older brothers are both awesome and terrible at the same time

A dragon’s treasure

Prompt: Metalicana interacting with the twins by @ninja-status

Word count: 2k

Summary: Metalicana is asked to babysit the twins. It’ll be a piece of cake, right? RIGHT?! Modern-AU; Human!Metalicana.


After three knocks to the door, only one thought crossed his mind unrelentlessly.

How had he agreed to this?

The door swung open and he looked down to be met with two hazel eyes and a bright smile.

Oh, right. It’s all the brat’s fault.

“Welcome, Metalicana,” Levy greeted him in her singsong voice and he sighed in defeat.

“Where are they?” His gruff voice and dark appearance could have scared the bravest warrior but did nothing to her. Instead, she smiled again and stepped aside to let him come inside the house.

Yeap, it’s the brat’s fault for falling for the ballsiest and cutest woman in the whole world. Don’t get him wrong; he loves his daughter-in-law, she seemed to be the only one able to keep his son in line and she was the main reason the brat cut his connections with the dark businesses he got involved in when he was young.

Still, it didn’t explain why Metalicana had to bear with the consequences of his son’s choices.

“They are in the living room watching a movie. Come on in.” She closed the door once he stepped inside and he couldn’t help but scrunch his nose at the fruity and floral scent that wafted through each corner of the house.

“Hey Pops,” Gajeel greeted his father when he came into view and- wait, did he just smiled at him?! Was Gajeel actually happy to see his old man?!

“Brat,” he greeted back and couldn’t keep the faint smile off his face at seeing his son so damn happy. Yeah, this tiny blue haired woman was changing Gajeel’s life and Metalicana hoped it would be for the better.

“Hey Lev, could ya help me with the tie?”

“Sure, honey.” Gajeel leaned down for her to be able to reach for his tie without going up on her tiptoes. With a quick motion, Levy finished her task and patted him affectionately on the chest. “All done.”

He thanked her and kissed the top of her head which earned him a cute giggle from the woman.

“Ugh, get a room ya two.” Metalicana rolled his eyes and crossed his arms feigning irritation at the scene.

“What? Ya want a kiss too old man?”

“Yeah, in my ass,” he shot back and both males grinned at each other.

“Now now, be nice the two of you,” Levy chided but before Metalicana could argued back a new voice interrupted them.

“Grampa?” Yajeh stood at the other end of the entrance hall eyeing the older man curiously.

“Come here, sweetie.” The five-year-old boy did as his mother told him and ran into her arms happily. She lifted him up with ease and embraced the child with motherly love. “Is the movie over?”

“Yeah, it was great! Can we look for our dragons next time we go camping?” His eyes shone with excitement at the mere idea of riding his own Nightfury.

“Sure thing, champ.” Gajeel chuckled and ruffled his son’s hair.

“We’ll need lots of fishes! And no eels!” Shutora added as she stepped closer to the adults. She eyed her brother with shyness and something akin to jealousy. She also wanted to be hugged but she was too proud to admit it.

As if reading her mind, Gajeel swiftly lifted her up and sat her on his shoulder. She laughed and hugged her daddy’s head to not fall off. Metalicana just rolled his eyes one more time at the family’s antiques; that many shows of affection were too much for him to bear.

“Why is Grampa here?” Shutora questioned noticing for the first time the older man in the room.

“He is staying with ya for a couple of hours,” Gajeel said as he gently put his daughter down.

“Really?” Yajeh looked up at his grandfather with his bright red eyes.

“Yes. Daddy and I are going out for a couple of hours so Grampa will be looking after you until we come back,” Levy explained as she kissed her son in the cheek and put him down. “So you better behave, alright?”

Now, both kids looked up at Metalicana with wide eyes and unreadable expressions. He started to feel uncomfortable under their innocent and intense gaze. Surely they might have prefered to be babysat by Blondie or by Igneel’s brat but according to Levy they were unavailable for the night. So now, the twins were stuck with him and they were probably going to throw a tantrum about them not wanting to spend time with their grandfather.



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The Silver Fox

A/N - Another original fic, another awful title because coming up with names is the worst part of writing for me by far! But hey, I tried. Anyways, I’ve been itching to write a new original fic since it’s been quite a while since my last one, and after I got this little idea thanks to my still-going strong crush on one Mr. Haywood, I just had to run with it! A huge thank you to the lovely @mandywritesrtthings for encouraging me to write this in the first place and taking a look at the very rough drafts of this giant thing! Full disclosure - this is an AU, so as per usual, the kids/ex-wife mentioned are not IRL Ryan’s, they’re just fictional constructs spawned from my tiny human brain! Oh, and this AU-Ryan is a good bit older than current IRL Ryan, hence the silver fox-ness. Handsome older men, yo.

EDIT - I maaaaaaay also have some ideas for a sequel to this, so if there’s enough interest and if I can convince myself it’s not a terrible idea, who knows, maybe we’ll see more of this…

Pairing - Ryan x Reader

Warnings - Swearing, sex, mentions of alcohol, attractive older man, mentions of theatre.

Word Count - 5, 639

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anonymous asked:

Would you say peer wise, Damian's friendship with Jon is your favorite right now? Damian's (peer age) friendship with Maya is still my absolute favorite. She just gets him on such a level that few people ever do and he opens up to her in return in a rare way. I'd say Jon and Damian have a dynamic right now where Damian is the only one close to Jon's age that can be involved in his life in all areas. He also acts like a coach of sorts to Jon so even if Damian's constantly doing things that Jon-

2 hates. He eventually caves and let’s himself be pulled along half because he feels obligated to by their parents and also maybe he’s a little lonely for super friends his age. I don’t think he’s at the point where he really likes Damian too much. Jon definitely doesn’t understand him. Honestly I hope he takes a long time too. Poor Jon is so young and had such a loving upbringing just getting a glimpse of Damian’s background would horrify him. Damian for his part finds Jon a little useful -

3 potential to be a pretty awesome (though not as awesome as him) hero to encourage and ally himself with. As annoying as he can find his innocence Damian has shown he’s very drawn to people with Jon’s personality (Dick, Steph, Colin) and he’s obviously growing attached in a aloof big brother way (lol, toddler titan is my fav nickname). He’s just not close to the point he is with Dick or Maya or the TT about seeing Jon as a equal. He knows if he treats him as one would mean exposing him to the-

4 parts of him that Jon wouldn’t be ready to handle (he did try to be open w/his past and looked disappointed when Jon brushed it off). But yeah right now I’d say part of the way their relationship works is that they can compliment each other quite a bit. But there’s this huge gap that causes their clashes. Jon’s not as stunted but Damian is very much ahead of understanding what it means to him to be a hero and who/how to fight. They don’t have to be best friends but thet are interesting foils.

That Christmas special bugged me for a number of reasons actually and I didn’t like it much. Jon had plenty of school friends and his best friend (at the time) is Kathy so he can’t be friendless. In canon Damian is the one calling upon Jon and inviting him into his life while Jon trying to be nice but losing his temper over Damian’s antics a lot. I feel like that strip didn’t have a great idea of their friendship and that it’s a slow burn for both of them becoming closer. But that’s how it is.

Do you think Jon belongs on the Teen Titans? I know he complained about not being invited to join and in a future Super Sons issue Damian finally does invite him (with ulterior motives). A part of me wonders if Damian ends up inviting Jon with the purpose of discouraging Jon? I know quite the opposite of what he does but TT missions are quite different from their own duo missions and Damian is protective in his own way. Damian can’t look after Jon when he’s got his whole team to watch over too.

