never able to do that until you arrived.

The game also strongly implies that only a short time has passed since Flowey and the Amalgamates were created by Alphys before Frisk falls and takes over the Resets. Most monsters don’t recognize a human, so it seems to have been a long time since the last one fell down.

The other kids may have been able to save and load to some degree based on comments by Toriel and Alphys’ analysis of their souls. But I guess since their primary attribute wasn’t determination, they eventually gave up against Asgore. Meanwhile Frisk keeps on truckin’. 

Baz and Shawn the Sheep

Can you imagine little Baz living with his posh family and like they have a special TV specified time every day when they just relax and like Baz looking forward to that because he doesn’t have to act posh and he just goes to the TV and puts in Shawn the sheep and no one stops him because it’s secretly all their favourites.

Also Baz when he’s older living with Simon and Baz gets to pick what to watch one night and like he goes to one of the boxes of all their stuff from when they’re moving in and he finds Shawn the sheep. So they just watch it all cuddled up in the sofa no questions asked.

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what's some of your favorite music!!

son lux, zebra katz, gorillaz, modest mouse, polaris (the whole one album they put out, lol), jody watley, whitney houston, angel olsen, solange, tribe called quest, pixies, frank ocean… zazen boys 4 is maybe my favorite album these days? i listen to the album The Birds Sang Outside by florist a lot. Chess by petite noir is probably my favorite song. sometimes i listen to ghibli soundtracks and cry.
i listen to a lot of older stuff (simon & garfunkel, talking heads, afrika bambaataa, etc) but don’t know if i would count em under favorites. just stuff i find myself listening to a lot. i’m not actually familiar with elis regina’s entire career but i have a greatest hits album that i listen to all the time no matter what mood im in, haha. i love kid cudi but i don’t listen to his music that often (tho i do like his work), i just think he’s a sweetheart. love you, cudi.
have a good rest of your week!

Ah, my printer wasn’t allowing me to scan anything! TT_TT So here, a picture will have to do. Maybe I will be able to scan a better version and add it to my original post later if I can get it to work!
Anyway, I LOVED Simonvs! It was so well written, the big unveiling of Blue was fantastic, and all the little moments in between were perfect. I especially love that moment where Simon’s older sister blocks an attacking pillow with her feet. It reminded me of the antics my sibling and I made :)
I’m glad I finished just in time! Between all my schoolwork, extracurriculars, dance, and just everything going on I was worried I wouldn’t have time to enter. In the end I decided to draw a fall scene with Bram and Simon in honor of this fall contest! Good luck and Oreos to all!

but like a saphael soulmate au where you can feel your soulmate’s pain and you get all their scars?

and, of course, since raphael is so much older than simon he doesn’t get anything for the longest amount of time and just sort of figures he doesn’t have a soulmate? but then one day, after being a vamp for so so long– it happens

he gets his first scar/whatever and, oh god, since when was this a thing he ever had to worry about? and pls don’t tell him it’s actually the mundane he kidnapped from the shadowhunters– the same mundane camille keeps flaunting in front of him??

“Jenna, where did you learn to fight like that?”

“I have seven older brothers.”


“Yeah, Simon is a huge nerd, Sam likes to fish, Jo-Jo crys when he hears a sad song, Edd and Erik have a reputation of being trouble makers, Nicko has a huge inferiority complex, Septimus is an even bigger nerd than Simon and I wasn’t going to let anyone give them any shit for any of that. So I had to learn to beat up people bigger than me pretty early on.”

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According to Cassie’s twitter
  • She’s met with the business-y people for Shadowhunters and she has more meetings coming
  • She is not involved with the production of the series but they’re still telling her some stuff and including her when possible (not often)
  • The presence of Natalie is FALSE. There’s no Natalie or her weird “dog in the backpack” thing
  • Malec will be a thing
  • They’re currently auditioning for the series
  • It will start with City of Bones
  • The characters are about 2 years older (so Simon and Clary are probably just graduating high school or just starting college)
  • The series is not set in San Francisco
  • There is no network officially attached  edit: yes there is but we don’t know who (it may or may not be abc family)
  • The Shadowhunters are not a part of the CIA

What did we learn today, kids? Fake scripts can be made in 5 minutes, trust reliable sources, and don’t take Fangirlish and Craigslist posts as being 100% fact. 

Okay so far the show’s path seems to be staying pretty true to the books, except for a few minor details

•Characters will be “aged up- the main characters will be more 20’s instead of teens, which isn’t such a bad idea, it will attract an older audience

•Simon is an accounting student and Clary will attend the Brooklyn school of Art- It’s diffrent from the books, yes, BUT with aging the characters they have to be doing SOMETHING with their lives and these careers seem to fit the characters pretty well:) don’t freak

•Luke is a cop- (Small difference not big enough to freak over)

•Dorothea is young and friends with Clary- That’s a little unsettling BUT I can see why they did it. When Dorthea is all possessed and stuff it will be more dramatic and more of a stab in the chest when it happens and be good for ratings.

Okay so moral is before everyone freaks about the changes, take a break and think about a positive possible effect of that small change:) don’t take it out on Cassie Clare please ;)

Space BBS AU! It’s time for some supporting characters! Today we have the Ethereal goddess, Simone; Delirious’ older “brother”, Luke; the tiny flower pixie, Fern; the big lovable giant, Cal; and the crazy, labyrinth hermit, SP00N! There are many more characters that will be coming soon, but for now this is the small list of supporting characters. I think you will enjoy all of them very, very much. Enjoy! :D