older rydia

List of hottest FF characters by game

(As requested)

FF1: I dunno. White Mage is probably a hottie under those 8 bit robes.

FF2: idk Leon??? Hilda???

FF3: From the DS remakes, Ingus yo. Desch too I suppose.

FF4: Long haired pretty boys and old men are not my type by any means so that rules out half the cast, but older Rydia and Edge I suppose.

FF5: Bartz for sure. Faris too.


FF7: …None of the guys tbh except Reno if I had to choose. Tifa is too good to put on a “Who’s hottest” list and I feel foul for doing that to her and Aerith but someone’s gotta represent this game.
—-WAIT I FORGOT ZACK. He’s a good one.

FF8: Most of them are hot af, particularly Squall, Rinoa, Zell, Quistis, and Seifer. Laguna gets points for his bangin battle theme. Kiros is also scantily clad and good looking so

FF9: Literally no one except Beatrix. They look like babies.

FF10: If you don’t know by now Tidus and Yuna are my absolute fave fictional characters so them, obviously. Rikku is obvious and lots of people go for Lulu but Auron and Wakka are not my type. And I’m not into furries so I won’t go into Kimahri. Jecht is the only dad I would consider

FF12: As discussed, Vossler and Al-Cid. Balthier and Vaan are okay and Ashe is gorgeous. Gabranth is also up there but his bum of a twin brother isn’t even on my radar and I’m not into dads so bye Dr Cid. Sorry to my Ivalice nerd friends

FF13: Snow and Fang are fucking sexy. Lightning, Serah, Vanille, Noel, and Cid are p cool too. Again, not into dads, so sorry Sazh. Caius has the long haired pretty boy thing I mentioned earlier going on and I’m not into older Hope.

FF14: Where to begin??? Ysayle, Aymeric, ALDIS and MYLLA, Merlwyb, Moenbryda, Hoary Boulder, Wilred, and I’m weirdly attracted to Livia’s armor

FF15: Gladio is basically the only one so far wtf cast. If they’re all gonna be guys make them better looking at least