I’m assuming all six of these messages were from the same person. But if not, let me know! 

Time for some meta~

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To The Future

A quick future canonverse fic where the Delinquents decide to intervene in Clarke and Bellamy’s most personal affair. 

“You know, you two really need to hurry up.” Raven said suddenly, taking a screwdriver from Murphy.

Clarke raised an eyebrow, leaning against the wall in the garage. “I presume you mean me and Bell?”

“Who else?” Jasper muttered, throwing himself onto a stool between Monty and Octavia.

The six of them were gathered around the Rover. Well, five technically as Raven was under it. Trouble with the gearbox again. Their shift patterns had just ended; Clarke in the med-bay, Octavia in the training ground, Jasper and Monty in the labs, Murphy on the range. The only ones missing were Bellamy and Miller who had yet to return from their patrol around Skaikru’s land. With the Rover out of action, all border patrols had to be conducted on foot which all the guards (including Bellamy) complained about on an hourly basis.

Octavia snickered at Jasper’s comment. “Skaikru’s power couple.”

Clarke rolled her eyes. “Please. The only power couple in Skaikru is definitely my mom and Kane.” She turned back to Raven. “Hurry up and do what?”

“Have a kid. You and Bellamy.” Raven frowned at Clarke as if it were the most obvious question in the world.

“Wow.” Clarke blinked, slightly surprised at the answer. “That was . . blunt.”

Raven looked around at the other delinquents. They dropped awkwardly their heads as her gaze passed over them. “Come on, guys, you were all thinking it. I just said it.”

Octavia shifted on her seat. “Yeah, Clarke. I want to be an auntie.”

“Don’t encourage them, Raven. Can you imagine what a Griffin-Blake kid would be like?” Jasper shook his head. “Clarke’s stubbornness should never ever be mixed with Bellamy’s mood swings. No one on Earth would be safe again.”

“Thanks, Jasper.” came a sarcastic reply.

“It’d be cute, though. First kid in Arkadia who’s parents are members of the 100.” Monty remarked.

“Cute?” Murphy snorted. “I’m with Jordan. A Griffin-Blake kid would be lethal.”

“But why do we have to be first?” Clarke asked indignantly. “Why can’t Octavia and Lincoln go first?”

“Because people still see you and Bell as the leaders, the role models.” Octavia replied insistently. “The reason why there isn’t any Earth-born Skaikru kids yet is because everyone is kind of waiting for you two to try it out first. To them, if Bellamy and Clarke feel safe enough to start a family then they’re safe enough, too.”

Clarke sighed. “I’m not sure if Bellamy even wants a kid so you should all lower your expectations for the time being.”

“Oh please,” Jasper scoffed. “Bellamy would be in his element. Someone that not only appreciates his protectiveness, but actually needs it, too. He’d love it.”

“Jasper’s right.” Octavia nodded. “I mean, Bell didn’t get a choice about raising me but he did a good job of it and he was only six back then. He’d be an amazing dad.”

“I know.” Clarke bit her lip. “I’m just not sure what he’d think about getting into that right now.”

“Why not now?” Raven jumped up onto the hood of the Rover, flicking a loose strand of hair out of her face. “Things are great here. Everyone’s healthy and happy and-.”

Raven was interrupted as the garage bay door slid open. Bellamy stepped in, Miller on his six, dressed as always in their guard uniforms.

“Hey guys,” Nathan swung his rifle off his shoulder. “You wouldn’t believe the weather out there.”

Bellamy gave Miller a withering look before shaking his hair like a dog. The amount of water dripping off him was going to form a puddle soon enough. “I think they can probably make an accurate guess.” He unzipped his sodden jacket and hung it on the closest chair. “Raven, how long till the damn Rover is fixed?”

Raven tossed him the keys as he joined the circle. “Should be good to go for tomorrow.”

Bellamy gave her a nod of thanks, kissing Clarke’s head in a quiet greeting.

“So,” Miller pulled a chair over. “What have we been talking about?”

“Bellamy and Clarke’s fruitless sex life.” Murphy answered innocently.

Clarke tried not to laugh at the look on Bellamy’s face, although everyone else was in bits. He was obviously convincing himself that Murphy was joking. The alternative was far too embarrassing for his liking.

“According to these guys, you and I should be having more unprotected sex to meet the needs of Skaikru.” Clarke clarified, struggling desperately to keep a straight face.

Bellamy looked around the circle of friends quizzically. “And how does us having more unprotected sex benefit Skaikru?”

The delinquents dissolved into hysterics again. “Didn’t Mom ever give you the talk, Bell?” Octavia laughed at her older brother.

“It’s okay, Bellamy, I’ll explain it to you.” Jasper smirked. “When a man loves a woman very much, sometimes, they get-”

“I know how it works, Jordan.” Bellamy cringed. “You’re saying that I should knock Clarke up so you can experience all the joys of a kid, safe in the knowledge that you can give it back?”

“Basically,” Octavia admitted. “And I definitely want to be an auntie.”

“Octavia thinks that we should be the first to have a kid, just to prove to everyone else that it’s safe.” Clarke looked up at Bellamy, trying to gauge what he was thinking. “Monty thinks it would be cute but Jasper thinks we absolutely shouldn’t reproduce because any child of ours would be a danger to society.”

“Thanks, Jasper.” Bellamy huffed. “Though he’s probably right.”

Clarke gave him a sharp jab with her elbow. Bellamy reconsidered. “I’m kidding. I agree with Monty. Our kids would be cute. And dangerous.”

“See?” Murphy gestured at Bellamy. “Even he agrees with me.”

“So you’re going to try?” Raven asked eagerly.

Bellamy chuckled. “Hold on a second. I didn’t mean right now.”

“I told you he’d say that.” Clarke crowed triumphantly.

Bellamy hesitated. “I mean, I want to. Of course I do, but Kane has been talking about stepping down as Chancellor soon so he can be with Abby more. You know that he wants me to run to take his place. I’m not sure that Clarke and I can manage that and a baby at the same time.”

Octavia groaned frustratedly. “Let’s be real, Bell. If you take that pin, you’ll be re-elected until you die or you give up on your own and we know that will never happen. There’s not going to be a perfect time.”

“You and Clarke looked after 100 kids alone for months.” Monty said dismissively. “What’s one?”

“46 of them died.” Murphy pointed out.

“Shut up, Murphy.” Raven glared.

“Besides, we’ll all babysit for you.” Octavia added.

“Will we?” Nathan and Jasper asked simultaneously.

Yes, we will.” Octavia hissed, giving both boys a pointed look. “They owe me a niece or nephew.”

“They really think that we should, Bell.” Clarke smiled, giving him a hopeful gaze.

Bellamy looked at her for a moment before letting out a defeated sigh. “No promises.”

“That means yes in Bellamy-speak.” Octavia grinned at her brother. “This is going to be so awesome.”

“If by awesome, you mean deadly, then sure. It’s going to be awesome.” Murphy called, grabbing some bottles from behind the bar. “Let’s hope the kid doesn’t inherit the Chancellor-to-be’s temper.”

“John,” Clarke accepted a bottle of moonshine from him. “Carry on and you’ll be the one running the Skaikru Day Care.”

“If you want the kid to stay alive, I assure you that’s a terrible idea. Jasper is your best shot.”

“I wouldn’t trust either of you so don’t stress yourselves about it.” Bellamy crossed his arms. “I doubt you’ll be able to pry he or she away from Octavia, anyway.”

“You got it, brother.” Octavia paused. “We’ve come one hell of a way, haven’t we?”

