older simon

“Simon looks stunning in a grey suit.”

Carry On facts people forget/need to remember more:

-I like seeing cute chubby Simon pics, bc he’s healthy and happy, but do remember that Simon is actually so skinny he looks ill in Carry On yikes

-Also Simon has golden brown/ bronze hair! Not blonde, I dont know where people even get that from

- Penny is chubby and a genius and I love her

- One of Baz’s grandparents are Egyptian

- Simon played a hand in both his parents deaths

- Baz has pretty eyes

- Baz goes to university at the London School of Economics /which is fucking hard to get into/ (trust me I’m doing uni applications now, I didn’t even understand their website ffs)

- Simon is actually pretty rich, and was left a lot of money

- Baz has a Japanese toilet

-Simon more than anything wants to learn how to drive

- Baz wants to teach at Watford when he’s older

-Baz smokes

-Simon is 5ft 10

-Baz is 6ft 1

-Baz plays the violin

-Simon can sword fight like come on

Baz and Shawn the Sheep

Can you imagine little Baz living with his posh family and like they have a special TV specified time every day when they just relax and like Baz looking forward to that because he doesn’t have to act posh and he just goes to the TV and puts in Shawn the sheep and no one stops him because it’s secretly all their favourites.

Also Baz when he’s older living with Simon and Baz gets to pick what to watch one night and like he goes to one of the boxes of all their stuff from when they’re moving in and he finds Shawn the sheep. So they just watch it all cuddled up in the sofa no questions asked.

Imagine drinking with Negan & your older brother Simon

Negan: (Y/N) you’re fucking hot *wink*
(Y/N): *blushing*
Simon: Hey! I’m right here
(Y/N): and? *giggling*
Negan: (Y/N) did it hurt when you fell from Haven?
Simon: Oh no…
(Y/N): No but I scrapped my knees climbing out of Hell *evil smirk*
Negan: Wait… fucking what?
Simon: High five sis/bro! *smirking*
(Y/N): High five bro!
Negan: I’m out! *taking whiskey with him*
Simon&(Y/N): Hey give us whiskey back! *laughing*

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when alec plays words with friends on his phone against simon
  • Alec: Okay, that's it. The mundane's cheating.
  • Jace: On Izzy? How could he possibly do better?

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Nahyuta buys himself a 3ds system to play animal crossing with Simon and Apollo and he steals all of Apollo's peaches when he figures out you can say the trees. Simon pretty much ruin's apollo's town by cutting most of the trees. Apollo's like "YOU TWO ARE THE FUCKING WORSE! I WORKED SO HARD TO GET THE TREES IN THE RIGHT PLACE! *UGLI SOBS*" Apollo can never play with the destructive couple again xD Yeah Simon's a dick to apollo I'm sorry but he's a dick in a big brotherly way

So confession time: I’ve never actually played animal crossing so please excuse me if I write anything wrong aha.  

ALSO THIS IS BRILLIANT I love older brother Simon who just teases and dicks around with his younger siblings (blame it on how Aura messed with him)!

Nahyuta gets a 3DS (one of the limited edition fancy ones because he needs it) and while he doesn’t get to play often, he does like to play and mess with Apollo’s town, but in…little ways.  He’ll steal things like peaches and Apollo will get all mad at him but he always gets a bit dramatic about it and Nahyuta finds it hilarious so he continues. 

Apollo is looking forward to Simon’s visit (which he knows is coming up because Nahyuta won’t stop talking about it) because it means that Nahyuta’s free time will be spent entirely with Simon and therefore Apollo might be able to gather resources and everything without having them so selfishly stolen by his foster brother. 

Except it is the opposite.  When Simon arrives, he and Nahyuta spend time double-teaming Apollo’s carefully constructed town - Simon just cuts things down and Nahyuta continues to steal and by the time they are finished, Apollo’s town is bare and nothing like how it was before and he yells at the two of them for a while about it while Nahyuta snickers and Simon just laughs

“You two are the fucking worst!  Do you know how hard I worked to get those trees in the right place!”  

“Justice-dono, you should know by now not to work too hard on anything that your brother and I have access to.” 

And Apollo storms off. 

How did he go from having no siblings in his life to suddenly having two older brothers who seemed to have dates revolving around torturing him? 

A Coincidental Encounter

This is for @myrosebudboy because of the secret santa (organized by @carryonsecretsanta)
Merry Christmas :) I tried my best on this one, I hope you like it ^-^ Also, I hope you have a great day and here’s some imaginary Christmas Cookies :)

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The snow is falling lightly and Baz’ breath sends little clouds in the air.

“Funny,” he murmurs, “you look like someone I used to know.”

“Oh yeah?” the man says sheepishly, not looking at Baz. They’re sitting on a bank at the train station. Baz usually doesn’t talk to strangers and he also isn’t the curious kind (at least not concerning other humans) but there’s something captivating about the man with the odd suitcase. And he looks like Baz’ former roommate that he hasn’t seen in eleven years, since they graduated from school. It makes Baz’ heart stutter. You’d think he’d gotten over him after all these years but Baz thinks that he’ll miss him forever. Life has not been easy on him.

