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So after two decades of wanting to get a bird, I finally did it! The one I ordered is a baby and won’t be ready to come home until the end of the month maybe a little earlier. These pictures are of the older sibling as the feathers haven’t fully come in yet on the babies. It is a Sun Gold Conure. It’s Dad is a Gold Capped and its mother is a Sun Conure. It has been DNA tested and is a male.

I wanted to name him Mango but I found out there is already a Tumblr famous Conure named Mango. What do you guys think about Marley?

A guide to pin feathers and grooming your bird

Okey dokey bird owners. I’m going to talk a bit today about pin feathers and grooming your bird. Most of you probably already know this, but I had a very hard time finding any information on this, so I’ll teach a little to new bird owners.
If you just got your bird or are new to owning them, you may not know if you need to groom them or not. I mean, they spend like six hours preening themselves, so you’re probably okay, right? Not quite. Birds do preen themselves, but they still need baths or showers and they need some help with their head. My budgies are terrified of baths, so we let them perch in the shower. You need to make sure the water isn’t too hot or cold and that your friend has a warm place to dry. I find once a week us a good time to bathe them. I usually like to do it when I clean their cage.
As for preening them, you may have noticed some sharp looking feather things on your bird’s head. These are pin feathers. They may look like a bare feather shaft, but they’re actually brand new feathers. The feather is wrapped in a very thin layer of skin and the shaft of the feather has a blood supply as it grows. When it’s done growing, the layer of skin gets dry and the bird will remove that sheath from the new feather. They can’t reach their heads, though, so if your bird doesn’t have a friend, or if they don’t like their friend to groom them, you may need to do it yourself.
The skin gets really irritated as it dries, just like sunburns get itchy as your skin dries. Even though your bird may not understand what you’re doing or even be a bit scared, it’ll feel better for them. I recommend the first time you do this, wrap them up in a towel. You may want to get them used to preening with a towel anyway, because you get the sheath and dust everywhere. Gently run your nail along the older pin feathers until the sheath starts to crumble. On bigger birds, you can sometimes pull off part of the sheath in big parts, but on little birds, it’s probably easier just to rub them. When pin feathers are still growing, they’re super sensitive, so if you see any pink along the bottom of the feather, don’t touch it. If you miss it, though, and you do scratch it, your bird will nip at you to let you know it hurts and to leave that feather alone. When you’re done, you could maybe spray them with some water or give them a bath to help soothe their skin even more.
I hope this helps some new bird owners! Please feel free to add or let me know if o got something wrong.

Sketched a few species for Evosaur

Rubeosaurus - Montana, high north, thought of making it look woolly (albeit the fuzz would be like protofeathers)
Herrerasaurus - Thought of keeping it mostly scaly
Othnielia - Same thing, thought of keeping some older species without feathers or keratin quills, more of an oldschool look - note - it is bipedal, just crouching.

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Oh!! Can I get tyrantrum headcanons? Love me some big ol dino

Tyrantrum is my favorite pokemon ;>

  • Tyrunt are distributed to owners as part of the Fossil Revival project, which aims to slowly reintroduce ancient pokemon without disturbing the ecosystem, as well as provide information to trainers who’d otherwise have no reference for a pokemon that was gone for millions of years. New eggs have to be registered, and trainers are asked to send in observations for research purposes (Such as behavior, favorite foods, etc)
  • Tyrunt does not make a good indoor pokemon, often chewing and tearing apart anything “solid”. If left alone, it may rip a door off its hinges to chase after its trainer.
  • It loves getting scratched under its chin and rough housing with other pokemon. They might take losses pretty badly, though…
  • Tyrantrum’s mane feels like soft feathers. Older Tyrantrum may sprout these feathers around their arms and tail, at first in tiny stubble-like amounts.
  • They are extremely hard to control, often only listening to its trainer out of mutual respect.
  • Junkyards often enlist the help of Tyrantrum owners to help destroy metal and concrete. Tyrantrum appreciate this because they need to exercise their jaws.
An Angel’s Grace [Part Seven]

Gabriel x Reader

Author: justcallmeyourgoddess

Warnings: Swearing, Mild Violence, Slight Lucifer x Reader

Word Count: 1752

Description:  Reader is already officially mates with Gabriel with all the ceremonies, etc. and can see his wings. He wants to introduce her to his archangel brothers (saying as Lucifer and Michael and Raphael all live together peacefully in heaven). They discover something about the Reader in the process.