“Understatement of the century.” Raven coughed as she took a swig of moonshine. “We’re lucky to be alive.”

“Not lucky.” Murphy said, jumping up onto the bar. “We damn earned it.”

Clarke raised her glass. “To the future?”

“I’ll drink to that.”

Two Stubborn People in Love

A/N: Nothing much…. unedited… that’s about it lol From the series ‘And Just When I Thought Things Were Going To Be Easy For Us’

 Pictures are not mine, found them on google so credit to them! 

Word Count: 1603
Dean x Reader
Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

“How was the drive?” Sam asked as he approached his older brother, pulling him in for a tight hug. He didn’t miss the slight blush that dusted Dean’s cheeks as he glanced back at your sleeping form that was sprawled on the passenger seat, a light snore escaping your lips.

“Good. Long.” Dean shrugged nonchalantly. Sam couldn’t help but roll his eyes at his stubborn brother. He had seen the picture Dean had posted on Instagram. He had been rooting for both Dean and you to get together ever since he was introduced to you. He noticed the sparkle in Dean’s eyes that had for so long disappeared – ever since the death of their parent’s. He saw the way Dean was with you, the way Dean talked about you whenever he called, the way Dean reacted whenever you went on a date and Sam wouldn’t hear the end of it. He had planned this trip and convinced you to come along in hopes that he could finally set his plan into motion: getting you and Dean together. Officially.

“Well I’m glad you made it. The beds are made and everything so you can grab the bags and I can grab Y/N…?” Sam couldn’t help but smirk as he saw his brother glance at him in annoyance. He innocently raised his hands in surrender before heading towards the trunk of the beloved Impala and grabbed some bags.

Dean made his way towards you, unsure as to how he was going to get you out without waking you up. You looked so peaceful and content that he dreaded having to move you. But he knew that if he didn’t, that you would bitch at him the next morning because of the pain in your back and neck. He could hear his brother snicker from behind him. Dean, without looking, flipped him off as he continued to ponder on what to do. Eventually he decided that he would slowly open the passenger door, gently cradling your head with one hand as he tried to swing the door open so he could cradle you in his arms. A groan of discomfort escaped your lips and he froze, waiting to see if you would open your eyes. He let out a soft sigh of relief when you didn’t. He quickly slipped his arms underneath your warm sun-kissed body and lifted you up off the seat. He couldn’t help but smile as you cuddled into his chest, your hand slightly resting where his heart beat thunderously. God, he was so fucking in love with you.

“You’re so done for, man,” Sam commented as he watched Dean walk you to your room. He didn’t notice the beach house, didn’t bother looking around. They could’ve rented a shack or a mansion of all things and he still would have only eyes for you. He would be just as content.

“Shut up,” Dean grumbled, though his small smile betrayed his words.


You heard the sound of seagulls before you noticed anything else. You felt the warm ocean breeze, next. And then came the warmth of the sun streaming through the large windows.

“You’re the laziest person in the world,” A familiar voice called out from the doorway. Immediately your eyes flashed open, a squeal of happiness escaped your lips as you sprang out of bed. Flying towards the large man you had missed terribly. Sam chuckled as you jumped into his arms, dwarfing you as he hugged you tightly. His dimples appeared as he smoothed out your messy hair. You clung to him as if you were impersonating a Koala and refused to let him go. “I missed you to, sleepyhead” If there was anyone you wanted in the world to be your brother, it would hands down, without a sliver of doubt, be Sam Winchester. The abnormally large Sasquatch was everything you wanted in a little brother.

“I’m not letting you go. Ever. During this whole break,” His shirt muffled your words but he somehow heard you. He chuckled at the thought, already picturing a pissed off Dean.

“As nice as that sounds, I would very much appreciate it if you take a shower,” As soon as the words left his mouth, you quickly let go and punched him in the arm, trying not to flinch at the hard muscle that hurt your knuckles.

“You suck,”

“Get dressed, breakfast is ready,” He called out with a smile before walking out the door and shutting it behind him. You couldn’t help but be giddy at the start of a new day. You walked over to the windows and saw the ocean and beach the stretched for miles and miles in each direction. The smile hadn’t left your face since the moment you woke up. Just the smell of the ocean made you giddy. You quickly took a shower and slipped on a pair of shorts and one of your many college’s sweatshirts. Quickly running down the stairs to find your favorite brothers sitting on the deck, a breakfast galore on the table that instantly made your mouth water.

“Good morning, to my favorite people ever,” Quickly planting a kiss on both of their cheeks before instantly digging into the food that sat before you, the warm breeze pleasant against your legs.

“Looks like you woke up in a good mood,” Dean teased as he sipped on his coffee. He couldn’t help but admire how at peace you looked as you watched the ocean waves crash onto shore. How your legs bounced as you itched to play in the water.

“Wow Dean, I almost didn’t recognize you. When was the last time you wore shorts?” You whistled jokingly, although the sight of him was surely pleasant as well. He was clearly ready for the day. In a dark t-shirt and light blue shorts, his sunglasses hanging from the neck of his shirt.

“Alright you two, I’m trying to eat here,” Sam commented in mock disgust, Dean winked at me before glancing at the drink Sam had. Both Dean and I gagged at the protein shake, remembering Sam’s obsession with healthy and clean eating, which was impressive since he was a college student.

“So what’s the plan for today?” You asked as you downed the orange juice, resting your feet on Dean’s lap casually. He glared at you playfully before massaging your calves.

“I was thinking we could walk around, get a feel of the area. You’ve never been here so I think it’d be awesome to get lunch in town and look at some shops and whatnot,” Sam piped as he read off something from his phone, probably notes. “There’s an outdoor shopping center that’s pretty cool,”

“Sounds good, Sammy. I’m happy with anything,” You smiled at the youngest Winchester, loving how serious he was in making sure you had a good time. “Thank you for letting me tag along. Dean says to not make it a big deal, but honestly Sam, it means the world to me,”

“You think I wouldn’t want my older sister to come along on this trip? Besides who is supposed to keep Dean in check cause I sure as hell won’t do it. But it’s no big deal, Y/N I wouldn’t have it any other way and I’m sure Dean feels the same way. You’re family,”


Dean quickly ran down the sidewalk, gracefully dodging people as he waved his hands in victory a bright smile on his face as he reached the steps that lead to the mall. You and Sam trailed behind, out of breath and in disbelief that Dean out of the three of you had won the spontaneous race. You really needed to get back in shape once you returned to school.

“Aw are the babies tired?” Dean teased, quickly approaching you and letting you lean against his broad self.

Sam merely chuckled while you flipped off the eldest Winchester as he dragged you along, slipping his fingers between yours as you approached the array of shops and restaurants. It was a beautiful and warm day, Dean hiding his beautiful green eyes with some sunglasses. There was no place you’d rather be. Your boys were happy, you were over the moon, everything was just perfect.

The pictures were endless. You couldn’t stop. There was so much beauty and the guys were too handsome to not capture. But there was one picture that took your breath away.

“You should tell him,” You quickly flipped your phone over, letting out a sigh of relief once you realized it was just Sam. Somewhere along the way, Sam had found out about your feelings towards his brother and was insistent that you told him.

“One day, Sam,” You all but chuckled as you looked at the picture you had taken of Dean, once more. He was smiling at you, walking to grab a sample a little way down the sidewalk and you had told him to turn around quickly. It was the carefree expression that had taken your breath away. He had gotten a temporary tattoo just for the hell of it since you had made fun of him for never having his skin inked by anything. He had smugly come out of a tent a mere 30 minutes later with a design om his arm and you couldn’t help but laugh at how proud of himself he was. Dean did anything to make you laugh. 