In fact, Baz is on his way to join the coven. It’s what his dad has always wanted for him and now he’s giving in. He sees no point in arguing anymore. After all, what else is he supposed to do? Baz dreamed of being a teacher like his mother used to be but that’s a long time ago. He’s majored in Political Science and theoretically, he could be a teacher. That is not what his father wants for him, so Baz will do as he’s told. There really is no other choice anyway.

He glances sideways a few times. If only he could see Simon Snow another time. He wonders what he is up to after all these years.

“Yes, my roommate when I was still in school. Insufferable bastard. I miss him.”

The man shifted uncomfortably in his seat.

“Why are you two not talking anymore, then?” the man asks and somehow he sounds genuinely interested.

“Hm,” Baz murmurs thoughtfully. “We were sort of… enemies.”

“That can’t be true,” the man says with a careful smile. Baz eyes his lightly brown curls and the freckles on his face. It looks so familiar and Baz wonders whether that man and Simon are somehow related. “Enemies don’t exist in the real world, do they?”

“Yeah, tell me about it. In the real world, there are no villains, no chosen ones and no magic either.”

The man simply makes a vague grunting noise that catches Baz’ attention.

“Wait, are you a magician?”

“What?” the guy exclaims startled. “How did you-? No, of course I’m not- I mean… T-there is no magic. How would you even get that idea, I mean- I didn’t… I didn’t do anything that would make you think I was a magician.”

Baz just stares at him disbelievingly.

“You were joking, weren’t you?”

The man sounds a bit helpless now, like he doesn’t quite know how to deal with people. Baz smiles at him reassuringly.

“My room mate wasn’t good with words either…” he whispers and his throat gets tight at the mere thought of Simon Snow. “You strike me as someone who went to Hogwarts. No offense, but they have a really weird housing system. If we’d have been in Hogwarts, we’d never have been room mates. We’d been sorted in different houses and I’d never gotten so close to him.”

“Oh, so you’re a magician, then? I’m sorry. I thought you were a muggle.”

The man sounds really relieved now. He nervously strokes his suitcase and Baz wonders what’s in it.

“I’m Baz Pitch,” he introduces himself.

“Newt Scamander,” the man answers, smiling again.

“Where are you headed?” Baz asks, the suitcase still on his mind. “Why are you travelling?”

“I’m writing a book.”

“What about?”
Scamander’s smile gets wider and something starts to glow in his eyes.

“Fantastic beasts. I’m going all over the world to find them.”

“Like that one?” Baz asks, suddenly alarmed. He points at a mole like creature that is just about to vanish around the corner. Scamander catches sight of the creature and immediately jumps to his feet. Quietly, he murmurs: “Not again.”

And like that he runs after the creature. Without thinking, Baz gets up and chases after him. He doesn’t really know why, but these days he doesn’t need a reason. Life has never made sense before and without Simon it isn’t really worth anything. He feels more lost than ever before. So why not run after a creature that some dorky guy let loose? They follow the road and Baz manages to get a better look on the creature. It’s a Niffler. Sneaky, but harmless. Baz figures that it’s gonna take a while to clean up the mess these creatures leave behind. That means, they need to catch it as quickly as possible.

Baz runs past Newt Scamander (apparently, he’s in better shape) and observes the Niffler vanishing through a door to a little shop filled with jewelry. As Nifflers love anything shiny and valuable, it make sense for this one to go there. Baz quickly gets out his wand as he gets near the shop.

He rushes through the door, ready to throw a spell at the creature. But when he’s in the shop, he sees that that won’t be necessary as the Niffler has already been captured. A tall man struggles to keep the creature in his hands. Baz stands still in shock and doesn’t think to help him.

Blue eyes. Bronze curls. Baz wonders whether this is a trick of his mind. Maybe this person just looks like him, just like Newt Scamander. But he’d never forget these eyes, so simple, so ordinary and yet so captivating. In front of him is none other than Simon Snow. A face that he hasn’t seen in eleven years.

“Simon,” he whispers but he’s not heard. Simon is too busy dealing with the Niffler that tries anything to free himself. Baz hears how the door opens and Newt Scamander steps through.

“Thank you,” he mutters relieved and takes the Niffler from Simon who looks at him in wonder.

“Don’t you dare do this to me another time,” Newt says to the Niffler. “You know in how much trouble it could get me.”

That is when Simon notices that Baz is standing there. Everything else fades out. It’s like the magical moment in the movies when the girl sees the boy and they both know. It’s them.

Except this is not a movie. The silence stretches a little too long.

“Snow,” Baz sneers, because that is what he does best. Simon looks older. His sense of fashion is still terrible. He’s handsome as ever. Baz supposes that he hasn’t changed that much either.

Scamander clear’s his throat a little awkwardly.

“Are you…”

Baz realizes that he must recognize Simon. The hero who beat the humdrum.

“Never mind,” Scamander mutters under his breath. “I don’t mean to intrude. I’ll better be off.”

Before he leaves, he shoots Baz a smile and Baz wants to thank him and tell him good luck with his book, but his attention is too focused on Simon. He finds himself unable to act.

“Baz,” Simon stutters. “I- you’re- you’re here.”
Baz chuckles.

“Still not very articulate, I see. Nothing changes.”

At that, Simon grins at him. This is familiar. This is how they’ve always been. Fighting is giving them comfort.

“And you are still rude.”

“Only to clueless imbeciles.”