Note: Don’t kill me.

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7

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I’m not even sure where this came from but it’s definitely for fcrensics ❤️ nothing like what I usually write but here goes


Gary ‘Mordred’ Unwin is the best at what he does. He isn’t listed on his agency’s records, not anymore. He never was let out of lock up by Harry Hart. He never spoke to Charlie Hesketh. He never befriended Roxanne ‘Lancelot’ Morton. Never trained under Merlin, for Kingsman.

Gary is the elite of the elite, a ghost. He doesn’t exist. He is reserved for the most delicate of assassinations, for the deepest of undercover operations. Gary Unwin is death incarnate, hailing bullets and knives and explosions in his wake. He is a whisper, a dark prickle at your nape, the unshakeable feeling that something is watching you, waiting.

Stalking you.

Merlin hasn’t ever existed. Aodhán Mac Suibhne? He’s knocking around in the records somewhere, in the deep bowels of Kingsman’s servers. He’s the best at what he does; MI5, 6 and 7 have nothing on him. His fingers sentence death hourly, his mind working fifty steps ahead to ensure it happens in the most fitting way possible.

Merlin heralds Mordred’s arrival like an angel of death, turning off lights and shutting doors so tight an axe would struggle to open it. Merlin is his guide, his eyes and ears. Mordred wields death like a shield, wields it easily and gracefully. He is the hands and legs and rage, together they are unstoppable.


That’s all at work, of course. Mordred isn’t who Merlin comes home to in the evening. Merlin isn’t who Mordred wakes to each morning. No, it’s Eggsy who smiles at his husband, Eggsy who wakes the older man with feather dustings of kisses across his face. It’s Aodhán who curls his ink-covered arm around Eggsy’s waist and draws him tight, grumbling that it’s too early.

It’s Eggsy that snuggles under Aodhán’s chin, tucking himself up small and fragile.

Mordred is shatterproof. Eggsy is not.

It’s Aodhán that lets himself drape luxuriously over Eggsy, tangling and twining them together in the weak, early morning sun.

Merlin is detached. Aodhán is woven up with love.

They do terrible things, great things, both, at work. They kill, they main, they threaten, they seduce, they kidnap, assassinate, save, rescue, redeem. They murder. They absolve. Together, or not at all.

It’s the one thing Merlin&Mordred share with Aodhán&Eggsy, that. They do all things together- sleeping, eating, loving, laughing, killing, torturing, hunting, rescuing- or not at all.


I am excited to announce that I will be starting a little side blog project, called Older Feathers, to propagate and promote reading the good ole fashioned written (typed..) word. Ill be giving a book review once or twice a month as well as a lot of updates for books on the horizon I am excited about and whatever else is happening in the publishing world.

I am going to be clear here and now: I am no literary genius.

I am a big dork who reads a lot of (history, geography, non-fiction, and reference) books and I unfortunately have no one to enjoy a discussion with after I finish them. 

I promise It wont be full of pictures of me holding books; there will be actual content, reviews and discussions (hopefully..). 

I’ll spend the week setting it up, and will let you all know when I get everything running smoothly! I am so excited to have a place to reflect on a good (or bad) read. I hope you guys havent plastered an image of me as some cool cat in your heads. I am about to slam the nerd in me on the public library table for everyone to see.

So… I went to see the Warcraft movie and I just… that guy Medivh? Yeah, I kinda liked him right away…




Man, I don’t remember much of the old games, I only played the second Warcraft and WoW of course (though not for long, I’m not fond of the whole online thing, hence why I fell so in love with DA) so I did enjoy the movie, maybe because I don’t really know if they fucked up the story or not :D


With our kestrels getting bigger by the day, the time finally came for their accommodation to be upgraded. All three were recently moved into one of our larger, secluded aviaries and, now, they have much more room to stretch their wings.
Although skittish at first, they quickly accepted their new lodging and have settled in well. It won’t be long now before they can be released again!