 Sam let out a groan of frustration but let the conversation slide. He knew what your fear was. That Dean wouldn’t feel the same way and you would not only loose the close friendship you had with him but by default loose Sam as well. Them being the two most important people in your life, it scared you shitless and such a possibility. You were fine with silent admiration, as painful as it was since Dean Winchester was a flirt. But you knew that it was for the best. It had to be for the best.

Confess (F - Namjoon)

*Featuring Best Friends Jikook, I want them to be my friends too* 

 Word Count:1824 words 

“Oh, come on.”

“Jimin. I am not going with you.”

“My parents will let go if they know you’re going.”

“Yeah, Y/N, the same for me.”

“What am I, the trick card you use when you want to do something bad?”

“Yeah, my parents let me go to dirt biking because I said that you were doing it with me.”

“Oh my god. And you’re still cleaning dirt for your shoes even since.”

“It was awesome, okay. It’s worth the dirt in my shoes.”

“Why can’t you just do that this time?”

“They want to hear your voice when they call me every hour.”

“Every hour…”

“Plus that guy you like, Namjoon is hosting it.” They both knew that you had a big crush on Namjoon. He was smart, attractive and way out of your league. It didn’t stop you from dreaming about him though, gushing about your feelings for him to them.

“How do I know you’re not lying? You told me you and Jimin were brothers once!”

“And I still can’t believe you fell for that, how do I look anything like this garden gnome?”


“I didn’t think you were twins, obviously but it’s possible.”

“He wishes that he was that close to me.”

“I’m going to kill you in your sleep one day, Kookie.

“If you aren’t too scared to climb down for the top bunk and not knock over the vase in the living room again, I’ll accept my death by your hands.”

“You two are so weird. No wonder I thought you two were brothers, you act like it.”


“I’m leaving.” Jungkook grabbed your hand, forcing you into his lap and Jimin pulled out his phone. Jungkook wrapped his arms around you as you squirm in his lap and Jimin texted someone.

“Are you going to wait for your proof or keep squirming in Kookie’s lap? He looks like he likes the way you squirm.”

“Shut up, gnome.” You say next to Jungkook, waiting for their so-called proof.

“You have no respect, ungrateful brat.”

“Maybe my respect for you is only as much as your height and you don’t look very tall, Jiminie.” You stifled a giggle and Jimin pouted, he was usually the but of your jokes in this small circle.

“Hey, Mini.”

“Why does everyone call me short?”

“Well, you’re not looking tall today.”

“I didn’t call you to come and roast me, Namjoon.”

“Y/N wants an invite to your party tonight.”


“Is that so?”


“Then, I’ll be seeing you tonight. Later.” He left and you could feel your heart beating out of your chest.

“Was that enough proof for you?”

“Now, you have to come.”

“Your secret crush is expecting you now.”

“What do you say?”

“I fucking hate you both.”


You went home, asking your parents if you could go to the party and they were overjoyed.

“A party? Tonight? Finally!”


“You’re such a sensible girl, it’s about time that you go out and have fun.”

“Okay, thanks mom?” You were confused but nonetheless, you were allowed to go. You rummaged through your clothes, looking for something that doesn’t say ‘This is my first party’.


“Yes, mom.”

“Jimin and Jungkook are here!” You went downstairs to see those two idiots sitting in your living room.

“What are you two doing here?”

“Well, Jimin knows you can’t dress for shit.”

“How supportive.”

“But we’re here to fix that, you’re trying to impress your man.”

“Namjoon is not my man.”

“Not yet, he is.”

“I’d love to throw you both out.”

“But you need us, come on.”

“Jungkook, she’s not going to come with us willingly. It’s time for Plan B.”

“My favourite.” Jungkook scooped you up, throwing you over his shoulder and you began hitting his back.

“We’re going to borrow your daughter, ma’am.”

“Just bring her back by 12.”


“Fine, 12:30.”


“You’re a terrible negotiator, Y/N.” Jimin said as Jungkook sat you in the car, he sat with you as if he thought you would hop out the speeding car. You always thought Jimin drove like a maniac, speeding and enjoying the wind blowing his hair back.

“This is kidnapping.”

“Your mom let us, we’re keeping you until 12:30.”

“You make you sound like a pet.”

“You would be cute on a leash.”


“Chill, I’m not into you like that. You’re like my little sister.”

“We’re the same age.”

“Older by a day.”

“It’s only 20 hours!”

“Doesn’t matter, don’t talk to your oppa like that.”

“The only guy I can call oppa is Jimin and he blushes like a beet when I do.”

“I-I do not!”

“Jimin, your cheeks are redder than the red dot on Japan’s flag.”

“Shut up, Y/N.”

“Okay, oppa~”

“Tell me why we’re helping her again.”

“She can’t dress herself.”


“That is true..”


“Come on, pet.”

“Sometimes, I want to murder you both.”

“You love us too much to kill us.”

“Plus we’re your only friends.”

“Don’t forget us when Namjoon comes into your life.”

“And you better not mess around with him, missy.”

“When did I get two fathers?”

“Well, your mom is-”

“Jungkook, finish that sentence and I’ll burn your Iron Man collection.”

“You monster.” You smiled sweetly at him and walked through the mall with them. They dragged you into a small boutique and you browsed through the racks. When you saw the prices, you almost dropped dead, why were they so expensive?

“Find anything you like?”

“I can’t even afford a hanger here.”

“Cheer up, buttercup. We’re buying.”

“You know, that’s the funniest thing you’ve said to me, Jimin.”

“You’ve so cute and naïve.” He pinched your cheek and smiled at you. They pulled out the store, claiming the clothes won’t do you any good.

“Oh what about Old Navy?”

“Sweetie, what is that?”

“Fucking pretentious rich boys.”

“I’m not that rich.”

“You drove us here in your Range and come to school in with Corvette.”

“Look, don’t talk about Melissa and Janette like that.”

“This is why you don’t have a girlfriend.”

“Say that again, punk.” You giggled as the two bickered and you pulled them along. They pulled you into another store, tossing clothes at you and pushing you into the dressing room.

“Do you two have to guard the door?”

“So nobody gets the wrong idea.”

“Don’t try and open the door, I’m talking about you Jungkook.

“Jimin dared me to!”

“Did not.”


“Not my fault, stupid. You know Y/N took kickboxing.”

“I’m done.” You opened the door and they pulled you out. The dress was a sultry raven, lace on the bodice with a flowing skirt and there was a gold band around the waist.

“Damn, girl.”

“So, there is a figure under there.” You hit Jungkook’s head and tried on other dresses but you had your heart set on the first one.

“Now, you just have to fix your hair and… that. And you’ll be ready.”

“I seriously want to backhand you into next year.”

“Yeah, love you too.” They took you back to the car and drove you over to Jungkook’s house. His parents were kind people, always letting you stay over and never asked why there was a grape strain on his ceiling.

“My sister is the best at shit like this.”

“Na Jeong!”

“What are you yelling about now, brat?”

“Oh, hey Y/N and Jimin~”

“Why are you so mean to me, Noona?”

“Because you’re a little brat.”

“At least change it up once in a while.”

“Mom’s too lenient with you.”

“Noona, can you help her? She’s confessing to Namjoon, tonight.”

“When did I say that?”

“Finally, I’ve been rooting for you two for so long.”

“You knew?”

“Who doesn’t know? Girl, it’s obvious, you become a rock when he enters the room and can barely speak above a whisper.”