“What have you been up to, then? Still plotting?”
To anyone else, their words would’ve seemed mean. To them, it was catching up with an old friend.

“Sure am. Though I have to say, I miss arguing with you.”

“Why clueless?”

“And your brain hasn’t started working faster either.”
“I’m being serious, Baz, why clueless?”
“I mean… You never noticed, after all.”

“That… I didn’t hate you all that much.”

“Of course you did.”
“I’d say you’re a fool for believing that but I’m a really a pretty good actor.”

Baz smirks at him. Nothing matters now. School’s over. Technically, they’re not enemies anymore. He’s got nothing to lose.

“As if I could ever hate you.”

But then, Simon surprises him.

“You know,” he says, “I didn’t hate you either.”
Baz looks around the shop and a question pops up in his head.

“Are you here to buy something for your girlfriend? For Agatha?”
Simon raises an eyebrow.

“Well… I always assumed you were going to end up with her. After sorting everything out and stuff.”

Simon laughs silently.

“I haven’t seen Agatha in a really long time. And I don’t have a girlfriend either. I’m just looking for a Christmas present for Penny’s mother.”
“Oh, Penny. You two were inseparable in school. Glad you’re still friends.”

“Why do you care?”

“I always care.”

Baz smiles at him. Because suddenly he realizes that this is his chance. He can’t let Simon go again. He couldn’t stand not seeing Simon for another eleven years. Or maybe forever. Maybe it’s time for him to get a second chance. To change things. Maybe he doesn’t have to be miserable for the rest of his life. Maybe there really is hope sometimes.

“I’d like to meet up sometime,” he murmurs.


“But what?”
“But you’re – Baz.”

“I am.”
“And we were- we were at war.”
“And then we weren’t.”
“Baz,” Simon laughs and it sounds unbelievably happy. “I can’t believe you’re here.”

“There are many things I miss about Watford. I tried not to think about it. But I noticed that you… you are the thing I missed most.”

Baz stares at him and he’s almost not able to believe it. Maybe it’s just a dream. But then again, eleven years have passed and much can change in all that time. This is his only chance.

“I was wondering… Maybe we could meet sometime. Like… have a date.”
“What?” Simon exclaims in shock and Baz realizes how sudden and inappropriate that was.

“Forget it,” he says quickly with a sore throat. “It doesn’t have to be a date. I’d just like to see you.”
He’ll say no. Baz is aware of that. It’d be purely stupidity to say yes. So Baz is just about to turn away, when Simon grabs his hand.

“Yes,” Simon croaks and Baz laughs because he should’ve know. After all, Simon Snow is nothing but stupid.

Simon looks up at him sheepishly. “I’ll go on a date with you.”

Baz’ throat goes dry and he closes his hand around Simon’s. It doesn’t even feel real. It feels like some magical dream, but that’s okay. Because when he wakes up in the morning, he won’t feel lonely anymore. The emptiness has moved away. He’s not lost anymore.

On a cold winter’s day, thanks to a stranger on the train station who has magical creatures in his suitcase, there’s hope in Baz Pitch’s heart and he’s finally home.

Mutually Assured Destruction

Hello! So I asked for fic prompts, and you guys gave me a bunch of awesome prompts, and this fic answers exactly 0 of them. Sorry to be such a disappointment….

This is an alternate-last-year-at-Watford fic. Voila.

Warnings: None

Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7  Chapter 8 Chapter 9 Chapter 10 Chapter 11 Chapter 12 Chapter 13 Chapter 14 Chapter 15 Chapter 16 Chapter 17 Chapter 18 Chapter 19 Chapter 20

Chapter One


Basilton Pitch was the most frustrating human being.

Is he even a human being, though?

Simon had his doubts about that. He had doubts about a lot of things, but he tried not to think about it. His mind was a building full of locked doors, because it was easier that way.

One door Simon had never been able to lock was the one to the room that contained Baz. In his mind, it was a room full of black hair and cold sneers and gray eyes. Well. To say they were gray was imprecise. Baz’s eyes were a study in shades of charcoal. Sometimes they were almost lilac, but usually they were more like metal. Gunmetal and steel.

Baz Pitch had eyes with storms brewing in them, lightning striking ocean, thunder striking sky.

Not that Simon noticed, of course.

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Hello again! I'm the anon who asked about your favorite Doctor and companion and gotta tell you, I feel the same way that you do about the Doctors and companions. I've only recently started watching it because my boyfriend keeps nagging me and haven't even finished season 6 yet, so I'm reserving judgement for River ahaha. Wondering who would be your pick for the 13th Doctor since Capaldi is leaving soon? And do you ship Ten and Rose? Lots of love <3

I absolutely ship Ten and Rose. Omg.

As for the new Doctor. Damn. I would be happy with a lot of actors. Hugh Laurie, Anthony Head, or Tim Roth if they want to stay older and more surly. Simon Pegg, Michael Sheen, Kenneth Branagh, Hugh Dancy. It would be a dream (but super unlikely) for someone like Idris Elba or Tom Hiddleston Lol! If they went with a woman, I’d love Hayley Atwell.

