older nina

grandpavsprowler: Fearless leader and fire starter

dannymasterson: Shoe game on point.

When I got the news that Uncle John was going to be Elena’s father, that was a bit of a shock to me seeing as how I’m only seven years older than sweet, sweet Nina [Dobrev]. They told me that news and they were like, “Whatever you do, do not tell Nina about this.” I didn’t. I was a good boy and when they finally did tell Nina that that was happening, I remember she called me at like four in the morning and somehow my phone was on and she was just like, “What the? You’re just like a spit older than me, how does that work?” And I was like, “Well, I play older, as has always been the case in my career, and you play younger, so I guess it’s going to work.” That was a fun thing to play with.
—  Vampire Diaries: David Anders reveals the Uncle John twist that made Nina Dobrev call him at 4 a.m.

   Nina moved down the steps with quick feet, nearly tripping over herself once reaching the bottom. She managed to stand up right in time , letting out a low sigh she turned towards the door, only to stop at the sight of the older brunette. Nina mentally cursed her self, she had wanted to ask Luke to take her to get ice cream but Ana being home was not part of the plan.

     “Hi mama – What’re you doing home?”