“Is it really that obvious?”

“Like a zit on a prom queen’s forehead.”


“Don’t worry, I’ll help you sweetheart and Kookie, you owe me one.” She said with a wink and kicked out the boys.

“You’re already a natural beauty, so you don’t need much Y/N.”

“That’s not true..”

“You’re cute, alright. If you weren’t friends with my brother and his little garden gnome, they would be all over you.”

“I doubt that.”

“You have a thick skull like my brother, just trust me Y/N.”

“I trust you.”

“Take a shower and get dressed, I’ll fix your hair after.” You did as she said, taking a shower and letting your contemplate over how you were supposedly going to confess.

You’ve liked him for two years now, he hasn’t noticed you at all. You doubt he would even give you a glance or remember who you were.

“You’ve got a good head of hair, Y/N.” She brushed it for you and played with it a little bit. You watched her fix your bangs and let your hair just flow. She simply put lip gloss on your face and took a seat on her bedroom.

“Wait, this is it?”

“Y/N, I thought I told you to trust me.”


“Y/N, are you done in there?”

“Noona, you fixed her right?”

“You insensitive child, how are you going to find a girl that will put up with you?” She opened the door and grabbed Jungkook’s ears. He whined in pain before she let go.

“Come on, let’s go.” Jungkook drove this time, arriving at Namjoon’s house and the house was already full.

“We were just fashionably late.”

“Go get him.”

“If this ends bad, I’m beating you up with each other.”

“That’s our girl.” You walked through the crowd, eyes watching you and you caught someone winking at you

Did you just wink at me?


“O-oh, Namjoon..”

“You look amazing.”

“Thank you..” You two just stood in front of each other, neither of you knowing what to say but not leaving each other either.

“Let’s go somewhere quiet.” He took your hand, your face burning up at his sudden skinship and you followed him.

“You look like you have something on your mind..”

“No, it’s just.. I wasn’t expecting you to just let me into this party.”

“Why not, you’re friends with Jimin and Jungkook, right?”


“It helps that you’re with them.”

“So, it’s because of them.”

“Y/N, I didn’t-”

“But you said it, Namjoon.”

“I keep forgetting that you’re not like other girls.”

“What, I’m the only girl that needs her popular friends to-” He leaned in, pressing his lips against you to silence you. You didn’t react at first and he pulled away.

“I don’t like other girls because I like you.”

“Y-Y-Y-You like me?”

“Yes, I like you, Y/N. Not Y/N whose friends with Jimin and Jungkook, the cute shy girl named Y/N.”

“I like you too.”

“Let’s try that again.” He leaned in, the fresh burst of giddiness bubbling in your stomach as you share a chaste kiss with Namjoon.

 ~Admin Blake

Enchanted - Part Two

Originally posted by sensitivehandsomeactionman

Notes: If you don’t know what Enchanted is, (can I be you?) it’s a deaf!Reader x Teen!Dean oneshot I wrote a while back. I’m going against my better judgement and posting a part two. Enjoy.

**as stated before, I am NOT trying to romanticize this kind of thing**

Word Count: 1k+

Warnings: Angst, Deaf!Reader, Teen!Dean, minor bullying.

Your name: submit What is this?

My name is Y/N.

Turns out, admitting your feelings for Dean had a terrible downside.

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AU in which Dipper is Mabel’s older brother by three years.

Word Count: 5,383

I THOUGHT THIS WOULD BE CUTE AND IT WAS AND I WAS NOT READY FOR IT. This story was just a characterization test so I rewrote The Inconveniencing (a lot was changed though, you’re not getting the same story just the same events)

Wasn’t beta’d I finished it at two in the morning, sent it to Rachel and she liked it.



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"No Matter What." -Winchester Sister

It will be a busy couple of weeks. Please bare with me. Enjoy. Feedback, comments, questions, requests are awesomely appreciated. Love y'all!


Nothing. That’s what you felt, what you saw and what you wanted to do every minute of every day. You stopped talking to your brothers, stopped going on hunts with them and you kept yourself locked in your bedroom, only coming out to eat and use the bathroom.

You were sure you were depressed, but you couldn’t be too sure until you went to a doctor. Which you wouldn’t because that would mean talking to someone, and you were sure that you didn’t want that right now.

Sam and Dean were worried, scared, and angry. Worried because their sister wasn’t talking, eating or participating in an activity that brought them all closer. It felt like you were drifting and they weren’t sure how to get you back. Scared because they knew that being trapped in your mind was a terrible place to be trapped in. Lastly, they were angry because whenever they tried to talk to you, get you to open up, you would stare at the wall behind their heads, or glare at them until they dismissed you. No doubt they thought you were possessed. They did all the tests, only to be welcomed with the fact that it was just..you.

“Dammit Sammy! This is gone on way too long! If Y/N doesn’t start talking, I may have to put a spell on her or something!” Dean shouted, slamming his fist on the table in the bunker’s library. Sam sighed, gulped his beer, ran a hand through his hair before answering.

“I know, Dean. Trust me, this scares me just as bad as it scares you, alright? We just have to wait until she’s ready to start talking, okay?” He said, playing with the lid of his bottle.

“She’s cooped up in her room all day, when its time to eat, she doesn’t talk, and when we ask her questions, she just shrugs and leaves the room. That, Sam, isn’t healthy. Not even remotely..human.” Dean said, choking back tears. “She’s our little sister, Sam. She should be able to trust us.”

Sam choked back a few tears of his own. “I know what you mean, brother. I don’t think it’s the fact that she doesn’t necessarily trust us, its probably more of the fact that she doesn’t see a reason to tell us what’s going on in her head.” He explained. Dean nodded, standing up from his chair.

“Let’s go talk to her. Maybe today will be different.” Dean said, optimism, dipping from his voice as he walked to your room. The light was on and the door was open slightly, so Dean took that as a sign to go in. You were sitting on your bed, knees pressed up against your chest, tears streaming from your eyes, and worst of all, you looked scared. Sam cleared his throat, making you jump from the sudden noise. Sniffling, you wiped your red, puffy eyes, clearing them from any tear residue. You looked up at your older brothers, who were wearing the same expression on their faces. Worry.

“You guys shouldn’t be in here. Please leave.” You whispered, holding back a sob. You turned to stare at your wall, ignoring the weight of your brothers on your bed.

“Y/N, please talk to us. We are worried about you. Please let us in.” Sam said, voice filled with care and concern. You shook your head, pressing your face against your knees.

“No. Because if I do, then it will become something more in depth and I’m not ready for that yet. Please leave my room.” You said. Dean sighed angrily, standing up from your bed.

“Y/N, we are your brothers. We are family, and in this business, most families don’t last as long as we have. So you either tell us what the hell is wrong, and let us help you, or we just let you continue this charade game you’re playing. We both know that the second choice won’t happen so you better start talking. Please, Y/N, we just want to help.” Dean pleaded, and for the first time in your life, you saw your older brother break down.

“I would tell you, if I knew what was wrong myself. But I don’t, that is why I haven’t been talking to you guys as much. I figured that this would go away and I would be myself again, but it hasn’t and it honestly scares me, Dean. I don’t know what to do. Plus I didn’t want to bother you because you had all these hunts and the demon issue to worry about.” You said, taking a shaky breath, wiping more tears that had fallen.