I read a rumour that Kris Marshall is a strong possibility, and I LOVE that idea!

petty squabbles and accidental confessions

loosely (very loosely) based of this wonderful art by @itsokaylittlepuff (i hope it’s alright? i’ll delete this if not :D)

this took an unexpected turn wow


“he watches doctor who-”

obviously, he loves the tenth doctor the most-”

“he’s only saying that because he’s your favorite, really he likes the ninth-”

“well, he doesn’t take sugar in his coffee-”

“he doesn’t even like coffee, what are you talking about? all he drinks is ridiculously sweet mochas-”

“he loves chocolate biscuits-”

“he likes to dip them in his tea-”

baz walks in, and stops dead. his aunt and simon are practically nose to nose, shouting at each other.

about him, he thinks. it’s true, he does like chocolate biscuits, and he does only pretend to love the tenth doctor because fiona adores him. (simon was most certainly not supposed to tell her that.)

“fiona, stop it. simon-”

they ignore him, only getting louder.

“he used to have a stuffed bear!”

“he talks in his sleep, all the time-”

“there was a year long period where he’d only wear suits-”

“he listens to the sound of rain to fall asleep sometimes-”

“we had to buy special suit pajamas-”

“he smells of cedar and bergamot-”

“aleister crowley- both of you, shut up!”

they turn as one, fiona glaring and simon pouting.

“baz, she was challenging me-”

“he’s a brat, basil, why do you even stay with him-”

baz holds up a hand, cutting them off. “just… stop. please. what are you even trying to accomplish?”

“i know you better than her-”

“i know you better than him-”

they whip around and glare at each other. baz sighs. “you’re both being ridiculous. fiona, you’re supposed to be the adult here-”

“we’re all adults here,” she says huffily.

“the older adult, then- simon…” he pauses. “simon, you’re being childish.”

simon sticks his tongue out at baz, and grabs his hand. “well, anyways, i won.”

“there is no winning,” says baz in exasperation. “you both know me. congratulations. fiona, i’ve been roommates with him since i was eleven, and now we live together. simon, she’s my aunt.”

the silence remains stony, and baz throws up his hands. “i leave you for two seconds-”

“half an hour,” says simon in betrayed tones. “she spelled my feet to the ground once, you know that-”

“he tried to cut me in half once! when i was just visiting nat’s old office, he pulled out his bloody sword-”


baz scrubs his free hand through his hair. “fiona, why are you here?”

“why am i- because i wanted to see my favorite nephew, of course!” she looks innocently offended.

“liar,” simon mutters, and she breaks character to glare.

“don’t be a brat-”

“she came here to do the boyfriend talk,” interrupts simon. “you know, the whole ‘if you hurt him i’ll rip off your wings’ thing-”

“i’m fairly sure that’s not common procedure,” baz mutters, and simon shushes him with a hand.

“-and then we got into an argument because we kind of hate each other.”

“i’ve noticed,” says baz dryly. “fiona, it really isn’t your place to threaten my boyfriend.”

“of course it’s my place! what, you think your dad’s gonna do it?”

baz winces, squeezes simon’s hand tighter. “no. still.”

“basil, honestly- he doesn’t even know that your favorite color is red.”

baz clears his throat. “that’s, er, because it’s not. anymore.”

fiona blinks. “it’s been your favorite color since you were two-”

“yes,” he says, and he’s definitely blushing now, “but not anymore.”

there’s a sort of awkward silence.

“what is it now, then?”

“blue,” says baz, blushing harder than ever.

“why the fuck are you embarrassed- oh.”

simon bats his (very blue) eyes at her, and baz pushes him with his shoulder.

“you’re a sap,” fiona informs him, but she sounds resigned. “he has dragon wings, basil-”

“he thinks they’re cute,” simon says from behind him, impossibly smug.

“simon,” hisses baz, but doesn’t argue. fiona rolls her eyes.

“and i suppose you’re too stubborn to see sense-

“it’s not stubbornness,” simon pipes up stubbornly from behind him, but baz nods. she groans.

“why not someone-”

now baz does glare at her, and she laughs ruefully.

“right, yeah. of course. you’re in love.” fiona contemplates them both, shoving her messy hair back over her forehead. “fine, i can take a hint. i’ll go. just-” she freezes suspiciously, peering at their locked hands, and baz automatically pulls his free and tries to hide it behind his back. she strides forward, snatches it, and drops it the next second like it burned her. (it might have. sometimes he sparks when he gets overly nervous.) (not the best problem when you’re a vampire.)

“are you wearing a fucking engagement ring?” he doesn’t respond, and her eyes bulge. “jesus christ, basil, you are!” she sounds outrageously offended.

baz groans guiltily. “i was going to tell you-”

“you’ve only been dating for, like-”

“three years,” baz says dryly. “and we’ve known each other since we were eleven.”

“fuck, basil- fucking hell, you’re getting married? since when?”

“last night,” says simon proudly. she gestures in an obvious shut up motion.  

“last night,” confirms baz, and fiona seems to struggle with herself for a moment before embracing him.

“i cannot believe you’re getting married to a fucking normal. with dragon wings. i can’t believe you’re getting married- merlin, basil, how old are you? nineteen? twenty?”

“twenty two,” he says, long-sufferingly, and she stares at him blankly.

“twenty two? if you’re twenty two- oh, bloody hell, i’m old.”

“i’m getting married,” he reminds her, and she snaps back to the present.

“oh, fucking hell- you,” she says abruptly, staring and simon through narrowed eyes, “had better not-”

fiona, i can take care of myself.”

