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So I drew @franeridart‘s designs for bakushima kids since they were so adorable and I fell in love immediately??? 

(IDK what they’re doing, lets say they went to the beach/ aquarium?)

Faneridart’s post on the kiddos: is here

*Edit because I did the worst possible thing and forgot Kirishima and Bakugo’s wedding rings

I think pre-crisis Roadhog, would indeed be extremely family oriented but unlike all the headcanons that have him being settled down in a strange nuclear family of sorts, I think Mako would have been the more reserved sideline gay.
His entire family loves him, he loves them back, his neighbors repsect him, and so on, but all the people in whatever community he was at home in all were awaiting the day he’d find another young man that would finally take Mako’s mind away from his work.
Unfortunately, his reclusiveness and obliviousness has not changed whatsoever.


Okay… This is my payback for my semi-hiatus periode T_T
wanna draw Pacific Rim AU because i find some similarities between Raleigh x Mako and Kou x Akane but of course i ship KouAka a looot

Day one of Meihem Week ( I’M BEHIND ON THIS ONE TOO!!!! D:< ) Canon:

One of the headcanons I have for these two cinnamon rolls is that they became friends when they were kids. Mako was out sick one day, and with no one to keep Jamie out of trouble, he was a mess the entire day (i.e. Getting his shirt ripped and stretched after an 8th grader flung him across the hall, getting a black eye due to a cheap shot in the bathroom). Little Mei sees the downhill turn Jamie’s appearance has taken throughout the day, but thinks nothing of it since the boy got into fights whether or not his older brother (Mako is his brother in this headcanon) was around. However, on her way out of school, she sees a group of 8th graders ganging up on Jamie, his things strewn about in the grass and as usual, not a teacher in sight. Despite the many thoughts telling Mei not to get involved, she drops everything except her trusty Science of Light textbook and rushes in.

i like the idea of Kai becoming Mako and Bolin’s little bro where Bolin is the Cool Fun Bro and Mako is the Strict But I Believe in You Bro, and they love taking him out to eat at their favorite places in republic city. and when he travels for air nomad stuff he writes long letters to bolin about all the interesting dishes he’s tried (LOL at being a vegetarian, no) and sends mako postcards of gorgeous locations where he’s crossed out “wish you were here” and written in “STAY WHERE YOU ARE.” and when Kai needs advice he just asks Korra instead because his older brothers, they’re dumbasses

Mako loves to talk about the women he admires: “You’re the Avatar?? Mako’s told me so much about you” (twice) and “Mako said you’re an excellent police chief” and it’s really funny because we never see it on screen but imagine Mako sitting there with Suyin, bursting with quiet excitement as he talks about how amazing and smart and cool Lin is and she’s so good at her job she’s a great boss!!! and meanwhile Suyin’s sort of smiling to herself because her crotchety, cranky, grouchy older sister is this kid’s inspiration

even though where honouji used to be is a total wreck i like to think that when ryuuko and mako are older they sneak to where it used to be and pretend that they’re students there again and pretend to be cops investigating some big crime scene and in the middle of an
“investigation” they run into satsuki and nonon who had the same idea (though they say its all for nostalgia’s sake)

I can’t stop drawing these two! aaaah
Did you gaise see makos desperation to save korra in the latest episode???