“Don’t ever think that we would just let you deal with something like this alone, Baby Winchester. We always stick together, through thick and thin. We will figure this out, okay Y/N. If this is serious, then we’ll let Castiel deal with the demon situation for a while; while we figure out what’s wrong.” Sam said, wrapping his arms around you. You returned the hug, burying your face in your brother’s neck, missing the comfort you felt from his hugs. Dean joined in, wrapping his arms around you from behind, kissing your head.

“Don’t ever think you have to go through this, alone, Bug. We are here for you, no matter what.” Dean said, kissing your head again.

“No matter what.” Sam repeated, kissing your forehead.

“I love you guys. Thank you.” You whispered, knowing now that you can fight whatever this bad feeling was, all because your brothers were there to help and protect you.

The Secrets between You & I Chapter 1 (Calum Hood Teen Spy Fanfic)

Senior year. Only 4 and half more months were left clinging onto your high school life and then it was bye bye child’s play, and hello to college. And if you looked back, you’d like to think that you did a pretty good job in high school. Honors classes, clubs, community service, yearbook. Not to mention your “leftover” group of friends were the very people who helped define you. The sideline kids, as you’ve come to think of it. A sprinkle of honors, a dash of athletes, a touch of bandies, a dose of colorful, alt kids, a pinch of theater lovers, basically a tossed salad of the school’s infamous cliques. Now, a beautiful melting pot of people you’ve come to love.

It was also a typical second Friday of the month. Where the group’s jock, Calum, aka your neighbor and best friend since the goofball moved in when you were both 8 and attending the prestigious private school in Sydney, was hosting yet another pool party in this warm January weather. His parents made it very aware to the group of twelve 17 & 18 year olds that “our home is your home.” It was the typical gathering that you were use to: Swimming and grilling. Every now and then, Luke would pull out his guitar and everyone will try to make up a song together. Right before Michael pulled Valerie into the pool and nearly splashing said guitar.

Your POV

“So, Y/N,” Mali, Calum’s older sister who had just finished college almost a year ago sat down next to me with a beer bottle in her hand, “Have you decided which school you’re going to yet?”

“Mali,” Calum groaned rolling his eyes, “Can you bring up an even more boring topic?”

She scoffed at him and threw a nearby beach ball in his direction.

I laughed at his comment before replying to her, “Actually, I got a letter after school today from University of Melbourne. They have a great Marine Bio program, but I also got into Queensland. I’m still weighing my options.”

“That sounds great,” she exclaimed before quieting down, “Don’t tell Calum, but he really hopes you choose Queensland. He’s got a full ride, you know? He’ll be playing varsity football for them at the beginning of the quarter.”

“Really?” I said very surprised, “Calum’s made it very clear to a few of us that he’ll be taking a break.”

“Don’t believe everything he says, Y/N,” she said taking a swig, “He might be my brother, but he’s very much still stupid. And a boy.”


“I knew I’d find you up here.”

You jumped slightly at the voice coming from the inside of your bedroom window. You turned around to see Calum climbing out to sit on the roof with you.

“Your mum let me in,” he placed his elbows around his knees and grabbed his right wrist with his left hand to lock him into place.

“Can you believe senior year is almost over?” I sighed looking over at his profile before looking back down to my fingers.

“Well, we still have 4 months left,” he shrugged, “Can’t get rid of me that easily.”

I chuckled, “Mali told me that you got into Queensland.”

His jaw tightened and joked, “Don’t be so surprised.”

“I think you should go,” I spoke up.

He looked over at me and gave me a crooked grin, “What happened to all of our light conversations and funny inside jokes? We sound like boring adults, talking about the future and shit.”

I shrugged, “I just want to make sure that you’re going to be okay. We’ve been in almost every class since the 4th year. You’re my best friend Calum, I have the right to care, you know?”

He pressed his lips into a line before pushing them out into a pop sound, “Well, I’ve got another month to decide. But…in the mean time. I’ve got something for you.”

“Aww. Now I’m going to feel shitty. I’ve got nothing for you,” I chuckled.

He reached in his hoodie pocket before clearing his throat, “Y/N Y/L/N, you have been my best friend since I moved in to this suburban neighborhood. You have tricked me numerous times to stay apart of your crazy life. And although you may be a pain in the ass sometimes, you’ve still helped me when I got my first car at the golden age of 17, you’ve helped me obtain a high school girlfriend, a feat no awkward 15 year old boy could’ve done himself, you danced with me at that dreadful 9th year dance, and you gave me my first kiss at the carefree age of 10. In honor of our 10 year best friend anniversary, I present to you this symbol of the beginning of our friendship, Dot.”

He brought his hands out from behind him and sitting in the middle of his palms was a frumpled stuffed animal, a cute tan colored pup with brown, floppy ears.

My eyes grew big and I snatched it out of his hand, “DOT! Oh my gosh! You still have him?!”

“Of course,” he beamed, “When the starlord defeated the evil galactic gorgon, I had to take a prize back to my best friend and battle star ship pilot. Sorry it took 10 years, by the way. You would think that NASA had this whole, speed of light traveling thing down by now.”

“You’re awesome, Cal,” I gave him a wholehearted smile, “I can’t believe you still had him. Thank you.”

“You’re welcome,” he gave me a lazy smile.

“Now, I feel really shitty about not getting you anything,” my shoulders slumped, “I’m a terrible best friend.”

He nodded, “The shittiest of the shittiest.”

We both laughed at the same time, before quieting down.

“But there is something you can do to make it up,” he said swaying his long torso back and forth.

I raised my eyebrow at him, “What’s in that perverted mind of your’s, Hood?”

He smirked, “Go to Prom with me.”

I raised my eyebrow even more, “Is that how you’re going to ask me?”

“If anything you should be asking me,” he shrugged with a cocky smile on his face, “I got you Dot. You should get me a Prom date, but you already know that I will say no to every girl besides you.”

I shrugged and played it cool, “I guess we could go together.”

“Good,” he nodded, “Anyways, everyone in the group is asking each other, so you were unfortunately the only option left for me.”

I sighed jokingly, “What a shame. I would’ve loved to go with Ash.”

“Same,” he nodded before we both broke out in laughter.

The honk of a car snapped us from our fit of laughter. We both looked down to see a car stopped in front of my house. Ashton stuck his head out from the driver’s side and suddenly Luke popped out from the passenger’s side and Michael came up from the sunroof.

“Cal!” Ashton shouted, “You ready?”

“Yeah,” he gave them a thumbs up before turning towards my window and grabbing his duffle bag that he had dropped before stepping out. He tossed the duffle bag down my roof before turning towards the trellis leaning on the side of the house.

“What are you guys doing?” I asked him before he could escape, “It’s way pass midnight.”

“Early senior prank,” Calum said calmly.

“Last time I checked I was a senior,” I said standing up with Dot in my hand.

“Y/N,” Calum started, “You know, we’d get in a shit ton of trouble if we get caught?”

“It’ll be the last hoorah,” I shrugged.

He squeezed his lips together, “You’ve got a lot riding on you, Y/N. I think you should stay.”

I retaliated, “You’ve got a lot riding on you too.”

He raised his thick brow, “Ah, but I can live with myself after I T.P. the principal’s house.”

I sighed, “Fine. Have fun. Tell the guys I said, hi. And be safe, you idiot. If you need me to bail you out, you know where to reach me.”

He gave me a big smile, “Thanks, bestie!”

I watched him climb down the viney trellis before grabbing his black duffle bag and jogging to the car. I watched the car take off down the street of the family neighborhood before it disappeared into the night.

anonymous asked:

Ok, I just realized how rude that was of me to ask that way. My apologizes. Can I please have STARISH and QUARTET NIGHT as older brothers to younger sisters.