“tell that to the numpties,” she mutters. baz wrinkles his nose.

“low blow.”

“probably,” she admits, then sighs. “damn, i’m going to have to get used to you two. together.”

“yep,” simon says cheerfully, and grabs baz’s hand again.

“but not today. congratulations, i guess.” she backs towards the door. “be safe. don’t turn him.”

baz looks scandalized. “i’d never-”

the door slams shut behind her, and baz sighs. “did you really have to argue with her?”

simon squeezes his hand in response. “she was never gonna like me, baz.”

“yeah,” he agrees, turning around and smiling at him for the first time. “but i like you.”

“oh, wow,” says simon deadpan. “catch me while i swoon.” and then he half shrieks as baz dips him. “baz!”

“yes, darling?”

“you’re such a dork, honestly.”

baz kisses him. they break apart grinning, and he sets him back on his feet.

“i love you.”

“i love you too… oh, merlin, we’re getting married,” says simon, like the thought’s only just dawned on him. baz sighs.

“you were the one that proposed, love.”

simon grins, but it abruptly drops off his face. “we forgot to tell penny.”

they stare at each other, pale faced, for a long moment- and burst out laughing. simon clings to baz as support.

“oh, shit, she’s going to be so mad at us-”

“worse than fiona,” baz agrees, wiping his eyes. “i blame you, by the way- you’re the one that proposed in the first place.”

“you’re the one that what?” comes a shocked voice from the living room, and they don’t even turn to see penny’s incredulous expression. they just run.

but like a saphael soulmate au where you can feel your soulmate’s pain and you get all their scars?

and, of course, since raphael is so much older than simon he doesn’t get anything for the longest amount of time and just sort of figures he doesn’t have a soulmate? but then one day, after being a vamp for so so long– it happens

he gets his first scar/whatever and, oh god, since when was this a thing he ever had to worry about? and pls don’t tell him it’s actually the mundane he kidnapped from the shadowhunters– the same mundane camille keeps flaunting in front of him??

babylonqaf  asked:

Any chance I could ask for a jealous Raphael who is very tired of his Simon spending his time with the Shadowhunters? I love your stories on AO3 (even those there's only two, they're really good!) and I'm absolute trash for Saphael, especially for jealous!Raph ^.^

Sorry this took a little longer than usual. I hope you enjoy it because I sure did. Jealous!Raph is my jam. Also yes join us in the Saphael trash heap, we are very welcoming of new members to add to the pile. 



Raphael knows he needs to be patient with the fledgling. Knows that if he wants him to stick around he needs to give him a reason to. But it’s not like Simon ever makes it easy. Raphael thinks he purposely messes up, purposely rambles through half of his training sessions, he purposely gets on Raphael’s nerves.

Which isn’t hard to do but with Simon it’s different. He annoys the shit out of Raphael but the dumbass has gotten under his skin at the same time. Raphael worries about him when he leaves on ‘walks’. He actually listens to his rambles. Goddammit he didn’t absolutely eviscerate the twerp for ruining his jackets. If it had been anyone else Raphael would have given them a hard time. But Simon’s different for some reason. He makes Raphael think differently.

What an asshole.


“Where are you going” Raphael asks after their training session. He tries to sound casual but Simon’s got that look on his face. That look is the ‘Clary just texted me’ look.  Raphael knows it all too well.

“I’m headin’ out, I’ll be back before sunrise I promise and I wont start war with the Clave and blah blah blah blah. Y'know the speech by now” Simon says dismissively, eyes still glued to his phone.

“You should stick around. We are your family now” Raphael says, biting back  'and not those shadowhunters’. Simon gives him a tight lipped smile. “Sorry, duty calls”.

Raphael pretends he’s not as hurt by that as he is.

Simon goes as always. He makes it back before sunrise, as always. He’s considerably more haggard than he when he left, as always. Raphael says nothing to him …. as always.


“Liked the way you handled yourself in this negotiation,  stick around”

“I’m ambassador to the werewolves it’s very .. time consuming”

“Let me take that burden off your shoulders, as of now you’ve been recalled. You’re adviser to the interim chapter president”

Simon looks as if he’s going to start an argument.

“Don’t complain. My new adviser has to stay here”

“It’s okay” Simon says to Clary. “Just go. Really”

“Thank you” The shadowhunter says, placing a kiss on Simon’s cheek. 

Raphael feels odd, like someone is poking him in the gut, he tries to push the feeling down, now is really not the time. “Both of you”.

Then she’s gone but Simon is still there. For some reason it doesn’t feel as right as Raphael imagined it would.

“That was unnecessary” Simon says the moment he’s sure Clary’s gone.

“Keeps you out of Shadowhunter business” Raphael replies with a shrug, trying not to be too defensive.

“No, it keeps you out of the Claves eye” Simon throws back before running from the room.

Raphael lets out a pained sigh. Dios he was getting no where with the fledgling.


It’s one of the rare nights Simon sticks around and actually fulfills his duties as adviser to the interim chapter president. Mostly he argues with him on the decisions he’s making before Raphael sends him away. He can almost hear Magnus laughing at his failed attempts to make Simon accept his new life. Every time he feels like he’s making progress it always ends up being a dead end.

