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H/C on Wally's s/o having the power to stop time and only telling him after winning a few dozen races against him.

-personally you would have liked to keep it a secret for a little while longer
-sometimes though it’s just not possible
-like when your boyfriend runs with his uncle and cousin from the future and nearly gets obliterated
-you’ve never used your gift for big things
-you have no desire to be a hero
-and you know for a fact that they could be used for bad things
-but you love Wally and you’ll do anything in your power to save him
-including stopping time
-it’s strange watching things freeze
-the world becomes quiet
-and you stand in awe for a moment like you always do
-then you move
-you hack the league’s systems and use the zeta tube to get where you need to be
-you pull your idiot boyfriend out of the energy tube before he disappears
-its only after everything has calmed down that he thinks to ask how you saved him
-when you tell him all he says is “so that’s how you won all those races!”