Ahaha no worries. Hope you enjoy!! 

Tokiya: would be a very calm and reliable big brother. He is the anchor for his little sister. Whenever she was upset or troubled, Tokiya would sing her a calming lullaby, stroking her head as she fell asleep in his arms. He is always looking out for her, and will always be there for her. 

(see what I did here? ^ psst.. rin = tokiya)

Natsuki: *sighs* He is hands down, the typical doting elder brother. No matter what she does, she’ll always be cute in Natsuki’s eyes. He is constantly showering her with gifts; toys, clothes etc. He loves you so much, and makes sure you know that. Despite being an embarrassing brother, he is always there for you. 

Masato: Now, he might not be the most affectionate elder brother, but he is constantly looking out for you. Whether in academics, extra-curricular, or simply your eating habits, Masato has you in your best interests. You tend to tease him more than anything, knowing exactly what makes his flustered. And he absolutely hates when you hang out with Ren. “You don’t understand ____, Ren is a terrible influence. You must not hang around him.” And if Ren even called you cute, he’d go mental. Super protective, super caring. 

Ren: Okay, so here’s the deal, Ren is a pretty cool brother. He’s got your back, and teases you a lot. And your friends adore him. BUT he is uber protective. Like. If you bring a guy home, he’s likely to smile and be nice, but like scare the guy at the same time. He likes spending quality time with you, and is always helping you with anything. Whenever you stress, he is always there.

“Just relax ____(nickname)-chan”

Syo: Okay. 3 words. BEST. BROTHER. EVER. He is the coolest brother ever. Like ever. He has an awesome voice, he can act and he is super fun. Syo is always taking you onto his sets, showing you cool films, hanging out all the time. He takes you to the amusement park and other places. You are always having fun. And whenever your angry, he gets angry with you. Whenever your happy or excited, he gets excited too. Whenever you’re upset, he cheers you up. He’ll beat up anyone who hurts you. Syo = best friend. 

Cecil: Cecil thinks he is super cool, and he wants his little sister to think so too. Unfortunately so, his sister knows he is simply a dork.  You know Tamaki and Haruhi’s relationship? That’s what Cecil and his little sister are. Minus the romantics part of course. 

Ittoki: he is the cool, friendly, reliable big brother. He already loves and is good with kids, so he is the best big brother. He is always there for a hug, dance and a good time. 

Ai: his little sister is always face palming when she’s around Ai. She loves him, but seriously, Ai and her are always having some weird type of conversation. However, Ai does like spending time with hi sister, and is willing to do pretty much anything she wants to so. He cares for her a lot, and is extremely understanding. 

Camus: So whilst Camus feels he is all high and mighty, his little sister is always bringing him back to space. Camus loves his little sister, and is always looking out for her. She is always teasing him though;

Reiji: Reiji is that cool older brother, you both are always having fun. You both are the idiotic siblings. You know Momo and Sei from Free! ? Thats who you two are like.  Reiji always knows the perfect way to cheer you up, motivate you and make you laugh. But beware, if someone hurts you, it ain’t going to be pretty.

Ranmaru: Ranmaru cares deeply for his little sister, and is always giving her one liner advice. He’s protective, but has a soft side for you. He’s always judging your friends making sure they are good people. And god forbid the day you bring a guy home, he doesn’t want you to get hurt like he did, so he is always looking out for you. You both chill out, and go shopping, go to concerts and stuff. You both cook together, having fun. 

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bellarke + 3 for the gif thing

no more of these please

It had been at least two hours, and Clarke was seriously starting to suspect that Raven had meant it when she said she wasn’t coming back until they had resolved their differences.

She wondered if she could chew off her own hand to escape from the cuffs faster than she could ever find any common ground with Bellamy Blake.

A tug on her wrist reminded her that yes, she was sitting on the ground on the outskirts of her best friend’s 20th birthday party, and yes, she was handcuffed to Bellamy because “they ruined everything with their constant bickering and it’s either this or I’ll fucking kill you both” in the words of the ever ladylike Raven Reyes.

Clarke easily would’ve chosen death.

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Well, hello, there.

My name is Grace. I’m sure you know that by now, as I sign off nearly every non-fact post with my name. But I always feel like it’s cool to introduce myself, because who am I to assume everybody knows my name?

I’m here to write that really long post I promised you. I’ve just hit 30,000 followers, and I feel like right now is a good time to give you this. I said I’d cover how the blog started, and now I am going to expand on that; who I was, where my life was, and a million other little things that just tied into the beautiful thing that you have made for me here.

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any chance for more in the sterek domestic series? Maybe with the kids a bit older (like Gil dealing with being a teen or something) idk I'm obsessed with the series

Hello! I’m so glad you like the domestic series so much!! :3

Yes, I’d love to keep writing in that universe. I haven’t thought much about writing one with Gil as a teen, but OMG I AM SO INTO THAT NOW.

Can you imagine, he’s 16, playing baseball and lacrosse (bc I always imagined him being super athletic and much more into sports than his siblings. He’s the one who really gets into baseball, much to Derek’s delight). He’s trained in self-defense, and like all the human cubs in the Pack, Allison and Chris have trained him with hunter training, so he can defend himself and be strong if faced with something supernatural. So he can match his siblings and cousins if he has to, and he’s totally not afraid to use some wolfsbane. It’s not cheating if the wolves don’t mind using their claws and wolf-strength with the humans.

Maybe Gil has a crush on a boy in his history class, and he’s really shy and quiet, so he’s not quite sure how to approach him. Patrick is zero help bc he’s terrible with girls, and the only reason he has a girlfriend now is bc he met her at that Alpha conference he went to with Derek. (Patrick would be 24! Omg he’d be an adult and out of college!) Evie’s had two serious boyfriends, and the one she’s with now is like The One, but she hasn’t had a lot of experience either. Nick was totally the one who dated around in high school, and Ryan and Emily had their fair share too, so Gil asks them for tips when they have Pack get togethers.

Everyone is off at college or lives on their own (Evie’s in her senior year at college, and Patrick is working on his masters, though he’s home a lot because he works alongside Derek now dealing with Pack business as the Alpha-in-Training), so it’s just the last kids left, Gil and Lily, because Nina just started her freshman year at the same college the rest of the Pack kids went to. Gil and Lily work afterschool with Stiles at the shop, and Gil thinks maybe after college he could start working for Stiles and help him expand the business. Emily already helps him manage all the website orders. Maybe the three of them could expand the business and serve more of the supernatural community.

Gil, Derek, and Stiles watch baseball in the evenings during baseball season, and though Gil is the only one still at home, they still have family dinners most nights. The sheriff, of course, comes over multiple times throughout the week, and he and Gil like to play cards while listening to music. Gil likes spending time with his grandfather, and when Derek and Stiles disappear upstairs while they’re playing cards, he’s thankful he doesn’t have wolf senses.

The house seems empty sometimes without Patrick and Evie around, and Gil doesn’t have to be a werewolf to see that Derek gets sad and still hasn’t adjusted. He overhears Stiles assuring Derek that the kids are okay and he doesn’t need to panic, and sometimes when he’s up late playing video games, he’ll hear Derek wake up from nightmares. He doesn’t really understand how his dad could be as old as he is and still have nightmares about things that happened when he was Gil’s age. They’ve told Gil about the fire, about Kate, about the bad things that happened to his Dad back before he knew his other dad, or what happened right around the time his dads met when Uncle Scott got bitten. Gil doesn’t understand why his dad still gets upset because things are good with them now. The Pack is big and thriving. If Gil’s honest, things are boring and nothing ever happens to them. His life is just like everyone else’s, except his brother, sister, and dad can turn into wolves. Big whoop. This kid in his class’s dad used to be a football player in the NFL. How cool is that???