But rare nights like these happen. Where Simon isn’t exactly quiet but he’s not arguing with him on every single detail. He mostly just accompanies Raphael on whatever business he has to attend to, prattling away the whole while about mundane pop culture. Raphael knows for a fact that Simon thinks he doesn’t listen but he stores away the knowledge for later.

“.. and then there’s what I think is the best scene in the movie. I mean most people would argue it’s the float scene but I will defend Cameron destroying the car until I die…. well I technically already did that since I’m already dead but still!”

This is the third movie Simon has described that night. He says he’s educating Raphael on the ways of 'John Hughes’. It starts because Raphael had briefly mentioned seeing Breakfast Club and it spiraled from there. So far he’s gotten a 'Simon Synopsis’ on Pretty in Pink and Sixteen Candles, now he’s on Ferris Beullers Day Off.

Simon gets cut off in the middle of describing 'the most unnecessary yet greatest chase scene in any teen movie ever’ by the door of Raphael’s study being blown open. Lily comes with a bleeding Henry sagging against her. Raphael’s up like a shot, panic flooding him but he tries to stay calm.

“What happened?” He asks as he slips an arm under Henry, gently helping the younger vampire over to one of the gold couches. The blood is going to stain but Raphael doesn’t care. One of his own has been hurt.

“Demon attack” Lily says, her mouth is set in a thin line. Her eyes never leave Henry’s form. Henry is one of the younger vampires in their clan. Maybe a decade older than Simon.


came out of no where….

held it off…

I …” He was clearly struggling to get the words out, hand clutched to his side where the blood was most prominent.

*Shhhh, it’s okay" Raphael hushes him, tenderly pushing his tawny hair out of his face. Henry gives him a weak smile. He knows tonight might be his last. Raphael’s not going to let that happen. He’s not Camille. He can make this right. 

“Lily get him to the infirmary, see what Leonard can do for him. Go fast we might not have much time I….” Raphael finds himself being cut off by Henry’s hand gripping his shoulder. “You know as well as I brother, that I wont make it through the night. Please just let me go peacefully, not being prodded by a doctor” Raphael’s heart breaks at the words but he knows Henry’s right. For someone so young he had always been wise.

“No there’s got to be something we can do. We can call the shadowhunters or … or Magnus. We can’t just give up!” Its the first time Simon’s spoken since the others arrival.

“Shadowhunters rarely …… care for downworlders in need fl-fledgling. And I’m… I’m too far gone for even …..  Magic to save me” Henry bites out clearly in pain.

Raphael grips his hand, feeling useless. How could Camille do this? How could Camille turn off her emotions while one of her own died before her eyes? Raphael doesn’t think this would ever not hurt. He supposes that’s where they differ as leaders.

“Raphael.. I never regained the ability … to..pray. Could you…for me” Henry chokes out, he’s starting to look more and more grey as time goes on. Raphael swallows the lump in his throat, grips both of Henry’s hands and says the first prayer that comes to mind.

Dios te salve, Maria.
Llena eres de gracia:
El Seńor es contigo.
Bendita tú eres entre todas las mujeres.
Y bendito es el fruto de tu vientre:
Santa María, Madre de Dios,
ruega por nosotros pecadores,
ahora y en la hora de nuestra muerte.

“Amen” The younger vampire echos back before he stills completely.
Silence descents not only in the room but in the hotel. Raphael knows everyone in the clan is feeling the loss just as badly as he is. Some have described it as having all the breath stolen from their lungs. Raphael’s always found it to be a stab in his heart.


“Does it always feel like that?” Simon will ask later, after they’ve burned Henry’s body.

“Everytime” Raphael replies, there’s no point lying to him.  Simon becomes uncharacteristically quiet.  They’re in one of the common areas, Simon is standing by the fireplace, worrying his lip. Raphael watches him from his place on the couch. He’s not going to be able to go into his study without feeling an ache in his heart for a while.

“The sun’s rising you should sleep” Raphael says eventually, when the silence becomes too much to handle.

“Can I .. can I stay with you a little longer?” Simon asks, he looks so vunerable in that moment. Raphael can’t help but soften at the words. “Of course” He says and Simon moves to sit next to him on the couch.

They sit like that, together, for a very long time. Thigh pressed against thigh. They’re not saying anything but the silence isn’t as heavy as before.  A burden shared is a burden halfed


“So Clary has asked me to be her date to Alec and Lydia’s wedding” Simon blurts out.

Raphael is checking blood stocks, making sure they have enough for the upcoming month. He glances up from his work, tries to ignore the seed of jealousy that’s grown in his stomach. Since Henry’s passing things have changed between them. Simon sticks around a hell of a lot more. He starts talking to more clan members than just Raphael. He’s starting to embrace his new life. And Raphael is trying very hard not to be too happy at this. He can’t show favoritism but it doesn’t help that he’s caught feelings for the fledgling.

Simon and his stupid face and stupider mega watt smile. His totally-not-endearing rambles and mannerisms. Magnus has been teasing him mercilessly about it. On one night the warlock encourages him to “just go for it before it’s too late”. His friend gets a look in his eye as he says this that speaks volumes on how he’s feeling. Magnus then proceeds to get shit faced and falls asleep on Raphael’s shoulder mumbling about 'stupid blue-eyed ridiculously gorgeous archers’.

