older black men

Because HIV Positive Black, gay men 50 years old, like me, fuckin’ matters!

Older, wiser, and undetectable ! I was diagnosed with AIDS over 20 years ago!


Hill Harper

rank Eugene Hill Harper (born May 17, 1966), known professionally as Hill Harper, is an American filmtelevision and stage actor, and author. An alumnus ofHarvard Law School, he is best known for his portrayal of Will Beckford in the 2000 film The Skulls.

Harper was born in Iowa City, Iowa, the son of Harry Harper, a psychiatrist, and Marilyn Hill, who was one of the first black practicing anesthesiologists in the United States. He has been acting since the age of 7. Harper graduated from Bella Vista High School in 1984, then graduated magna cum laude from Brown University and also graduated with a J.D.cum laude, from Harvard Law School, and a Master of Public Administration from the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University. During his years at Harvard, he was a full-time member of Boston’s Black Folks Theater Company, one of the oldest and most acclaimed black theater troupes in the country. While a student at Harvard, Harper befriended President Barack Obama. Harper and Obama met on the basketball court and became good friends during their first year as law students.

Although Harper obtained a J.D. and M.P.A., he chose to use neither and moved to Los Angeles to pursue acting. He was awarded an honorary doctorate in 2009 by Westfield State College. Born Francis Harper, he adopted the name “Hill” as tribute to both his maternal and paternal ancestors

C: Older black men are seriously starting to get on my nerves. Like seriously. I’m 21 and plus size but have a young looking face. I look 17 or 18 and, like, older black men who are 40+ approach me. It’s disgusting. I’m completely turned off. They make me feel like I look older than I am or something. Stop approaching young ass black girls. I always wonder if it’s because my hips are “grown women hips” or if it’s because they’re just pervs. Does this happen to anyone else?