Gil has one friend outside of the Pack, his best friend named Landon. They’re both on the lacrosse team, and Landon doesn’t make fun of Gil for his glasses like some of the other kids do, or give him a hard time because he’s the shy, weird kid with the really weird family. Even though it happened like a zillion years ago, people still talk about the Hale fire, and they sometimes ask him questions about it. Landon usually threatens to kick those ppl’s ass because how could Gil know anything? It happened like ages ago, years before Gil was born, so how would he know anything? And Landon doesn’t think it’s weird that Gil lives in a big house in the middle of the woods away from everything with two dads. He thinks it’s awesome, especially when Derek and Stiles take them on camping trips deep in the mountains where ppl don’t usually go camping.

…so yeah, i totally got carried away with this XD I’m creating all sorts of Gil headcanons lolol I should just start writing short fics about the family set all through the years :DDD Thanks, anon! You got my brain swimming with domestic ideas.

Preference #1 - How You Meet

Okay so here goes nothing- my first preference! Tell me how you like it! And please reblog if you like! Sorry if it’s shit though lol

Your first big assignment as a radio personality was to run 5SOS’s interview at your local radio station. As any professional would, you made sure to do your research on the band before they arrived, meaning you went on YouTube and watched many an interview. You hadn’t really known much about the band before researching them, and were honestly surprised to see how attractive they all were. You were especially drawn to Ashton. About 15 minutes before the band was supposed to arrive, you and your co-host for the show were doing a little sound check. “So, y/n, are you ready for the interview?” your co-host asked into her microphone. “Oh, for sure. I’m especially excited to breach professional policies and snag the digits of that Ashton one,” you smirked and both of you fell into a fit of giggles. Walking out of the studio a few minutes later to prepare to greet the band, you were surprised to see they were all already arrived and waiting on the plush sofa just outside the studio. You hoped they hadn’t been there long, as your eyes found their way to Ashton’s. He smirked, and you looked away unsure. Walking over to the band, you held out your hand to them one at a time and introduced yourself. When you got to Ashton, he slipped a tiny sheet of paper into your hand. You unfolded it to see a phone number and your cheeks turned red with embarrassment.

You went to the same school 5SOS had but you were about a year and a half younger than Luke, so you were still in school. You hadn’t really known any of them too well, only spoken to Calum once or twice since he was casual friends with your older brother, but you doubted he remembered you. Today they were visiting the school on their day off, particularly the music wing — which was where you spent most of your time. You had a 3rd period independent study music class, which basically meant you had the whole period and an empty classroom to play guitar in. As you were tuning your guitar, you heard your teacher talking with a group of people, which meant he probably wouldn’t be in anytime to check in on you. You began strumming away and a few minutes later you had finished playing the piece you were working on for your final exam. You looked up as you heard clapping in the doorway. “That was awesome! You’re y/fn y/ln, right? Y/bn’s sister?” A black-haired boy asked, coming over to the stool you were perched on. You recognized him as Calum Hood, and were surprised he remembered who you were. “Thanks, and yeah. You were friends with him right?” You asked. “Yeah, I was. Anyway, I’d love to hear you play that again, from the beginning,” Calum said. You grinned and picked up your guitar.

“Agh, come back!” You shouted helplessly at your Labrador as he ran away into the dark streets. You began running the direction you had seen him go, down a fairly quiet street in Sydney. You suddenly heard a loud crash followed by a “fuck.” You followed the noise and saw your large dog had ran into a tall boy wearing sunglasses and a hoodie. You ran over to your dog and reattached the leash to his collar. “I am so sorry, are you okay?” You asked the boy. “Yeah I’m fine, I wasn’t really looking where I was going, it’s okay.” He mumbled as he brushed himself off and stood up. “Little late for sunglasses don’t you think? Especially in this dark street.” You questioned, a little weirded out by the boy. “Err, yeah. Yeah, I just—” “Wait you’re wearing a hoodie too, are you like famous or something?” You interrupted, laughing. The boy yanked off his sunglasses and ran his hand through what you could see now was blond hair. “Uhh, god this is awkward. A little? Just keep walking, there were some people chasing me a few blocks back but I’m pretty sure I lost them.” he exasperatedly explained. Now you were curious. “So, what’s your name, Mr. Cute-slightly-famous-getting-mobbed-by-fans-and-ran-over-in-dark-alleys-by-my-dog-guy? I’m y/n.” You held your hand out to the boy as you two walked towards the lighter street you had come from. “Nice to meet you y/n, I’m Mr. Cute-slightly-famous-getting-mobbed-by-fans-and-ran-over-in-dark-alleys-by-your-dog-guy.” He grinned, his hand lingering on yours longer than necessary. “No, really, what’s your name?” you laughed a little. “If I told you, I’d have to kill you.” He said, a serious look on his face before bursting out laughing again. You rolled your eyes. Eventually, after walking and joking for two hours,you got his name out of him— and his number.

You mindlessly hummed along to the song playing in the electronics shop you worked at. You glanced at the clock on the wall: 7:04. Two more hours until you were done with your shift. You looked up as the jingle of the door signaled that someone was entering the otherwise empty shop. A group of four boys, all wearing black skinny jeans and made-to-look-worn-out-but-actually-brand-new t shirts, noisily barraged in and headed straight to the video game wall. After loudly arguing over what games to buy, one of the boys, who had lime green hair, walked up to the counter with a determined look on his face. “Excuse me, my friends and I seem to have a dilemma. While I wouldn’t normally expect a girl as attractive as you to work in a store like this, by the GTA wristband you’re wearing, I’m sure you’d agree with me that this game—” he held up one video game box. “—is better than this one.” He stated confidently. You blushed after his compliment but then replied just as smoothly “I’m afraid you’re wrong. I would have foolishly agreed with you if I hadn’t purchased both games, and learned the hard way. The first one is glitchier than an intoxicated teenage girl and has terrible graphics.” The boy stepped back, an awed look on his face as his friends joined him at the counter. “Woah, never seen anyone get Michael speechless over a game he was so adamant on,” one of the boys, with black hair, said, clapping his friend, Michael, on the shoulder. “Well, um. Well, I guess we’ll just take the second one then.” You smirked as you bagged the purchase from him and they left. Not nearly ten seconds later Michael bounded back into the store. “Um, would you maybe, sometime. Um. Wanna play this with me?” He sheepishly asked, holding up the bag. “Sure, just call me.” You said. “But…I don’t have your number.” You smiled. “Yes you do, I wrote it on the receipt.”

My Angel (Part 1)

Prompt: Based off of Terrible Things by Mayday Parade

Word count: 1,428

Authors note: This is my first one shot hope it is okay.

Readers POV:

15 years ago to present

After you found out that you were pregnant with your first child you and Dean quit hunting and started to settle down. You moved to Dean’s home town Lawrence, Kansas and quickly tried to find a house. House hunting was not going well and just as you were about to give up you found the house of your dreams. When you first saw the house with Dean it was worn down, it looked like it had been through a war but you instantly fell in love with it just the same. That was one of the many things he loved about you, you never need anything fancy to be happy. You told him that it just needed some love and care to look new again, and you were right. You bought the house with what little money you had and after 6 long months of work mostly by Dean the house was perfect. As much as you would try to help him he would never let you because of your growing belly. Even before the baby was born he was protecting it as best as he could.

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