Raphael does not 'just go for it’ instead he boxes up the feelings and shoves them in a corner, hoping that over time they’ll be forgotten. Because there’s no way Simon feels the same.

“So for the wedding I kind of need a suit” Simon’s nervously playing with the hem of shirt. It rides up a little exposing a small bit of flesh. Raphael can’t seem to form words he’s too enraptured by that small sliver of pale skin.

“So.. I uh was wondering if I could borrow one of your suits. I wont ruin it or anything I promise!” Simon swears and though Raphael would give the fledgling anything he wanted if he batted his eyelids enough Raphael’s not about to let him know that.

“What in the name of god makes you think I let you borrow one of my suits. Don’t you already have a  personal vendetta against my jackets?” Simon splutters at Raphael’s accusation.

“I do not have a personal vendetta against any of your clothing! C'mon Raphael I can’t show up to a wedding in jeans and t-shirt. I’m already gonna stick out with the whole vampire thing” Simon pleads. His eyes are getting ridiculously puppy like and Raphael is very close to cracking. 

“Yeah well you’re the one who wants to go to a shadowhunter wedding, not my problem” Raphael shrugs, leaning back smugly in his chair. Simon’s face goes from cute and pleading to devilish in seconds. “Oh but it is your problem. You’re my leader. Anything I do falls back on you and do you really want the vampires to be represented as disrespectful. Sloppy. Uncaring. And at one of the biggest shadowhunter weddings of the year?”

Simon is pinning him with his stare and Raphael has to physically stop himself from squirming. He lets silence hang for a moment, leveling Simon with his own cool look. He breaks the mexican stand-off vibe when he can’t help but crack a smile.

“I’m not gonna say I’m proud of you but I am impressed”

Simon blinks in confusion before he cracks his own smile. “So I can borrow one of your suits?” He asks. “Yeah but one scratch fledgling and you wont be able to talk your way out of what I have in store” Raphael threatens. Simon salutes him with an “aye aye captain”

What a fucking nerd.


Raphael picks out a suit for Simon that would definitely fit him. Raphael’s a little shorter than he is so it takes a while but eventually he finds what he needs.

It’s a blue two piece that he pairs with a black shirt. He lets Simon have some privacy to try it on however then a shadowhunter shows up and it’s not the annoying redhead.

He doesn’t get a chance to see Simon until just before he leaves for the wedding. And Dios Raphael is a good christian but his thoughts are anything but holy when he sees Simon wearing his suit.

It fits well and compliments his features. He’s even styled his hair in the most adorable way.

Raphael’s never looked at someone and thought they were adorable before. 

Apparently Simon Lewis is an exception.

“So what do you think?” Simon asks, doing a little spin to show off. “You look great” Raphael replies, very glad vampires can’t blush. Simon looks startled but pleased at Raphael’s comment. It’s a look Raphael would like to see more often.

“You think Clary will like it?” The fledgling asks, smoothing down the blazer, because of course this is all for Clary. “She’ll love it” Raphael grits out, he wants to say other things, meaner things but he knows they all stem from jealousy.

The bright smile Simon flashes him almost makes up for the bitterness he feels.



“Raphael! YOU WILL NOT BELIEVE WHAT JUST HAPPENED!” Simon yells the moment he returns to the hotel.

Raphael sighs and puts down his book, this should be good.


“….so essentially it was like the graduate all over again except y'know two dudes but still it was magical” Simon finishes, his eyes are alight and he’s going a mile a minute but Raphael would happily watch him describe anything with that much enthusiasm even if it was something completely dull like taxes.

“Magnus always was a sucker for grand gestures of love” Raphael says, he can’t help but smile fondly. He hopes the next time he sees the warlock he might finally be free of the sadness that had clung to him for the past few weeks.

Raphael gets drawn out of his thoughts by the feeling of being watched. He looks over to Simon who’s look at him in a way that definitely makes him squirm.

“Y'know.. I um, the whole kissing thing it got me thinking..” Simon glances at Raphael’s lips in a way that is very obvious.

“That can’t be good” Raphael chokes out because this can’t be happening right now. Simon can’t be looking at him like.. like he wants him. That’s not how this works.

Simon shoots him a glare but moves closer none the less. “It got me thinking about … well us”

“Us” Raphael parrots back. He’s frozen in place now and his brain has gone on vacation because Simon is moving gradually forward, eyes never leaving him. 

Raphael swallows hard. This isn’t happening. He’s going to wake up any second because this can’t be happening.

“Yeah..” Simon says and Raphael can feel his breath on his face.

“..Us” and with a single swoop Simon’s lips crash into his. Raphael sees stars, but that’s mostly because Simon bashed his head against Raphael’s in an attempt to be romantic. 

He makes it up to him later. 

When the room stops spinning. 

I Want Them

Headcannon where Snowbaz adopts children

- Simon and Baz adopt children when they get married (cuz they’re getting married and nothing can change that)

- (I know that a lot of other people do this but) so instead of just adopting one of the babies, they head straight for the older kids.

- Simon was one of those kids, and he knows it isn’t fun cuz as u get older, the adults want u less and less

- so they walk into the room and all chatter stops. U can almost hear a pin drop.

