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5 Disney Film Meme:

Favourite Male - Kenai (sassy, racoon-butt-kicking-machine)

tbh I’m never gonna understand Stoick haters


Edit: It’s probs a bit late, but a lot of people are taking the “cons” quite personally. The title of this post is recommendations, I didn’t put anything here that I don’t think people should give a go.  Most the ‘cons’ are just reasons certain people may not like the movie. I know people who will straight up refuse a movie if it has subtitles or is a musical. Also, there are some subjects people find uncomfortable to watch (domestic violence, student/teacher), so I’d feel bad telling people to watch movies that may make them feel bad. AGAIN: I love all these movies, stop being mad at me.

365 Days of Justified



Rosa: “I want to live with you”

Armando: “You perfectly know what you have to do.. but you like to go round the houses, and make some chaos”

R: “You always loved my chaos! Don’t you like it anymore?”

A: “I will love your chaos forever”


We [Twi’lek] females are virtually bred to be frivolous – good only as slaves, playthings, or pampered princesses!

Twi’lek females aren’t treat well in [star wars] universe - since birth they are   emotionally, physically and socially oppressed.