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Avatar Aang and Fire Lord Zuko the dweebs, being all BFF and hanging out together, probably discussing stuff about Republic City and how awesome and cool it’s gonna be (well, before sh*t got real of course ;XD )

I promised the lovely official-sokka this drawing an eon ago, and here it finally is!!! The beautiful Gaang celebrating Katara and Aang’s wedding. I picture it being one giant festival with lots of food, dancing, laughter, and Sokka crying the entire way through. Love it.

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Do you know what happened to Suki post-ATLA (and comics)? Did she die? Did she and Sokka marry? Do they have kids? Did they break up and found other partners? Does Sokka have kids with another girl?

thank you for acknowledging my authority to create avatar canon. i actually made a post a while back talking about what i think happens in the 70 years between atla and tlok. here

it only has sections for aang, katara, and sokka, but it also touches on suki a bit!

let me extrapolate though! when the war ends she and the kyoshi warriors return to traveling the earth kingdom to help rebuild. sokka returns to the southern water tribe to help rebuild there. during this time suki has their first child unexpectedly, but since she’s a badass she just keeps doing her job with the baby strapped to her back (obviously not in dangerous situations lol). then sokka comes back and finds them and she’s like…. surprise!! lskdfj.

most of team avatar becomes based in republic city and settles there. she and sokka have four more children together for a total of five: three girls and two boys.

suki becomes one of the first earth kingdom councilors on the united republic council. after this she goes back to being a kyoshi warrior, training the new generation, splitting her time between republic city and kyoshi island and wherever the job takes her. she and sokka have a stable, understanding bond and don’t have a problem with not being able to be physically together always (but they remain together their whole lives and only have kids with each other of course!). she is often off on missions while he remains in the city, but later when his terms end he often joins her.

honestly if you think about it suki has always had her sh*t together so she’s a big role model for the rest of team avatar when they step into their leadership roles post-war. she inspires sokka as a councilor, she inspires katara as a teacher, etc.

anyway, their kids are super fun and cool and they have like a million grandchildren and great grandchildren, all-in-all spreading awesomeness around the world.

suki goes to the south pole with sokka and some of their family to meet korra when she is discovered to be the new avatar. several years later sokka dies of old age and at this point suki is an old lady hardened kyoshi warrior grand master with a well-known legacy as a hero of the end of the war and the rebuilding of the world. to this day she is alive and well on kyoshi island, still spry, training every day, and overseeing the kyoshi warriors! she, katara, and toph talk on the phone all the time.

How the older gaang handles alcohol
  • Aang: He actually has probably the best tolerance out of everyone, but that doesn't stop him from partying anyway. An unfairly skilled drink mixer.
  • Katara: A moderate and responsible drinker, never actually gets past the point of tipsy. Usually has the responsibility of keeping everybody else in line.
  • Sokka: Not picky with liquor and good tolerance, but he still goes over the limit sometimes. Unpredictable drunk, most likely to start yelling or crying under the influence; someone should keep an eye on him.
  • Toph: No alcohol tolerance at all, partly due to her blood, partly due to her size, makes the most of it. Rowdy drunk, no shame. Drinks the bitterest swill there is.
  • Suki: Is more likely to use alcohol to dull pain or to treat a wound than for recreational purposes. In other instances, usually sticks to sake in small servings.
  • Zuko: Doesn't actually drink. He dislikes the bitter taste and is never able to mix it to the appropriate spice or sweetness. Additionally, is aware he has a temper problem and doesn't want alcohol to worsen it.
  • Azula: She doesn't drink in the company of other people, so its rare so see, but she's really a melancholic drunk more than anything. Only the finest, spiced liquor for her palate.
  • Ty Lee: Mixers and fruity liquors galore. She has very little tolerance and gets drunk very quickly. A very affectionate drunk who clings to anyone and everyone.
  • Mai: Is she drunk? Is she sober? You can't tell. Zuko swears she smiles a little more, but no one believes him.

can we just

can we just have some content that’s all the older GAang viewed from the outside

dignitaries rolling their eyes at these dorky young people they’re forced to work with like damn they are wise kids but these inside jokes are really starting to get on my last nerve and I stg if avatar aang sneezes himself across the room on those rolling chairs councilman sokka invented one more time