- All of the kids look at Simon and Baz like they’re aliens or something

- Simon gives a shy wave and Baz tries not to look intimidating

- Half of the kids just turn around and shove in a beat up pair of headphones connected to one of those ancient MP3 players that happened to find their way into the donations

- They’re trying to hide the fact that their heart is racing like 10000000 miles per hour and that their stomachs are twisting with anxiety

- But they try to put on a straight face and go back to their usual activities (but they keep sneaking glances at Simon and Baz)

- One brave girl comes running up to them, a defiant look on her face

- “What do you want?” She says, her voice sounding somehow bored and annoyed all at once.

- “We’re looking to adopt someone,” Simon says eagerly.

- “Don’t you want to go look at the cute babies?” She asks, sarcasm dripping into her voice. Baz is immediately in love. This girl reminds him of himself when he was younger. Baz pulls on Simon’s sleeve, which is their secret code for “that one”

- “No actually,” Baz says, speaking for the first time. “We want to adopt a teenager.

- Shock comes across the girls face as her sky blue eyes glimmer a little in hope. She tosses her long black hair over her shoulder like it’s nothing that she cares about and pulls a stick of gum from her pocket, shoving it into her mouth.

- “What’s your name?” Simon asks.

- “Mine is Simon, and this is Baz,” he says, pulling on Baz’s arm, lacing their fingers together. Another code. “Me too”

- “My name is Cherry,” the girl says in a rush, not being able to keep a cool and collected look. She starts to fiddle with her hair, braiding and unbraiding it.

- “That’s a nice name,” Baz says.

- Simon then leans into the girl and whispers something in her ear

- “How would you like to be adopted?” Simon whispers. The girl is practically bouncing like a ball.

- “Really?!” She whispers excitedly. Simon and Baz nod their heads. She then seems to loose a bit of her energy

- “But my brother…..” She says.

- “Who is your brother?” Baz asks, looking around the room.

- “There,” she says, pointing to a boy staring blankly at the wall with earbuds in his ears. He has long thin finger that tap against his beat up jeans. His black hair is an unruly mess and his eyes are a greyish blue. He looks almost exactly like Baz.

- They walk over to him and he takes out his earbuds.

- Simon and Baz both put on their warmest smiles (which is hard for Baz cuz he isn’t a ppl person)

- The boy smiles shyly

- “Hello! I’m Simon and this is Baz,” Simon says

- “I’m–I’m—” He looks at Cherry, who nods encouragingly

- “I’m C-c-c-Cody,” the boy says, seeming to shrink into his chair

- “Hi Cody,” Simon says coming a little closer to the boy

- The boy freaks out a little, scared

- “He doesn’t like to interact with people much,” Cherry says, drawing Simon away. Simon obliges, not wanting to intrude

- “Are you alright?” Baz says, speaking up for the first time. Something about the look in the boy’s eyes is familiar

- The boy looks like a frightened bird

- “Cody? Do you want me…?” Cherry says, looking at her brother with pity. Cody nods his head

- Cherry turns to them and says, “Our parents…. weren’t the kindest to him,” she says. She looks at him as if asking to go on. He nods his head

- “They–They–They abused him. They hit him and gave him bruises because–because–” Cherry starts to get choked up, tears streaming down her cheeks, as well as Cody’s. The memory still hurts.

- Suddenly, Cody finishes the story.

- “They h-h-hated me b-b-b-b-because I’m g-g-g-g-gay,” he says. Baz and Simon look at each other

- “They dropped me off at the orphanage two years ago and Cherry wouldn’t leave me.”

- “How could I leave my twin?” She says, breaking into a small hysteria. The whole event really got to her, especially because she was so close with her parents and didn’t know.

- “We’ve been here since,” Cody says, timidly. He goes to plug in his headphones again.

- “Please don’t hate him for it,” Cherry says. “Just because he’s gay doesn’t mean that it–”

- “Cherry,” Baz says sternly, as if scolding a dog. Cherry looks horrified for a moment. Baz grabs Simon’s hand.

- “See this?” He says, holding up Simon’s hand for everyone to see. On his finger glitters a bangle with small suns pressed into the gold, joining his and Baz’s souls together. Baz’s hand is also visible, fixed with a silver ring, engraved with stars. On the inside, it says “We were stars”.

- Cherry’s eyes widen as she realizes what she’s seeing. Before she can say anything, Baz quickly excuses him and Simon and pulls Simon into a corner.

- “What do you think?” Simon says.

- “I want them,” Baz says, a determined look in his eye

- “Then that’s what we’ll do,” Simon says.

- They adopt the children and act as if they have been in their family for ages. They support them through everything and are basically the best fathers anyone can ask for.

- Cherry and Cody always fall asleep to Baz playing a lullaby on the violin

- Cody takes up the piano and him and Baz love doing duets together

- And everyone finally feels happy and accepted.

So I made a part two of this that looks into Cody and Cherry’s lives a little bit more and has some Snowbaz family fluff. It’s called “Our Strange Family” and you can find it here.

“Jenna, where did you learn to fight like that?”

“I have seven older brothers.”


“Yeah, Simon is a huge nerd, Sam likes to fish, Jo-Jo crys when he hears a sad song, Edd and Erik have a reputation of being trouble makers, Nicko has a huge inferiority complex, Septimus is an even bigger nerd than Simon and I wasn’t going to let anyone give them any shit for any of that. So I had to learn to beat up people bigger than me pretty early on.”

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